25 Ultimate Gifts for Dogs

Written by: Jamie
Updated: September 25, 2020

Need some dog-themed gift inspiration? We recommend some of the most useful and original gifts for dogs and their owners. We guarantee you’ll find something special below!

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Searching for a gift can be difficult at the best of times, but when you’re looking to buy an exciting present for a dog or owner, it can be hard to think of something new! You want to get something that will be used frequently, not just stuck on a shelf collecting dust.

We’ve created the following list based on uniqueness, customer satisfaction, and value for money. Surveying dog owners, trainers, vets, and groomers alike.

If you want a gift with some “wow” factor then check out these 25 amazing dog gifts below.

25. Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy

Looking for the perfect way to mentally stimulate a dog? This brain and exercise game comes in a variety of styles and levels from easy to expert. Simply fill in the compartments with your dog’s favourite treats and let their mind get to work!

It’s easy to clean and slows down the speed at which a dog eats (you know how greedy they can get!). You can use this game as a part of a dog’s daily exercise routine or as something to keep them occupied if you need to pop out for a couple of hours. It’s a great way to make a dog work for their food rewards.

This interactive dog toy has been reviewed by over 14,500 customers and holds a 4.5-star rating on Amazon!

24. Ball Launcher


Let’s face it our arm just can’t throw a ball as far as our dogs want! This ball launcher for dogs comes in a variety of different sizes depending on how far the dog can run! You can throw a ball up to 2 to 3 times further with this tool and you’ll avoid slobber when picking it up!

This toy is excellent for retriever type dogs and makes a massive difference to their play and exercise routine. If you have a dog with a strong jaw, check out the rubber balls on offer! Save your arm energy and try out this launcher!

23. Customized Socks

Customised Dog Socks with Pet Name in Pastel Colours

What’s the best way to show a dog you love them? Get their name on a personalized pair of socks! Select your size, pattern, and color code, add it to your basket, fill in the extra details, and wait for your customized gift to arrive!

Whether you’re looking for a unique present or just want a pair of socks with your dog’s name! This gift will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face! Spend a couple pounds extra and you can get two different animals on one pair of socks!

Check them out here!

22. Bike Trailer

Many of us have ditched other means of transport for a more environmentally friendly option. There are plenty of people that have made the change, but where does this leave our four-legged friends? By purchasing a bike trailer for your dog you can take your furry companion wherever you go!

The trailer has a solid metal frame, a rear and back door with net inserts for easy airflow. It comes in three different sizes and boasts free delivery! By purchasing a bike trailer you can easily take your pooch anywhere you go, without tiring their legs!

21. Dog Birthday Gift Set

Dogs are one of the family! So, when it comes to your pooch’s birthday, it only makes sense to celebrate in style! The Dog Birthday Gift Set allows you to do just that! It comes with cake mix, a super cool bow tie, Pawsecco, treats, and a soft toy!

They also offer other gifts for dogs including puppy presents, Valentine’s Day gifts, and Christmas presents for dogs! Love the pub but can’t bring your dog? Then check out the pub dog gift!

These selections of unique gifts are some of the best ways to get your pooch involved in any celebration!

20. Orthopedic Dog Bed

Sleeping on an uncomfortable base can lead to health issues in humans and it’s the exact same for dogs. Selecting an orthopedic memory foam dog bed can make a huge difference! They’re known to help ease pain from arthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and other muscle and joint conditions.

The material is waterproof and comes in 9 different styles and 5 different sizes! The washable covers allow easy cleaning. The bed is suitable for any breed at any age, but older dogs and those with health issues will definitely benefit from an orthopedic bed the most!

19. Drinking Fountain

Ensuring dogs have safe, clean drinking water, accessible through all hours of the day is important. Especially during the hotter months! The Petsafe Drinkwell 360° pet fountain allows you to do just that!

With a 3.8L capacity and access from all angles, your pooch will never be thirsty again! The fountain has been designed to minimize water sound and prevent splashes or spillages.

Select either plastic or stainless steel design. Both come with a replaceable charcoal filter, cleaning the water from any fur, dust, and other impurities. The pet fountain can also be used by cats!

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18. Custom Dog Portrait

Custom Watercolor Pet Portrait

This gift idea definitely trumps a lot of other dog gifts out on the market! I mean who wouldn’t want an entire canvas dedicated to their beloved companion, hanging proudly from the wall! Earning 5 stars from over 500 reviewers this handmade present is a hit!

