Yora Dog Food Reviewed

Written by: Jamie
Updated: August 10, 2020

Yora is an Earth-conscious dog food company that has sustainability firmly at heart. We find out if they make a dog food worth trying too.

Yora Dog Food product

The dog food company takes their role in creating sustainable pet food very seriously and has developed a unique approach to feeding canine pets.

What’s their answer? In short, insects!

That’s right, instead of using farm animals in their dog food, Yora uses an insect meal in the production of their kibble that is far more sustainable than anything else on the market today.

The interesting thing about the Yora approach is that the insects they use are easier to digest than chicken and contain a huge amount of nutritional value for the dogs who enjoy this food.

What’s even more interesting is that all of these benefits come at a fraction of the carbon footprint that is produced using more traditional methods and protein sources.

Yora Range

Yora insect dog food comes in many different varieties. There is Yora Complete Puppy, Yora Colete All Breeds, Yora Complete Small Breeds, Yora Complete Large Breeds, Yora Complete Light/Senior, and a few other treats and bars for your dog to enjoy on the go.

Yora Dog Food Puppy variant

All of the available foods are very high in nutritional value and were developed with the guidance of nutritional experts.

The main difference between the variations of Yora is that the recipes have been tweaked to address the specific needs of various types of dogs.

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Every food available at Yora contains a large amount of insect protein which is bolstered by a wide selection of responsibly sourced herbs and vegetables, among other things.

If you opt for the puppy food, you’ll get a formulation that promotes growth and development as well as offering the proper amount of nutrition to support the puppy’s active lifestyle.

Yora Dog Food Large Breed variant

If you are looking for a dog food that can help control your pet’s weight, the senior option is perfect as it contains a much lower amount of excess fats.

The Yora product line is available in either 1.5kg bags or the much larger 12kg bags and it is possible to set up automatic delivery every 2, 4, 8, 12, or 16 weeks.

Health Benefits

the health benefits that come from eating insects are the same in many ways is eating a traditional meat diet.

All of the same proteins, amino acids, and enzymes are present in insect meal that are also available in the meat meal which is included in most traditional dog foods.

One of the main benefits that insect meal has over meat meal is that it is far easier to digest making it easier for dogs to access and benefit from all of the nutritional content that the protein source provides.

Yora Dog Food products

When feeding your dog a diet of insect protein, you can expect good energy levels, a strong immune system, a healthy coat, strong teeth and bones, and good muscle retention. There are many other benefits to feeding your dog insect protein as well.

Environmental Benefits

One of the main benefits to choosing insect protein over traditional sources of protein is that there is much less strain on the environment.

The environmental aspect is, of course, one of the main selling points of this dog food. One thing you see crop up a lot in Yora dog food reviews is how good people feel about using this product.

The knowledge that feeding their pet doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment is a very comforting far too many.

To put the environmental benefits to numbers, Yora has a convenient chart right on their homepage.

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According to Yora, the production of insect protein uses a fraction of land area and water when compared to livestock and chickens.

Insects also produce far less greenhouse emissions than any other protein source. Insects also eat far less and so is more sustainable in the long term.

Interestingly, the insects used in Yora insect dog food are fed clean food waste that would otherwise be put into compost.

So, not only are the insects helping turn food waste into usable soil which can then be used to grow new plants, that they themselves become a source of sustainable protein that is as healthy as any other source of protein available today.

Is it good value?

No Yora dog food review would be complete without talking about the value of the insect dog food.

There is, of course the environmental value that comes from opting for such an Earth-focused product, but in terms of price it is also a great value.

It is actually a bit surprising how the Yora team is able to keep the price as low as it is, seeing as how they are not reliant on any established markets or processes.

Yora works with an insect farm that uses high tech methods to sustainably grow and produce the insect protein that is included in the dog food, as well as sourcing all the other ingredients used in a way only they can do.

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Final Thoughts

If you can get by the idea of feeding insects to your dog, there aren’t any drawbacks to Yora insect dog food as far as we can tell.

In fact, the only barrier to insect protein might be people’s conditioning. We are taught that things should be a certain way and it can often be difficult to think outside the box.

The fact about the Yora approach is that insects are actually closer to what many dogs would eat in the wild anyway.

In short, Yora insect dog food is an excellent option for anyone looking for a nutritious dog food that is also great for the environment. Still, though, insect dog food may not be for everyone.

If you fit into that category, there are a few alternatives to try out, with our favorites being Applaws dog food, Wagg dog food, and Gentle dog food.

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