True Instinct Dog Food Review

Written by: Jamie
Updated: October 5, 2020

Is True Instinct dog food the nutritional and tasty treat your dog needs? Find out as we review their natural dog food range.

True Instinct Dog Food variants

True Instinct is a high-class company that prides itself in providing top-notch products for several happy pooches. They also have an extensive range of quality products available too.

This upmarket company is insistent on creating extremely high- quality products and they only use naturally-derived ingredients and nutrients. There are a lot of great True Instinct dog food reviews out there, but check out ours for a totally non-biased opinion.

True Instinct’s products don’t include any grains or cereals and they are also gluten-free. Their specially formulated recipes are designed to provide a healthy, balanced diet for your dog.

Dog Food Range

True Instinct dog food comes in a range of options for both cats and dogs. For your dog, you can choose to buy wet food, dry food, or raw food, as well as freeze-dried food, and treats too. You also have the choice to pick one of their bundles or packages, if you are looking to combine several products.

True Instinct offers the option to choose from beef, chicken, fish, turkey, lamb, or duck, dependent on what suits your pooch’s diet the best. Or dependent on what your furry friend prefers.

True Instinct Dog Food Lamb and Turkey variant

As well as having these options, you also have the choice to select a specific food in relation to your dog’s age or breed. Compared to some of the other types of dog foods we have reviewed, the options that True Instinct provides are a little slimmer.

You can choose food for puppies or adults, and there is also the option to purchase food for smaller breeds too.

One extremely popular item that has received several positive reviews is that of True Instinct Raw Bites. All dogs love a tasty treat, and this one is flying off the shelves.  Another great product is True Instinct Raw Boost, which works well to provide your dog with a healthy boost of energy.

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Health Benefits

True Instinct only uses unrefined whole grains, which raises your dog’s nutrient intake. This factor can influence your dog’s intestinal flora positively. Many owners complain about their dogs having upset tummies and there are hundreds of happy customers that swear by True Instinct’s dog food.

True Instinct Dog Food Selected Beef variant

Switching to this brand can also improve your best friend’s digestion tract. This item also helps to boost a healthy immune system. True Instinct is packed to the brim with several nutrients and minerals.

We will list some of the beneficial ingredients below in more detail, but several individuals have reported noticing skin and hair improvements in their dogs after making the switch to True Instinct.

True Instinct Dog Food Turkey with Duck variant

Alongside this, several owners have reported noticing better teeth conditions too. We have read several True Instinct raw boost reviews and there are a vast amount of people that swear by it. After all, if you fill your furry friend with goodness, it is only ever going to be beneficial. 

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Beneficial Ingredients  

Our True Instinct dog food review research has revealed that this company only endeavors to use the finest cuts of meat and fish. Their products are free from fillers and preservatives, and they only use real ingredients with no added artificial flavors.

True Instinct is based in Norfolk and they claim to only use the finest ingredients. We must say, True Instinct’s website is extremely impressive. All of True Instinct’s ingredients are responsibly sourced in Europe and all of their protein comes from real and trusted animal sources.

True Instinct Dog Food Freeze Dried Meat variants

Some of the main ingredients excluding responsibly sourced meat are flax seeds, dandelion root, grape-seed extract, spirulina, seaweed, and chicory root. True Instinct also uses several well-sourced vegetables including chickpeas, carrots, broccoli, peas, and potatoes.

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Value for Money  

This product is quite a fair bit pricier than most out there, but this being said, it is a top-quality product. If you decide to order online you can more often than not claim free delivery when you spend a certain amount, which isn’t bad going if you tend to buy in bulk anyway.

True Instinct Dog Food Freeze Dried Meat variants

Another great option to save a few quid is to sign up for free to their newsletter, after this you can claim a £5 voucher. Everyone loves a discount, so if you are certain that this is the right food for your pooch, don’t forget to sign up!


It’s no surprise that this product isn’t the cheapest out there, but with a wide range of products available including dry, wet and raw food. It’s a fantastic option for those looking for a healthier and more diverse range.

Another drawback is that their website doesn’t offer free delivery unless you spend over a certain amount. So, if your budget is a little tighter and you tend to buy on a day to day basis, this may not be the right choice for you.

True Instinct Dog food Dried meat bites variant

Similarly, there aren’t too many options depending on your dog’s age or breed compared to some of the other companies out there. Although this may be the case, several individuals won’t ever use anything else after making the switch to True Instinct.

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To sum up, we think that True Instinct is a great product. However, this being said, it does come with a bit of a price-tag. There are heaps of reports from owners that state that they have seen drastic improvements in their dog’s health after choosing this product.

So, if you have been searching for some time to find the right product for your pooch, and you have not had much luck. True Instinct may well be the direction to go in.

There are several alternatives on the market, if you are specifically looking for raw food, please do check out our review on Bulmer Dog Food.

So there you have it! Our brutally honest review of True Instinct Dog Food. We really hope we have helped you somewhat – Thanks again for reading!

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