Just How Good is Wainwrights Dog Food?

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Updated: April 3, 2020

If you’ve been looking for a good quality dog food, you may be curious about the popular Wainwright’s dog food. Check out our Wainwright’s dog food reviews to see if they’re all they’re talked up to be.

Wainwrights dog food reviewed

The biggest pet store in the UK is undoubtedly the Pets at Home chain. Over the years, they have released a number of different own-brand pet foods, including several dog food lines.

These have become very popular over the last few years. The most popular brand of pet, and particularly dog food, is Wainwright’s dog food.

What sets Wainwright’s apart from the others?

Well, it’s considered to be their superbly premium and incredibly natural range.

This line was introduced purposely to tap into the growing demand from the UK’s natural pet food scene and was, in the beginning, a lot like the range available from James Wellbeloved. Not just in terms of branding and marketing, but the actual recipe.

However, over the last few years, Wainwright’s has become a brand in its own right and none are more successful from the range than the Wainwright’s wet dog food and the Wainwright’s grain-free lines.

But, is it really any good? That is what we hope to show you with our Wainwright’s dog food reviews.

hungry dog with a bowl of food

Wainwright’s Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

The Ingredients

Released originally in 2011, a lot of their competitor’s products were left trailing in the sales.

One of the key reasons why so many people have been using more discernment when it comes to dog food, rather than just picking the first thing they find for a reasonable price in the supermarket, is they care about their dogs.

Dog foods have come under a lot of fire in the last few years, as it was discovered that many of, even the leading brands, did not have much in the way of nutritional content.

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Wainwrights grain free dry dog food bag

Meaty Content

So, looking at the Wainwright’s grain-free dry dog food, how does it hold up when we closely inspect the recipe and ingredients?

The first thing you will notice is that the ingredient that has the highest percentage in the recipe is meat.

That is always a reliable indication that a dog food is going to be nutritious for your four-legged friend.

However, the manufacturers could be a little clearer, we feel, about just how much of the meat content is the meat itself, instead of stating that there is 42% lamb made up of lamb gravy and lamb meat meal.

puppy with a bowl of food


With that being said, it is very unlikely that the lamb gravy will constitute much more than around 5% of the 42% total.

Meaning there is still a rather high 37% of the dog food that is taken up by lamb meat. It should come as no surprise that, besides the meat and meat gravy, there is one thing missing from this dog food. The missing ingredient is grains.

We’d argue that not every single grain is bad for dogs, but as there are no grains at all, it does mean that maize, wheat and other grains that tend to cause dogs problems are not there.

Great news for all you dog owners out there with canine buddies diagnosed with a cereal intolerance.

Wainwrights dog food

Sweet Potato

The percentage of this food, therefore, that is carbs consists of white potato, sweet potato and a small percentage of pea starch.

Given that that’s divided into 30% sweet potato and 8% white potato gets a rather massive thumbs up from us. Sweet potato is one of the best kinds of carbohydrates to use in dog food.

However, the inclusion of pea starch and white potato does not make much sense, but we would say that compared to many other brands, the sweet potato’s inclusion puts this head and shoulders above others.

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Rapeseed Oil

One particular part of the ingredients that we do have some gripes with, as do many others, is the rapeseed oil.

Often referred to by its other name, canola, rapeseed oil is highly regarded by many to be a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats (in other words, the good and healthy ones).

However, there have been several negative comments made respecting it due to the oil’s high erucic acid content. Erucic acid is known to be toxic at high levels (read more here).

As a general rule of thumb, we would rather see the use of fish oils and animal fats rather than alternatives like vegetable oils.

dog food bowl

Other Ingredients

What about the rest of the recipe? The other ingredients that make up the rest of this dog food are a healthy range of nutritious and natural additives that help to increase the overall nutritional value of the dog food.

These include a selection of culinary herbs, cranberry, seaweed, tomato, and carrot. 

No Derivatives or Additives

Wainwright’s deliver on their promise of natural food with natural ingredients, as the Wainwright’s grain-free does not contain any ingredients, by-products, artificial derivatives or additives.

It also does not contain any ingredients that are known to be linked to causing allergies.

What About the Price?

When you consider the fact that a bag is only 10kg in weight, combined with the fact the recommended portions are higher than other similar dog foods, it has a ‘per day’ price that is a little over the average.

That is when you compare it with alternative British, 4-5-star, grain-free natural foods.

Pushing that thought to the side, though, for one moment, this dog food is a very good purchase and far better than the supermarket alternatives.

Other recipes in addition to the Lamb and Vegetables you’ve just read about include the White Fish and Vegetables, Turkey and Vegetables and Rabbit and Vegetables.

