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A Springador is a Labrador Spaniel cross breed, known for its high energy, intelligence, and affection. If you love this dog breed, then read on to find out more.

Springador lying down

Height: Male and female dogs reach up to 60.9cm
Weight: Male and female dogs reach up to 40.8kg
Lifespan: 10-14 years
Pedigree Breed: No, not recognized

Positives and Negatives of the Breed

When it comes to being the proud owner of a Springador, it’s important to have a full understanding of the breed.

Check out our pros and cons to prepare you for Springador ownership.


  • They are very intelligent, and this makes them a perfect choice when it comes to training as they pick things up easily.
  • They are low to no shedders when it comes to their coats
  • They are a fantastic family pet as they are good with children
  • If you love outdoor adventures, then they are a great companion and will love to go wherever you go.


  • They have very high exercise needs and need more than just a walk each day.
  • They are very sociable and will greet strangers like friends, so they don’t make good guard dogs.
  • They are easily bored and will need lots of stimulation to keep them occupied.
  • They need to live in a house with a yard as they need space to keep them from getting bored.


This beautiful dog was first introduced from a Springer Spaniel cross Labrador attempt and are widely regarded as one of the kindest dogs breeds in modern time.

If you are considering owning one, then you can look forward to living with a dog that is affectionate and who wants to please you at all times.

They are very active and love nothing more than being taken out on adventures where they can demonstrate their agility and strength.

They are also brilliant with children because they are fun but gentle and make a great first-time pet for any family that wants to welcome a dog into their home.

Springador 2


The Springer Lab cross is still very new to the world of dogs and was first introduced as a way to combine the energy and intelligence of a working dog with the personality of a family one.

The Springador comes from the cross-breeding of an English Springer and a Labrador Retriever; both of the parent breeds are highly regarded due to their intelligence and gentle natures.

They have grown in popularity across the world, but if you are considering getting one for your family, then it is important to check that they have come from a registered breeder who can prove the health of the parents.

The reason for this is twofold; making sure your puppy is as healthy as possible and also to help you predict the personality and temperament of your new dog.


When it comes to the personality of the Springador, you are sure to be overwhelmed by how fantastic this dog is to live with.

We’ve taken the most common queries and answered them below so that you can enjoy the right dog for your family.

What is the Springador Temperament Like?

When it comes to finding a dog that is kind, clever, loyal, and dependable, you won’t go wrong with a Springador.

They have a gentle temperament and will spend their life trying to please and impress the people they come into contact with.

Are Springadors Good with Strangers?

Springadors are great with strangers and will be happy to make new friends with any humans that take an interest in them.

This is great if you want to socialize your dog without the worry of them becoming aggressive.

However, if you want a dog that will ward off strangers, then this breed is not for you as they love anyone that takes an interest in the, even people you’d prefer to avoid.

Springador sitting on stump

Are Springadors Good with Dogs?

Springadors love to be around other dogs and will be happy to meet new dogs if you have socialized them from an early age. Springador dogs are very energetic and love to race around with other canine friends at every opportunity.

Are Springadors Good with Children?

Springadors make the perfect family pet because of their gentle nature and the fact that they are great with kids of all ages.

They can become overly excited and need to be monitored with your kids, no matter how much you trust them.

Are Springadors Good for First Time Dog Owners?

Springadors are the first choice for many first-time pet owners because they are very easy to train, loyal, and obedient.

They are also incredibly cute and will ensure that no one ever feels lonely when they are around. If you want a pet that will bring a dollop of extra love to your family, then a Springador is a perfect choice!

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Springador dog


This Labrador Spaniel mix is easy to care for and offers up to 14 years of fun as part of your family.

However, to get the most from your pet, you will need to care for it properly and offer it a balanced diet and regular exercise.

The Springador is susceptible to health issues from both the Springer line and the Labrador line.

If you are planning to get a puppy, then these are the most common health conditions you will come across:

As you will see, there are many health conditions that the Springador is susceptible to, but the good news is that most of these can be tested for and, in some cases, resolved so that you can focus on your pet rather than their health.

The one thing you will need to bear in mind is that pet insurance costs will be high for your Springador because they are so susceptible to multiple illnesses.

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Springador 2


When it comes to exercise, you will need to prepare yourself for the fact that your new Lab cross Spaniel needs regular and vigorous exercise.

This can take the form of long walks, running and fetching as well as exercise groups for dogs that require mental agility to stop them from getting bored.

If you love to hike, run or cycle, then you can expect to take your pup along on your adventures too.

Whatever you choose to do, you will need to make sure that your pet gets lots of it every day to avoid them turning to destructive behaviors in a bid to get your attention.

One great way to get your Springador in shape is to join local training classes and agility lessons that will show you the best way to stimulate your dog’s mind and provide them with the exercise range they need.

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The best bit about a Springer Lab cross is that it wants you to be pleased with it, and this makes training a breeze. I

is important to train a Spingador as young as possible to get the most from them as well as avoiding the desire to spoil them because this will result in a poorly behaved dog.

Springadors respond well to positive reinforcement and will work hard for you if they get regular praise. If you try a negative reinforcement system with your dog, you will end up with a pup that doesn’t trust you or want to work for you.

Springadors need to know who is the pack leader is in order for them to feel safe and secure, so it is important that you and your family establish the pack dynamic so that your pet knows where they stand.


The Labrador cross Spaniel needs to be groomed regularly for their coats to be well maintained.

If you fail to groom a Springador regularly, they will lose their naturally shiny oat and get matted ears that are prone to nasty infections.

Springadors enjoy grooming time as they get to be with you. It’s a great opportunity to bond and show them the affection they show you on a daily basis.

A Springador’s coat varies in length and depends on which breed they have more of, and if you end up with one that has long hair, you will need to keep it in good condition for your pup to be happy.

Many Spingador owners clip the fur from around the ears to reduce the matting, plus they need to thoroughly brush the dog a few times a week to keep on top of it. If you have a short-haired Springador, you will be able to get away with a weekly brush and wipe over only.

Like most dogs, the Springadors shed more heavily in Spring and Autumn, but as a breed, then don’t leave much in the way of hair around the home, making them a great choice for busy families.

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