Select a portrait size from A5 to A1, send in 2-3 images of the dog you have chosen along with their name, and your preferred background color, and voila! Await your delivery or present to arrive at your chosen location! You can choose up to 4 dogs in one canvas.

Get all the info here.

17. Natural Dental Chews

Looking after a dog’s dental health is massively important. Vets recommend cleaning a dog’s teeth daily, but most owners just can’t find the time to do this! Whimzees natural dental chews are a fantastic solution to remove tartar and plaque effectively. They also come in 3 different sizes.

The long-lasting natural chews are hypoallergenic, perfect if your dog suffers any allergies! There are 14 pieces to a pack and a variety of different designs. This healthy dog gift is highly beneficial for any pooch and can make the world of difference on their breath!

16. Biodegradable Poop Bags

Many of us are becoming more aware of the effects plastic is having on our world. When you think about how many poops your dog has a day, and how much plastic is used to clear it, the figures really add up! That’s why Earth Rated designed a range of biodegradable poo bags! The product is listed as #1 Best Seller in the Dog Waste Bags section!

It holds a proud 4.8-star rating from over 38,000 reviewers! In this pack, you will receive 270 bags on 18 different rolls that can fit into the Earth Rate dispenser (sold separately). There is a 100% leak-proof guarantee and you have the choice of unscented or lavender-scented bags.

15. Dog Shampoo

The best doggy presents are things that can be used to better their health. Finding the perfect dog shampoo that won’t irritate a pooches skin is on the top list of priorities for any owner. Wahl Smartgroom Dirty Beastie is a pre-mixed formula with natural ingredients suitable for dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, rabbits, and more!

The shampoo removes stains, odours, and built-in dirt, leaving dogs with a healthy and shiny looking coat with every wash! For a present, the 5L size is popular. It’s concentrated and produces 75L of shampoo. A perfect gift for any dog grooming professional or any friends that just have loads of animals!

14. Grubber Rugby Ball

Finding a toy that doesn’t destroy in seconds can be hard. After viewing a variety of unusual dog toys, the Grubber Rugby Ball gave the best value for money. It is durable and the Rugby shape gives the toy a different bounce every time, so a dog won’t be able to predict where it lands!

The toy is easily retrievable and has been designed for fetch and tug games. It’s an ideal gift that will certainly be a hit for most medium-large breed dogs. The toy has been uniquely designed to also clean teeth and gums, meaning your dog can play whilst also keeping healthy!

13. Dog Whistle


Some breeds will travel much further from the owners when walking off-leash in a wooded area or a similar open environment. Associating a whistle noise with the owner can help a dog find their way back much quicker than the average voice. The Acme 211.5 Dog Whistle makes a superb small, yet thoughtful gift.

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It comes with a lanyard that can easily be hung around the neck or attached to other items. The product is recommended for all dogs but makes the perfect gift for Retrievers, Labradors and, Pointers. It comes in 21 different colors and is ideal if you’re looking for something that can be used daily.

12. Treat Pouch

This gift is perfect for a dog walker or for a new owner trying to train their puppy! The pouch is made from tear-resistant material ensuring durability and use for years to come. The purchase also comes with a clicker/whistle and small silicone bowl that can be filled with water when out on daily trips.

The Pet Room Treat Pouch is listed as the #1 seller in the Dog Treat Pouch range. It makes a perfect Puppy Present and definitely joins the list of cool dog accessories! The pouch can be worn in a number of different ways and makes a huge difference to a dog’s concentration levels during training.

11. Portable Paw Cleaner

Sometimes muddy paws just can’t be helped! Finding a present that can solve this will be a lifesaver! The Dexas Mudbuster is a portable cleaner removing dirt from a dog’s paws. Perfect if you don’t want to mess up the car or home after a muddy run outdoors. There are a variety of different colors and sizes available to choose from.

It’s quick and easy to use. Add a little water, place the dirty paw inside, give it about 3 twists and there! The mud stays inside the product and the dog can come inside without placing pawprints everywhere.

10. Dog Beer Gift Set

Unfortunately, most pubs just don’t allow us to bring our four-legged friends. But that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the fun! There are plenty of cool things for dogs out there but this one takes the cake! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a pint with their dog on a chilled night in?

It’s a wonderful gift set for those that truly love their beer! Made in the United Kingdom and developed with the help of veterinary experts, this drink is totally safe for any dog to have! It’s alcohol-free, non-carbonated, and contains a number of different minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants! Don’t miss out on the Bottom Sniffer!

