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Learn all about the amazing Sprollie mix in our guide. Do they make good pets? Are they good with other dogs?

Sprollie dog sitting

Height: 18-26 inches
Weight: 40-60 lbs
Lifespan: 10-17 years
Pedigree Breed: No

Pros and Cons of Sprollies


  • Low maintenance coat
  • Friendly and playful dogs with bags of energy
  • Not known to bark often
  • Very intelligent and trainable dogs


  • May not be suitable around smaller children
  • May have some common health problems and experience obesity after being neutered
  • Require a lot of exercise
  • Need constant mental stimulations


A Sprollie dog is a crossbreed – otherwise known as a hybrid dog – between an English Springer Spaniel and a Border Collie or Collie dog.

By combining these two dogs, it is hoped that genetic lottery will give you the best of both dogs, but genetics do not always work this way.

As the parents of these dogs are quite dissimilar, it can be a complete surprise about the characteristics of your Sprollie dog. The size and weight of the dog can also differ relatively significantly because of the different heights and weights of their parents.

Nevertheless, there are some common factors and traits associated with Sprollie dogs that enable potential buyers to judge if they will be a good fit and be able to provide Sprollie dogs will what they need most.

Sprollie doing agility course

The parents of Sprollie dogs are somewhat different. The English Springer Spaniel is known for its high levels of energy due to being historically a gun dog used for hunting smaller game. Springer Spaniels are also loyal, intelligent and gentle dogs to other dogs and children.

Border Collie dogs are just as intelligent and active, but they are known to be more intense than Springer Spaniels.

The different characteristics of the parents of Sprollie dogs is what makes each Sprollie characteristics somewhat of a surprise.

However, one thing is for certain. Your Sprollie will be a high energy dog that requires plenty of daily walks and activity.

If you cannot afford these activity levels or an outdoor space for the dog, then a Sprollie will not be the best choice for you.

Sprollie looking at camera


Pinpointing the origins of Sprollie dogs is proving difficult with no known exact origin.

As both types of dogs are common on farms in the UK, it is often speculated that breeding English Springers and Collies together began in farming regions of the UK, although this remains unverified.

Today Sprollie dogs are bred for reasons outside of working on farms. They make excellent family dogs in the right environment and can be playful, active and loyal.

Many of them are fantastic around children, although this is not always the case. We’ll discuss this more in the next section.


The personality of Sprollie dogs are typical of their parents. They are a lot of fun for those willing to engage with them and provide them with mental stimulation as well as daily activity.

Activities need to go beyond simple walks to ensure they are adequately stimulated and avoid changes in personality that can become disruptive.

Are They Good with Strangers?

There is no evidence to suggest that Sprollies are not good with other humans they are not familiar with.

They are likely to engage with them if they offer them mental stimulation and exercise.

Are They Good with other Dogs?

Sprollie dogs are like their parents in wanting to take any opportunity to play and other dogs are a fun playmate for them.

As long as the other dog does not cause the Sprollie to become intimidated or anxious, these types of dogs will happily play with other dogs.

They are also not known to bark often which makes them fit with other dogs well.

Sprollie dogs are also good around family cats if they have been brought up with them, but unfamiliar cats may appear as game to them due to their parents’ working backgrounds and they may chase them when seen.

Are They Okay with Children?

Springer Spaniels are excellent and gentle dogs with children, which may transfer into your Sprollie dog.

However, because the Collie dogs have a tendency to heard or be boisterous, this may become a problem when allowing a Sprollie to play with children.

If these characteristics have been passed on to the Sprollie, there is a chance that they may not be suitable around smaller or younger children.

If the Sprollie dog is a friendly dog around children may depend on the dog itself, what genetics have been passed on and how it has been brought up.

Sprollie on grass


The average Sprollie dog will live for 10 to 17 years, which is quite a large window of a lifespan.

The reason for the seven-year window is because some Sprollie dogs will pick up conditions from their parents’ genetics.

It is always worth buying pet insurance to ensure you can care for your Sprollie in the most effective way, in case any of the following conditions arise.

Common conditions associated with Sprollies:

These are all common problems that both the parents of Sprollie dogs can encounter.

They are common among the breeds, which means there is an increased risk of your Sprollie experiencing these issues over other medical problems.

Some Sprollies also experience obesity problems despite their high energy levels. This is often the case when the dog has been neutered or spayed.

Obesity in these and other types of dogs is a major concern because it places additional pressure on the heart and internal organs. By countering obesity with a lower calorie diet, the Sprollie dog may enjoy a much longer lifespan.

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Sprollie Dog 2


Sprollie dogs are well known for their intelligence and high energy levels.

Together, these things make them need lots of exercise but also the right type of exercises that stimulates them mentally.

As a minimum, Sprollie dogs require at one hour of outdoor exercise each day and most if not all of that time should be off the lead giving them full freedom to roam and explore safely.

It is ideal to incorporate common play activities such as getting the Sprollie to fetch a ball or frisbee and keep them stimulated.

When not out walking and exploring, the Sprollie should be given other opportunities to adventure outside on their own in a safe and secure space, such as a large garden.

Without frequent walks, mentally stimulating playtime and extra time to run around the garden, they can become bored and stressed, and take it out on your furniture and shoes.

Note, young Sprollie puppies should not be jumping around as this can damage their bones and joints.

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Sprollie on see saw

Intelligence and Trainability

Sprollie dogs are the product of two types of dog that are both exceptionally intelligent.

These intelligent levels make them easier to train than some other breeds. However, it is also recommended that you start to train them at an early age intensely or they pick up bad habits.

Some people do have problems training their Sprollie. The main reason for this is usually down to other factors.

One of them is poor training techniques and often the cause of owning your first Sprollie dog and not being familiar with the best methods of training them. The other may be related to the dog’s activity demands.

As mentioned numerous times, Sprollie dogs require a lot of activity throughout the day and if they do not receive the right amount and stimulation, they can become more mischievous and difficult to train.

For example, if you were to try and crate train a Sprollie puppy, you would need to make sure they were tired to encourage sleeping first. This can only be done with the right amount of activity levels.

The types of training to focus on when training a Sprollie are engaging activities that allow them to move around – as well as the common commands of sitting etc.

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Sprollie Dog 1


Sprollie dogs have two coats. They have a soft and dense coat below a much harsher top coat.

Despite this sounding complex, the coats are easier to maintain than some other dogs’ coats. Owners will need to brush the Sprollie’s coat around two times per week and more so during Spring and Autumn.

It is also crucial that the Sprollie’s ears are cleaned regularly as they are known to develop ear infections if their ears build up with too much wax. These infections can be particularly painful for the Sprollie and also difficult to eradicate.

Overall, it is always best to prevent ear infections rather than be faced with treating them – for you and your much-loved Sprollie.

Use the above information to help you understand more about the risks, joys and details of owning a Sprollie dog.

They make excellent family pets and working dogs but only when with the right caring owners with the correct knowledge to back them up!

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    I had a Spaniel/Collie x breed back in the late 1970s. This was in the days when he’d have been called a mixed breed or a mongrel. Not even a x breed and certainly not a sprollie. There was no such word, then. He was called Diamond as he had a white diamond on his back, and David Bowie had a Diamond Dogs Album.
    Diamond lived until 1998 and died at age 19 and a half.
    He was a wonderful dog and they truly do make superb family pets as long as their needs are catered for.

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