Wainwright’s Puppy Food Review

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Updated: June 30, 2020

Does Wainwright’s puppy food warrant the same positive reputation as their adult range? Find out down below in our latest review.

Wainwright's puppy food range

Pets at Home are known for being one of the leading pet stores in the country but not everyone realizes that they also manufacture products themselves.

Wainwright’s is one of its brands, with a range of wet and dry dog food.

Wainwright’s has an extensive range of dog food, including grain-free formulas for pooches with sensitive tummies.

Their adult dog food is available in variants specifically for small and large breeds, making it possible to purchase dog food geared precisely toward’s your pet’s needs.

Included in the range of food is a selection which is for puppies. Providing a complete food for younger dogs, their puppy food is designed to meet the different needs of a growing pup.

Pets at Home doesn’t just manufacture and sell food under the Wainwright’s brand, there’s a collection of complementary products too.

These include collars, leashes and harnesses, bedding, toys and coats, all sold with Wainwright’s branding.

But how good is the range of Wainwright’s puppy food? Here’s what we found.

Wainwright's wet puppy food

The Range of Wainwright’s Puppy Food

There are both wet and dry foods in the puppy range from Wainwright’s, giving dog owners the choice of what to feed their young dog.

The wet food is available in foil trays, sachets or larger tins in flavors which include:

  • Turkey
  • Turkey and rice
  • Tuna with rice and veg
  • Turkey and vegetables
  • Chicken with rice and veg
  • Lamb with rice and veg
  • Lamb with rice
  • Duck with rice

Larger multipacks of sachets, foil trays and tins are available, including mixed varieties.

There is also a wide selection of complete dry foods. As well as different flavors, these come in variants which include grain-free and large breed.

If you have a large breed dog, it’s beneficial for them to have a formula specifically created for their size as it’s not just a matter of giving bigger portions.

The different types of complete dry food available from Wainwright’s are:

  • Turkey and rice
  • Large breed turkey and rice
  • Salmon and potato
  • Lamb and rice
  • Duck and rice
  • Grain-free turkey

Different pack sizes are available ranging from 1.5kg to 15kg.

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Wainwright's lamb and rice puppy food

What are the Health Benefits of Wainwright’s Puppy Food?

The puppy food is completely hypoallergenic so you can feed it to your young dog without fear of unwanted reactions.

It’s considered to be one of the premium brands on the market which is natural and created to be kind to your pooch’s digestive system.

For this reason, Wainwright’s is a brand that’s recommended by vets and is reportedly tolerated very well by dogs.

The protein content in the puppy food is higher than average, which means that you’re getting good quality and ingredients which are premium.

The carbohydrate content is high too so your dog will be getting plenty of energy. This is provided by ingredients such as sweet potato which is a better type of carbohydrate for dogs than some others.

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Wainwright's chicken and rice puppy food

Beneficial Ingredients

What’s particularly key here is more about what isn’t included, than what is. You won’t find any nasties such as artificial flavorings or color, nor any artificial derivatives or by-products.

The focus is firmly on high-quality ingredients which are proven to deliver health benefits,

This ethos is taken one step further in its grain-free formula where it removes all cereal-based ingredients for dogs with delicate stomachs.

This means there is no wheat or maize at all to be found in the contents.

Wainwright's puppy food range

Does Wainwright’s Puppy Food Offer Good Value for Money?

It would be fair to say that Wainwright’s isn’t the cheapest type of puppy food you can buy, but that reflects the high quality of the ingredients.

Pets at Home have chosen to create Wainwrights as a premium brand, so they aren’t particularly trying to compete on price.

Another reason the price is a little higher is that the Wainwright’s puppy food feeding guide suggests feeding a bit more than some other brands.

This means you will use up your bag or pack of trays more quickly, costing more.

Despite this, the price for the puppy food is still very reasonable. For a premium brand which is hypoallergenic and with a high protein content, it’s competitively priced and offers great value for money.

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Are There Any Criticisms of Wainwright’s Puppy Food?

Although the majority of the ingredients are the best you’ll find in any type of puppy food, there is one minor criticism and that’s the inclusion of rapeseed oil.

This is a controversial ingredient because it contains high levels of “good” fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats. However, rapeseed oil also may contain high levels of erucic acid which has been linked to health issues.

Eating high levels of erucic acid has been linked to all sorts of health concerns in animals, including myocardial lipidosis, a heart condition. It is therefore classed as a contaminant and safe levels for its consumption have been set very low.

While there is no suggestion that the levels of erucic acid in Wainwright’s come anywhere close to breaching safe levels, it may have been more beneficial to use a different type of animal or vegetable oil instead.


A chain own-brand food is not normally described as a premium product but with Wainwright’s, that’s exactly what Pets at Home have produced.

Their range of wet and dry puppy foods are widely considered to be at the high-quality end of the market, with superior ingredients that dogs will love.

Wainwright’s is more expensive than some other brands, including hypoallergenic or grain free products, but it’s not prohibitively so.

The price is still competitive, especially for smaller dogs where the portion sizes are smaller.

Some alternatives to Wainwright’s include Eukanuba, Country Pursuit and Iams. These are also high-quality, premium brands that cost more than the average dog food but deliver a nutritious bowl for your pooch.

Do you have any experience with this brand? We’d love to hear what your thoughts are in the comments section down below.

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  1. My 10 month old lab is fed wainwright's. Its high quality food and he absolutely loves it. Haven't tried salmon on him yet as his previous food had salmon flavour and it went rigjt through him . Gonna try a small bag of wainwright's salmon to see how he is with that. Would recommend this food for owners looking for a high meat content food for their furbabies .

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