9. Portable Dog Washer


This portable dog washer has a variety of different uses, making it the perfect present for an outdoorsy person! The device holds 8L and can wash dogs, horses, shoes, prams, bikes and even people when out camping! There is no noise, batteries, or electricity required and you can choose from colours red or blue.

Get a gift that will be loved and constantly used! The best presents are things that can help make life that little bit easier. Simply fill and get washing! Its different uses make this perfect for an active person or family. With Mud Daddy, you will never have a muddy car or home again!

8. Hypoallergenic Training Treats


Let’s face it, when buying those cheap off the shelf treats we have no idea what goes in them! All those unknown ingredients can be harmful to a dog and in some cases can trigger allergic reactions. If you’re after a small, yet meaningful dog gift then you should try Bounce and Bella grain free treats.

These treats are great for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. The ingredients consist of duck, turkey, and chicken (80%) with the other 20% containing potato and sweet potato. They are crunchy and should only be given to dogs of age 16 weeks or older.

7. Furbo Camera & Treat Tosser

Looking for unique dog gifts? Then take a look at the Furbo Dog Camera, as seen on Paul O’Grady’s For the Love of Dogs. It comes with a full HD camera, night vision, a 160° angle, and a 4x zoom. Now you won’t ever have to wonder what the dog gets up to when left at home alone!

Receive notifications to your phone whenever the dog barks! Fill the product with up to 100 of your dog’s favorite treats and dispense them through an app whilst your away! This fantastic gift comes with audio and motion detectors! Voice control can also be added by combining the Alexa screen device!

6. Chew Toy

The most basic dog gifts have always been chew toys, so why not try something a little different? The Wishbone is an extremely tough chew toy with a Bison flavor. It comes in sizes small to large and the biggest size should only be given to dogs up to 23 kilos.

Small bristles act as a mini toothbrush, clearing the dog’s teeth from plaque and tartar. Its been designed for dogs with extreme chewing habits, so it won’t break very easily! Get a gift that you know a dog won’t be able to resist!

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5. Rubber Dog Ball

Searching for a ball that won’t crumble in a few seconds is difficult. It’s a simple doggy gift but it needs to last longer than 5 minutes! The Chuckit Ultra Ball is durable and can withstand even the strongest jaws. It can also be used with a launcher and comes in a pack of two!

Other sizes include medium, XL and XXL. A ball is a game that practically every dog loves and you want to get a gift that will actually be used! The Chuckit bounces high, floats on water, it’s easy to clean and has high visibility so it won’t disappear out of sight very easily!

4. Bounce and Bella Natural Chews

Another treat from the Bounce and Bella range, these 100% beef air-dried treats are hugely popular! Unlike other dried treats, these haven’t used additives or preservatives to hasten the drying process. Another hypoallergenic treat that’s perfect for sensitive stomachs and allergies.

Food treats are loved by every dog, so it’s no wonder why these natural chews are selling fast! Basic rawhide treats have shown through studies that they can be dangerous. Often causing damage we can’t see. Choose something natural and get a food gift that any dog will adore, pure 100% beef strips!

3. Remote Reward Trainer

Dog training can be difficult for some and easy for others. Getting that perfect training puppy present makes all the difference. If you’re hoping to impress someone then try the Pet Safe Bundle to enhance positive training. It comes with a clicker, which uses sound as a marker for tricks and obedience training.

You will find a target stick used for tricks and agility, along with a remote-controlled treat dispenser. With these combined, training has become so much easier! What’s also great is that this gift provides a 3-year warranty ensuring the products last!

2. Kong Dog Toy

Some dogs love to chew much more than others. If you know somebody who is struggling with their dogs chewing habits then the Kong Dog Toy will make the perfect solution! It can be used as a throw toy bouncing wildly in different directions and can also hold treats inside.

So, if an owner needs to pop out, simply stick some food treats inside and let the dog keep themselves busy! It’s a great way to mentally stimulate any pooch. It’s no wonder why this toy is highly recommended by both dog trainers and veterinarians alike.

1. Champaws Bubble and Squeak

Seeing your pooch left out of the parties and festivities can be a downer. Now any dog can celebrate in style with the Champaws Bubble and Squeak! It’s a healthy drink that comes with a squeaky toy and is suitable for all breed sizes.

Woof & Brew have created an ideal gift for any occasion! It’s alcohol-free and non-carbonated, just solely filled with goodness! I mean who doesn’t love the thought of a dog with their own champagne. Classy!

Got some gift ideas of your own? We’d love to hear about any interesting presents we’ve missed! Make sure and let us know down in the comments section.

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