Wagg Puppy Food Review

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Updated: June 30, 2020

We take a close look at Wagg puppy food to find out if it’s the nutritional treat your young dog craves.

wagg puppy food range

Wagg is one of the brands owned by IPN, Inspired Pet Nutrition.

IPN have been around since 1923 where they started out as a wheat trading business, before moving to animal feed and then pet food.

It wasn’t until 1990 that they stopped producing animal feeds completely and created the Wagg name.

Incidentally, Wagg isn’t the only quality dog food that IPN are responsible for; they also own the popular Harrington’s brand.

The company has expanded rapidly over the years, and have enjoyed real success with Wagg, their first range of dog foods.

Although the recipes have been tweaked and capability increased, it still remains the same dog food which is based on nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your canine looking and feeling their best.

The Wagg range includes puppy food so younger dogs can also enjoy the great taste and health benefits of the brand.

The focus is firmly on shiny coats, supple skin, good digestion and strong teeth – all the factors that are important for a dog of any age.

But is Wagg a brand you should consider for your young dog? Here’s our Wagg puppy food review with the full facts you need.

wagg puppy food chicken

Range of Food

Wagg do a wide range of foods for adult dogs, including options for working dogs and those with sensitive stomachs.

For puppies, there’s not such a selection, with just a single formula for younger dogs:

  • Wagg Puppy With Chicken and Yucca

This is a dry, complete food so there’s no need to any extra for your pup to enjoy optimum nutrition.

Unfortunately, there’s no Wagg wet food for puppies; it’s just the kibble available.

You can see their recommended feeding guide here.

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wagg chicken puppy food blue bag

Health Benefits of Wagg

You’ll never find any artificial flavoring or preservatives in any of the Wagg food, so you can feed your puppy this brand with confidence.

The protein levels are similar to many of the other puppy foods on the market and is designed to meet the growing needs of a young dog.

There’s also no added sugar, just natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals to give your pup’s body the maximum benefits.

Fibre and yeast are both included to help improve the passage of food and aid your dog’s digestion.

This can be a source of discomfort for many canines so it’s a helpful inclusion in the Wagg formula.

Feeding your pup with Wagg will produce a strong immune system, plus give them all the nutrients they need to develop and grow.

Puppies have much higher needs than adult dogs, and Wagg have devised a formula that meets all their changing demands.

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wagg puppy food range

What are the Beneficial Ingredients in Wagg?

Wagg puppy food has a range of ingredients which have been carefully added because of the health benefits they offer to a young dog.

These include:

  • Probiotic MOS to boost colonies of “good” bacteria and promote better gut health
  • Yucca plant to reduce flatulence, as well as the odor of any puppy parps!
  • Citrus extracts to support the immune system to keep your canine healthy
  • Omega-3 fatty acids which promote healthy brain development, shiny coats and good skin

These particular ingredients sit alongside the rest of the Wagg ingredients which are specifically designed to support puppy health.

This includes vitamins C and D to look after their teeth, gums and bones.

Is Wagg Puppy Food Good Value for Money?

Wagg is a puppy food that won’t break the bank, offering excellent value for money.

It may not be hypoallergenic or contain only organic ingredients, but there’s no compromise on quality.

In lists of the best puppy foods, Wagg regularly features as a brand that offers the best value for money.

If your dog doesn’t have any specific needs, such as a diet for sensitive stomachs, Wagg could be a delicious pick that is easy on the bank balance.

Are there any Negatives of Wagg Food for Puppies?

Wagg is a brand that many pet-owners have used for years, and in some cases it’s helped dogs who haven’t been able to tolerate other food.

There are plenty of Wagg puppy food reviews which discuss how their dog’s delicate tum has calmed when they switched to Wagg.

However, there is only the single choice of puppy food with one flavor. If your puppy is picky, you might find it an uphill struggle without any alternatives to try.

Wagg isn’t positioned as a premium brand, but the manufacturers are still keen to emphasize the commitment to quality.

However, the formula isn’t hypoallergenic and not all the ingredients are clearly listed so if your dog is sensitive, this could be an issue.

The level of protein is around average, but only a very small amount comes from meat. The remainder is from animal derivatives and vegetables, which aren’t ideal for a young pup.


Wagg is a trusted dog food brand which has been around for decades, partnering with fellow canine brand Harrington’s, under the IPN umbrella.

Many dog owners swear by Wagg, even though it’s not one of the premium brands in the market.

The reviews make it very clear that for some pooches, Wagg is the only food they’ve been able to tolerate.

It would be preferable if there were more flavors to choose from, but most owners report that their pup loves the taste of the kibble.

Plus as your pooch grows, there’s a much larger adult range so you can vary their diet a bit more when they’re older.

Value is undoubtedly the strongest point of the Wagg brand, and it allows owners to feed their pups well without spending a pile of cash.

It’s not organic or hypoallergenic, but if you don’t need a diet for sensitive stomachs, your dog might settle well on Wagg.

Even though it’s a budget brand, Wagg have a strong focus on quality. With extra vitamins, minerals and nutrients added, your dog should look healthy and have bucketloads of energy.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Wagg, some owners found Chappie a good substitute.

Others you might want to try include Bakers Puppy or Pedigree Puppy, all of which are similar price points.

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