Winalot Dog Food Review

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Updated: October 5, 2020

Find out if Winalot dog food is good enough for your dog as we take a close look at the range of products and what they have to offer in terms of nutrition.

Winalot Perfect Portions Meat in Jelly Dog Food

Winalot has been around for over 90 years, making it one of the most well-known companies there is. This is a popular household name across the U.K and has provided chunky, meaty goodness for dogs for generations and generations.

Winalot dog food is an affordable option for many and has been keeping pooches happy for almost a century. So, it comes as no surprise that this dog food is well-known and well-loved by thousands, if not millions of our lovable furry friends.

Winalot believes that dogs are our heroes, and we can’t agree more. It’s outstanding that they created their first dog food in 1927, and they are still going strong, for this very reason, we are certain that Winalot must be doing something right!

Dog Food Range  

Winalot offers a vast range of products, but they tend to be separated into three categories: wet food, dry food, and biscuits. We all know our pooches love a few tasty biscuits.

Winalot provides specific food for senior dogs, adult dogs, and standard simple dog food. This being said, this is only available in the wet-food section.

Winalot Perfect Portions Selection Meat in Gravy Adult Dog Food

There isn’t much information surrounding specific food types for puppies, but Winalot is very helpful when it comes to informing customers about how many grams they should be giving their pooch dependent on their weight.

Winalot sells wet food in easy to serve pouches, and Winalot’s dry dog food comes in large dry bags that are easily stored. Additionally, there is also the good old standard can tin.

Winalot’s dog food reflects British cuisine but it is designed for doggies. They offer a Sunday dinner (wet food option) and a meaty casserole option too (in gravy), which in our opinion is rather fun indeed!

WINALOT Dog Sunday Dinner Dog Pouches in Gravy

If you are anything like us, then the chances are that you probably share a bit of your Sunday dinner with your dog too. By choosing Winalot, you can buy a can just for your special friend, who is of-course in many cases, the heart of the family.

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Health Benefits

This Winalot dog food review has revealed quite a few health benefits, so here are a few for you to take a look over. We must say that compared to some of the other brands out there, the health benefits that Winalot’s dog food provides are slightly slimmer than others.

This being said, there are a few benefits, but the list is most certainly not endless. Winalot’s meat, fish, and vegetable combinations help to support a dog’s natural immune system and they also help to keep gums and teeth clean too.

Winalot Perfect Portions Beef Chicken Lamb In Gravy

Winalot has helped to keep doggies coats shiny for years, whilst benefiting the digestion tract and intestinal flora at the same time.

Keep your dog happy and healthy and support their vitality by feeding them Winalot.

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Beneficial Ingredients  

There are several beneficial ingredients in Winalot’s dog food. Winalot states that in every bowl of their dog food you will find nine vital ingredients that will keep your furry friend happy for years and years.

These ingredients are as follows: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin D3, Manganese, and Selenium.

WINALOT Dog Food Pouches Mixed in Gravy ingredients

A typical can of dog food will also contain the necessary meatproteins and fats as well as vegetable protein extracts, sugars, and lastly, cereals.


Out of all the dog foods that we have reviewed this is one of the only ones that continue to use cereals as opposed to whole grains. We have also noticed that in comparison to the canned/tinned food, Winalot’s pouches are great value for the money.

Although these may be easy to use, store, and clean up, what you will lose is content. This is certainly something to consider when making your purchase.

WINALOT Dog Food Pouches Mixed in Gravy

In a market where most companies are moving away from using added sugars and cereals, Winalot continues to use them. This being said, Winalot is in fact, a well-trusted brand and loved by families and furry friends across the country.

When researching for this review we couldn’t seem to find any Winalot puppy dog food on their website. In our opinion, this is quite a large drawback. As dog owners ourselves, we know how important it is to find the right food for our puppies.

We are aware that at the time of this being written, their puppy food may have been sold out, but still, in this day and age, having food designed just for puppies is a must-have!


In our humble opinion, Winalot is not a bad option, it’s cheap, well-known, and readily available in your local supermarkets and corner shops. Making it a great option for many. Although it may lack the puppy food option, you can comfortably purchase either Winalot complete dry dog food, or Winalot senior dog food easily enough.

There are several Winalot dry dog food reviews that have complained about there being changes made to the dry biscuits as well as complaints about the variety of biscuits in each bag.

Winalot Hearty Duos In Jelly

For example, one customer has stated that their dog loves the brown biscuits, but that there never seems to be enough them, rather there tends to be too much of the fish flavored biscuits, which unfortunately are not quite as popular as the brown biscuits.

There are a lot of great alternatives out there, but you might not find these products to be as cheap as Winalot. Winalot is a good old fashioned, hearty option, and it is well-loved by many pooches across the country.

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Overall Winalot is a reliable, affordable, and readily available option. Its chunky tins are loved by many and their biscuits go down a treat too.

The good thing about Winalot is that they provide clear-cut information on how much your dog should be eating on a daily basis, dependent on their size or weight.

So there you have it, our clear-cut, concise, and brutally honest guide to Winalot’s dog food, we really hoped we have helped you somewhat. Thanks for reading!

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