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Learn all about the increasingly popular Sprocker Spaniel in our latest guide. Do they make good pets? Are there any common health problems to be aware of?

Sprocker spaniel on a leash

Height: 14-20 inches
Weight: 30-44lbs
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Pedigree Breed: No

Pros and Cons of Sprockers


  • Friendly dogs to children and other dogs
  • No major health concerns in this breed
  • Intelligent dogs that can be trained easier than other dog types
  • Predictable in appearance and behavior


  • Coat requires daily maintenance to avoid coat tangles and knots
  • Require a lot of regular exercise to stay obedient ad satisfied
  • Demand outdoor spaces to run around in during the day (not ideal for apartments)
  • May suffer from allergies and require allergy testing


Sprocker Spaniels are a relatively new type of dog. They are a hybrid dog created by breeding two types of Spaniels, namely the Cocker Spaniel and the English Springer Spaniel.

This is why they are also known as a Cocker Springer Cross. As they are the result of two other Spaniels that have similar characteristics and appearances, Sprocker Spaniels can be relatively easy to spot and are quite predictable in both behavior and appearance.

Their ears are long with wide eyes and an alert gaze. Just like their parents, their nostrils are wide, and the coat of the dog is usually the same color as the color of their nose. Their coat density is medium with a wavy medium-to-long length.

These dogs make for great family pets because they are predominantly well behaved and great around other people, children and other dogs. Yet, they remain exceptional working dogs too and are a common choice among gamekeepers and hunters.

Sprocker Spaniels are mostly healthy but there are still some health concerns that owners will need to know about and look out for.

More on these and other details of owning and looking after Sprocker Spaniels can be found in this detailed Sprocker Spaniel guide.

Sprocker Spaniel sitting

History of the Sprocker Dog

Sprocker spaniels are not often considered as hybrid dogs. This is despite the fact that they are the product of two purebred dogs.

The reason for this is, although both of the parents are different breeds of dog, their relationship to the same breed is exceptionally close as they are both types of Spaniels.

These types of dogs can also not be categorized as designer dogs because they are also considered working dogs.

The Sprocker Spaniel, along with all the other Spaniel dogs, are believed to have come from Spain in the 17th century.

At the time, it was believed that there was only one Spaniel dog with different dimensions. Then, this belief was eradicated and both Cocker Spaniels and Springer Spaniels started being bred separately and used for hunting.

The two dogs were used in respect of their size, Cocker Spaniels for small game and the larger Springer Spaniels were used for hunting bigger prizes.

Sprocker Spaniel puppy

These two types of Spaniels were mostly kept apart, until the two were intentionally bred together just over two decades ago, resulting in the Sprocker Spaniel in around 1997.

The exact origin of this intentional breeding remains unknown but some suspect that it happened in Scotland among gamekeepers who wanted a new type of gun dog.

To this day, Sprocker Spaniels are excellent gun and hunting dogs, but they also make for fantastic family pets who are loving, loyal, gentle and a lot of fun for the whole family.


They are fun dogs because they have so much energy and are open to spending playtime with owners, other people and other dogs.

They are also known to be very loyal dogs and will tend to stick with their owners whenever given the choice. Sprocker Spaniel characteristics are predictable, which also makes their behavior towards others relatively predictable.

Are They Good with Strangers?

Sprocker Spaniels are predominantly good with strangers because they just want to be active.

If a stranger shows them attention and shows they are willing to play, the Sprocker Spaniel is likely to engage in play and be friendly to the stranger.

Naturally, like any other dog, if the Sprocker Spaniel feels threatened by the stranger they are not likely to engage with them, but they are also known as gentle dogs and are not likely to attack others.

Are They Good with Other Dogs?

When a Sprocker Spaniel meets another dog, this is likely to be another opportunity for playtime.

Expect Sprocker Spaniels and other breeds of friendly dog to get along great and play together for hours.

Are They Okay with Children?

Sprocker Spaniels make excellent family dogs because they are also gentle with children.

Whether the child is familiar to the Sprocker Spaniel or the child is new, the dog will likely be willing to play with the child and never intentionally harm a child. The dog may not engage if they feel threatened.

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Young Sprocker Spaniel


Sprocker Spaniels are very active dogs, which is seen as a good thing because they are able to keep themselves and their bodies fit and healthy.

However, all of this exercise can also result in potential health concerns. Even though Sprocker Spaniels are seen as fit and healthy dogs without major common issues, there are still some health issues that these dogs may face.

The minor health concerns of Sprocker Spaniels are:

The major health concerns of Sprocker Spaniels are:

Rare health problems include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy

These dogs may also need to go through occasional tests to identify problems and check on their health.

These tests may include A-rays, ultrasound, physical examinations with a vet, blood tests, allergy testing, skin biopsies and urinalysis.

To make sure you are prepared to own a Sprocker Spaniel, you have to be prepared to pay for these services if required. This is why it is essential that you always have valid pet insurance no matter what breed of dog you own.

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Sprocker Spaniel 2


Sprocker Spaniels have exceptional activity levels and require a lot of exercise. They are not a type of dog that adapts to a slower pace of life or less activity each day. This is something that will need to be considered before choosing to get a Sprocker Spaniel.

If you are not able to provide the level of exercise that these dogs need, your Sprocker Spaniel may develop behavioral problems and you will probably not be a good match for these dogs.

You may also no be a good match if you cannot provide a large outdoor space for them to run around during the day. The general rule of thumb is to give these dogs 1 to 1.5 hours of intense exercise daily.

That may mean running with you in the park or going on multiple walks throughout the day. This is as well as having space to explore on their own in your garden at other times of the day.

Another calculation is often used to work out how many miles that Sprocker Spaniels need to travel each week to stay engaged and happy.

It is estimated that a Sprocker Spaniel will want to run around 12 miles per week to be satisfied with their activity levels. Note, some may require more activity than the estimated 12 miles.

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Intelligence & Trainability

Spaniel dogs are used within hunting because of their intelligence. This intelligence also enables Sprocker Spaniels to be trained easier than some other types of dogs.

However, that doesn’t mean that owners do not have to put the effort in to make sure their Sprocker Spaniel is well behaved and fully trained.

Although they are loyal dogs with high intelligence levels, they can become mischievous if they have not been given the right amount of exercise.

If you are not letting your Sprocker Spaniel run around for over an hour each day and regularly walking him/her, you may notice that they become more disobedient and harder to train.

This is why being realistic about how much you can cater to their energy levels is a crucial prerequisite before choosing to buy a Sprocker Spaniel.

Start training them by first making sure their activity levels are adequate!


Sprocker Spaniels are known for their beautiful shiny coats, but to keep them this way it is important that the owner of a Sprocker Spaniel is prepared to groom their dog, sometimes daily.

Their coat will need to be brushed to avoid any tangles or knots developing. This will be the main concern for owners of these dogs.

Other grooming tasks include brushing the dog’s teeth every three days and cleaning the dog’s ears to prevent infections from developing.

For the most part, Sprocker Spaniels require a standard amount of grooming and maintenance – with the exception of their coat which may require more attention than other dogs that have shorter coats or coats that are not wavy.

This guide on Sprocker Spaniels covers everything you need to be aware of before choosing to buy a Sprocker Spaniel. They are excellent dogs for families, but their energy levels remain one of the biggest considerations before buying one.

If you cannot meet this demand, do not get a Sprocker Spaniel.

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