Ultimutt Dog Box Review: Tried & Tested

Written by: Jamie
Updated: February 2, 2023
Contents of Ultimutt birthday box

Ultimutt are a UK based company that offer home delivered dog boxes straight to your door.

Simply fill in a few details on their website about your dog's size, breed, name, and likes and dislikes and you can have a one-off or subscription box heading your way in just a day or two.

But what can you expect from a dog box and specifically what can you expect from an Ultimutt dog box?

Well, I was lucky enough to recently receive a complimentary birthday box from Ultimutt for my dog Edna.

In this article, I explain the process, what I received, what I thought about the whole thing, and most importantly what Edna thought about it all!

What's a Dog Subscription Box?

Dog subscription boxes are an increasingly popular way to keep your dog stimulated and entertained with very minimal effort on the owner's behalf.

A carefully curated box tailored to your dog arrives either monthly or bi-monthly. In it, you can expect to find treats, toys, grooming accessories and all sorts of goodies aimed at keeping your dog happy.

Not everyone has time to visit the pet shop or browse online, and one of the huge benefits with dog boxes like these is that it's a 'done for you' service. The only work required on the owner's part is initially divulging some basic facts about their dog in order to receive suitable gifts.

Edna sniffing box

What Do Ultimutt Offer?

Ultimutt offer a dog box service with contents sourced from UK suppliers. They have a preference for operating with smaller, family run businesses so you'll find some really gorgeous treats in their boxes that you might not find in your local pet store.

They offer both one off dog boxes and subscription based boxes. Here's the current selection and prices, as of February 2023:

Subscription Boxes

  • Monthly Subscription: £22.99 per month
  • Bi-Monthly Subscription: £27.99 every 2 months

One Off Boxes

  • Birthday Box: £32.99
  • One Off Surprise Box: £29.99
  • Puppy Box: £21.99
  • Tough Dog Surprise Box: £29.99

What Did Edna Receive?

Edna and her Ultimutt birthday box

Edna with her Ultimutt birthday box

I was offered a box of my choosing for my dog, Edna. The timing was just perfect to be honest, with her birthday just days away. So, naturally I chose a birthday box.

I informed the Ultimutt team of her size and the fact that she's not overly keen on bones.

The custom birthday box arrived less than 48 hours later.

I've never had a birthday box before so I was curious what it contained. Here's what Edna got inside her Ultimutt box:

Contents of Ultimutt birthday box
  • Benyfit Natural - Benyfit Bites
  • Petface Squeaky Ball
  • Iced Woofin - Dog Muffin
  • Smart Choice Happy Birthday Plush Toy
  • Smart Choice Glow in the Dark Squeaky Toy
  • Leaps & Bounds Woof Bar - Peanut Choc
  • Kong - Occasions Squeaky Toy
  • Pooch & Mutt - Mini Bone Dog Treats
  • A card addressed to Edna, a party hat, and a candle

What Did Edna Think? Hit or Miss?

Edna couldn't wait to get her box open. Something inside obviously smelled very attractive to her and she was immediately very excited.

Turns out it was a combination of the Benyfit Natural Bites and the Iced Woofin dog muffin.

edna sniffing toys

Here's a summary of how each treat or toy was received by Edna and myself.

Benyfit Natural - Benyfit Bites

edna snack bites

Edna has only has a few of these so far but they've been well received. 100% natural and grain free, they fall in line with the type of treats Edna gets on a regular basis. An unspectacular but crowd pleasing addition to the box.

Petface Squeaky Ball

ball toy

Now Edna isn't actually a big fan of balls, well not tennis balls anyway, they're just a bit too big for her small jaws. However, this small ball was an instant hit. She was disinterested at first but when she heard the high pitched squeak it makes, she became obsessed! This ball was a surprise hit.

Iced Woofin - Dog Muffin

dog muffin

The smell of this carob sponge muffin topped with a crunchy bone immediately captivated Edna. There was no chance it was going to last long once opened and true to form it disappeared in a minute or so.

Actually, so too did Edna.

I was hoping to get a video of her eating it but she took it under the kitchen table, so I could only get a dimly lit picture of some crumbs. Here you go...

Remains of the muffin

Edna finishing off the crumbs

Smart Choice Happy Birthday Plush Toy

bone toy

This one was a bit of a miss. She loves the sound of the squeak but there's something about the shape and size of it that just doesn't appeal to her. 

Smart Choice Glow in the Dark Squeaky Toy

I have to say, it's a curious design choice and a toy that I think we'll keep inside the house so none of the neighbours see and get their wires crossed! Anyway, see what you think from the picture below.

Squeaky toy

But, this one was a massive hit with Edna. She can't get enough of it and loves playing tug of war with it.

edna and chew toy

Leaps & Bounds Woof Bar - Peanut Choc

chocolate edna

Another snack that was a big hit with Edna. It's a faux chocolate bar made with peanuts and oils. It smells just like peanut butter and is definitely one of the better smelling dog treats out there!

Kong - Occasions Squeaky Toy

kong toy

This toy has so far been ignored in favour of the ball and the long pink thing. It may fall into favour if they get lost as she loves pulling on rope, so we'll see. The jury is out on this one so far.

Pooch & Mutt - Mini Bone Dog Treats

mini bone treats

These wheat-free treats made with 100% natural ingredients were another hit with Edna. This is something I'll buy for her in the future.

Card, Party Hat and Candle

Greeting card

It was a nice touch to receive a personalised card. Edna wouldn't let me put the party hat on and I couldn't find matches to light the candle but they were gratefully received too.

What Do I Think About Ultimutt Dog Boxes?

Our Ultimutt Dog Birthday Box was a huge success.

Two of the toys in the box have become immediate favorites of Edna's (the pink squeaker and the ball) while every snack has been immediately devoured.

One of the toys has been disregarded (the plush bone toy) and one ignored in the meantime (the Kong squeaky toy). But, I'm confident the Kong toy will see some playtime in the near future.

I'd say that's a pretty impressive success rate. Of 8 items in the box, there's only been one 'miss'.

Now, there are certainly a few caveats to add here.

For starters, Edna is not a particularly fussy dog, not with food anyway. Being an ex-street dog, she's fond of any food she can get her paws on.

There's also the fact that every box is different. You need to trust that the team at Ultimutt know what they're doing and combined with the instructions you give them, that they can craft the perfect box for your dog too.

In my experience, the answer is yes they certainly can be relied on.

The final caveat here is that I didn't pay for my birthday box.

For that reason, I can't really comment on the value for money on offer here. All I can say is yes I had a positive experience.

This is something I'd definitely recommend as a birthday treat for your dog or somebody that you knows dog. There's no need to put time and effort into choosing a gift yourself when you can have things reliably chosen for you.

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