Vitalin Dog Food Reviewed

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Updated: August 10, 2020

Vitalin dog food has been around longer than most. But, does it still hold up in a crowded modern-day marketplace?

Vitalin Dog Food products

Vitalin is a quality dog food company that has been around since the 1950s.

Having such a rich history in the dog food industry, it’s no wonder that the company has been able to perfect their craft so well.

Interestingly, Vitalin dog food was the first dry kibble food available in the UK and it is still loved by many today.

Vitalin Range

The long years of experience that Vitalin has accrued is clearly evident through the varied lineup of foods that are available.

Vitalin produces its own dog food, in its own factory, and has been doing so for a very long time.

Every one of the recipes available comes with a long list of beneficial factors that should make the dogs who enjoy the food happier and healthier.

Of course, pet owners can also feel great about giving their pets Vitalin, too.

In every part of the lineup, you’ll find recipes that provide complete nutrition, necessary prebiotics and botanicals, holistic nutrition, and more.

Many of the recipes are also made to be gluten free and grain free.

The Lineup

Puppy – Chicken and Rice: This is the perfect solution for young dogs. Vitalin puppy food provides all the necessary nutritional content that puppies need during their developmental stages.

Puppy – Chicken and Rice is gluten free and uses chicken that has been responsibly and locally sourced.

Vitalin Dog Food Puppy Chicken and Rice variant

Adult – Multiple Flavors: There is one flavor for the puppies in the Vitalin dog food range, but things get a bit more interesting for older dogs.

Dogs that have passed the one-year mark have their choice of Lamb and Rice, Chicken and Potato, Duck and Potato, and Fresh Chicken.

All of the Vitalin dog foods that are intended for adult dogs are grain-free and contain high amounts of single proteins.

Whether it is duck, lamb, or chicken, all animals used in the making of Vitalin dog food come from Britain.

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Vitalin Dog Food Adult Chicken and Potato variant

Senior/Lite – Rich in Salmon and Potato: For dogs who are more than 7 years old, as well as those that are overweight. The Senior/Lite offering provides all the same great nutritional value as the other foods available but use salmon in the place of heavier proteins.

This could also be termed Vitalin Sensitive since the recipe is gluten free making it much easier to digest.

Vitalin Dog Food Senior Lite

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Small Breed – Chicken and Potato: For canines on the small side of life, Vitalin Small Breed provides one of the best recipes we’ve seen.

Made to suit the nutritional needs of small dogs perfectly, this offering keeps small dogs at their best.

As with the other lines at Vitalin, Small Breed is hypoallergenic and is made without the addition of cereals and wheat gluten.

For an added bonus, there are even some citrus extracts included to help with oral health.

Vitalin Dog Food Adult Small Breed variant

Pate – For wet food, you have two choices of pate. There is Fresh Chicken Pate and Fresh Tuna Pate. Both share the same great advantages.

They are grain free and contain large amounts of either chicken or tuna – up to 85%!

All the ingredients in the pate are slowly steamed and the resulting dish is a delight for you dog.

Vitalin Dog Food Pate variant

Treats – Another way to spoil your dog is with treats. Vitalin Luxury Treats (Fresh Duck) are designed to give dogs an extra boost in both body and spirit.

Vitalin Dog Food Treats variant

Health Benefits

As with any healthy diet, the health benefits that dogs enjoy from eating Vitalin dog food are many.

From improved cognitive ability to a healthier coat to improved behaviors, the list of benefits is certainly long.

Where Vitalin shines is in their policy to avoid grains and gluten in their dog foods. This makes their products easier to digest. It also leads to improved absorption of all the great supplements that are added to the food.

In every recipe, there are botanicals, such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables that provide a rich set of vitamins and minerals.

Prebiotics are also added to help dogs digest the foods that they eat. There are also several amino acids that are added, antioxidants, and herbs added to aid in the overall health in dogs.

One great thing that comes up in Vitalin dog food reviews all the time is how helpful the Vitalin staff are when it comes to answering questions about your dog’s health.

For more nutritional information on any of the available products, there is a contact form available on the site that lets you get to the answers you need, fast.

Beneficial Ingredients

As with any good health-focused dog food, Vitalin puts a lot of focus on the ingredients that they use.

To start, you’ll notice very quickly that rice and potatoes are the carbohydrates used instead of wheat and other cereals.

There are some health concerns involved with gluten and some grains, and Vitalin smartly avoids these in their recipes.

Most of the recipes also include one or more oils. Each contains health benefits and helps bolster the dishes.

Chicken oil provides flavor and helps with energy, sunflower oil provides omega 6, and salmon oil takes care of the omega 3 requirements.

For the main part of the dishes, the proteins, all of the animals used are known for the health benefits that they provide. All of the animals that are used in the recipes are sourced from Britain.

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Vitalin dog food is great value. The high-quality food, as well as the wide variety of flavors to choose from make

Vitalin a dog food company that you can stick with for a long time. Prices of all of the available products are competitive, if not even more cost-effective than many commercial dog foods.


The only drawback that could come from using Vitalin dog food is if you prefer to feed your dog foods with grains (other than rice) and cereals for their carbohydrate needs.

As none of the recipes feature wheat and other popular choices, you’d have to look elsewhere for that.


Vitalin is one of the most well-established dog food companies around. The fact that they are so dedicated to the health of the dogs that they feed is a huge plus.

It is also a positive that there are plenty of unique recipes to choose from. Add to that the fact that all the ingredients are responsibly sourced from local providers and the story just gets better.

In terms of value, there are certainly no complaints. If you are interested but would also like to check a few other similar dog food brands, these are a few good alternatives: Butternut dog food, Canagan dog food, and Burgess dog food.

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