All of which contain a consistently high amount of their primary meat or fish element.

hungry dog

Wainwright’s Trays Adult Grain Free

Wainright's tray grain free dog food

The Ingredients

Similarly, to the above, Wainwright’s trays adult grain-free wet dog food is Pets at Home’s answer to the need for more natural and additive and allergen-free dog food.

We were surprised at the high-quality ingredients and think it’s indicative of the company’s approach to producing healthier dog food, with our canine friend’s in mind.

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Meat front and center as the main ingredient, just as it was in the dry food variety, with there being 72% lamb.

As dogs should have a predominantly meat-based diet, the highest percentage in the ingredients list of a dog food recipe should be either the fish, poultry or meat.

Sweet Potato

Also, similarly to the companion dry food, the wet food’s main carb element consists of sweet potato and carrots. There is no oil in this wet food, so there are no issues with the use of sunflower, rapeseed or other vegetable oils.


As we’ve already covered, but it bears repeating, this particular line from Wainwright’s is a completely grain-free range.

So, there’s no wheat or maize. Instead, there is a multitude of incredibly healthy and nutritious ingredients.

dog looking at food

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Other Ingredients

Those other ingredients include vegetables like seaweed, peas, carrots, and alfalfa. In addition to these, there is also a selection of herbs (rosemary, parsley, yucca), minerals, vitamins, flaxseed, and chicory root. All in all, there is nothing that rings any real alarm bells.

In addition to the Lamb and Vegetable recipe, there is also a White Fish and Vegetables, Turkey and Vegetables and Rabbit and Vegetables, similarly to the dry complete variation of this line.

What about the Price?

Again, it is fair to say that as an own-brand from Pets at Home, this is not the cheapest variety of dog food available.

However, given that they make good on the promise of no additives or anything that is likely to cause your dog an allergic reaction and the fact that they contain a healthy amount of meat and nutritionally valuable vegetables, it is more than worth the premium.


All in all, Wainwright’s dog food, whether you opt for the Wainwright’s grain-free dry or wet options, is popular with good reason.

They supply successfully to the demand for healthier, more natural food. As far as the online comments and reviews are concerned, they are also tasty, and dogs seem to adapt and enjoy them.

In a day and age when we are more aware of the good or bad, we can do for our dog’s health, it is important that brands like Wainwright’s exist and are still making natural products.

The fact that the dry and wet foods are both grain-free gives us a certain peace of mind as dog owners because although not all grains are bad, it means that the troublesome ones are removed.

All you want to do is provide your dog with the food and nutrition they need to lead happy and comfortable lives.

Fortunately, with either option from Wainwright’s you can do that. Although, the choice of whether you opt for the dry food or wet food option, is entirely up to you and should be based on what your dog prefers.

What dog food do you use? Got any recommendations for the community? Let us know down below!

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  1. We use Wellbeloved dog food for our collies, but a few months ago found bits of plastic in the food. I contacted J W but their response to a number of e mails, phone and letter has been much less than desirable and after 6 months they can only confirm that the prices returned are plastic and that “ it ha now been passed to our quality department “
    We are now researching for a better and more reliable dog food

  2. Hi is this dog food also gluten free? as it states on amazon and google that is is a gluten free dog food?

    Thank You.

    1. Hi Sammi,

      Being grain-free I’d imagine yes it is gluten-free too.

      However, they make no specific mention of it being gluten-free in the literature or on the packaging.

      1. Hi, I was going to change my puppies food over to Wainwright, then migrate all the dogs over once he is an adult dog, the problem is, I’ve just looked and all the reviews for the last 7 months state that the ingredient has changed and their dogs have become poorly, pooing and not eating, also no smell of fish in the salmon, now with added grain.
        As they state the ingredients have changed, will you be doing an assessment on it.
        I’m going to have to look at others now. Such a shame as I’ve been looking for some time and thought I had the best one sorted.

  3. i have just bought a bag of the wainwrights grain free white fish dried food. our dog has been raw fed but he seems to have allergies and very yeasty smelling ears. i havent go the time to go down the protein elimination and a freind recommended we try the wainwrights grain free. i just hope we have done the right thing

  4. Hi

    Could you please help me – I have a 14week cockapoo puppy who weighs 4Kg. I am feeding him Wainwright’s puppy trays and have introduced Wainwright’s kibble to his food. I am totally confused on how much to give him of the puppy trays & kibble for each feed (I feed him3 times per day). I find the feeding guides very confusing. Awaiting our valuable advice.

      1. Hello, please can I add to this with another question? With regards to both the dry and wet food, the suggested daily intake is based on expectant adult dog weight so with reference to the wet food only, my 4kg 9 week old Cockapoo puppy should, according to advice,
        be eating 30-50g per 1kg boy weight…but if I used your guide, it suggests 2.25-4 trays per day for an expectant Adult size of 12-25kg which my puppy has been predicted. This doesn’t seem right to me. I look forward to your reply.

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