Skinner’s Puppy Food Review

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Updated: June 30, 2020

Finding the right food for your puppy can be hard, so we have shared this Skinner’s Field and Trial puppy review with you to help you come to the right decision.

Skinners Field and Trial puppy food range

If you are looking for a brand that offers high quality, good value puppy food, then you may want to consider Skinner’s Field and Trial puppy food that has been specially formulated for the canine in your life.

All the pet food made by this company is manufactured in Suffolk, Britain, and they pride themselves on offering a consistent formula so that you know your dog is getting the same quality meal every time.

Skinners is a well known and widely trusted brand that has been in business for over 40 years.

The Skinner family has long been in the food production industry, and their commitment to providing quality has meant they have grown in popularity over the years.

They are also very well known for their puppy packs that give breeders the chance to pass samples of the food so that the puppies are weaned on high-quality ingredients.

Skinners Field and Trial puppy yellow

Skinner’s Puppy Food Range

Skinner’s offer a wide range of dry puppy food for you to choose from and even sell puppy milk to help you feed your smallest new additions until they are fully weaned.

Their range includes options for puppies with intolerances, growing pups, and their original puppy food that is a best seller for working dogs.

Skinner’s do not offer a wet food range for puppies as their puppy kibble can be moistened with water to suit your dog’s taste.

There is no need to add any wet food to their dry formula as all their dry food offers complete nutrition and full taste to keep your pooch happy at mealtimes.

The dry food range includes the following varieties:

  • Field and Trial Puppy – the complete puppy feed that offers all the nutrients a growing dog needs with chicken as the main ingredient.
  • Field and Trial Lamb and Rice Puppy – this flavor is made without the addition of grains, which is great for bigger breeds of puppies.
  • Field and Trial Duck and Rice Puppy – if your puppy has a sensitive tummy or has intolerances, then this made with them in mind.
  • Field and Trial Junior – this food is perfect for bridging the time between puppy and adult dog and will keep your pet in great condition and growing well.
  • Field and Trial Junior Duck and Rice – this food is for growing puppies who are nearly at adulthood but still have dietary sensitivities that need support.

When it comes to working out how much food your pet needs, then each bag of Skinner’s food comes with a feeding guide that will help you to work out what they need at each meal.

You can even use their website to calculate the best feeding regime for your pup!

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Skinners Field and Trial puppy lamb and rice

Health Benefits Of Field and Trial Puppy Food

Skinners claim that their food offers a huge range of health benefits for dogs, and these include:

  • Good dental hygiene that offers good-smelling breath and strong, plaque-free teeth.
  • Strong immune systems that are developed with the right vitamins and minerals.
  • Improved stamina with slow-release energy that keeps them going all day long.
  • Healthy bones and joints that can respond to the work and activity each day brings.
  • Clear skin and a shiny coat that oozes health.
  • Strong muscle growth that will help them become the best working dog you have ever owned.

Skinner’s can boast these health benefits as they know precisely what goes into their food because it is all manufactured in one place.

Having this ability to monitor all the food creation means that they are able to ensure every bag they sell offers the highest quality.

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Skinners Field and Trial puppy duck

Beneficial Ingredients Of Skinners Field and Trial Puppy Food

To be able to offer the wide range of health benefits that they claim, Skinners ensure that they fill their feed with high-quality ingredients that will support your dog’s health.

Some of the key ingredients include:

  • Meat
  • Animal fat
  • Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Beet pulp
  • Egg (not in the sensitive food)
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Skinners have worked hard to produce a food that is completely balanced so that you are able to feed your dog without needing to worry about adding in other elements to their diet.

Dogs love the taste of Skinner’s food, so there will always be an empty bowl left in your house!

Skinners Field and Trial puppy food range

Is Skinners Good Value?

When it comes to value, Skinners work hard to provide you with the best quality for an affordable price.

They regularly offer discounts on bulk purchases and have a subscribe and save option that means you never need to remember to order feed again.

However, even without the offers, this brand has such high-quality food that you will be impressed with how low the price is that they market it at.

We also noticed that as they only sell dry dog food, you will get better value than buying wet tins or pouches.

By adding the moisture in yourself, you get more for your money every time you buy a bag, plus it is seriously easy to store!

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Our Skinners puppy food review clearly shows that Skinners is a great choice for dogs and their owners all over.

It is packed full of high-quality ingredients, focuses on dog health, and offers a range of products for all dietary needs; plus, it is great value for money so that you can afford to keep your pet in the best condition possible.

It is also made in one location by a family that has been in business for a long time, meaning that you can trust the family name and the brand when it comes to looking after your pet.

When you consider the quality of the ingredients that the food is made from, then you can be certain that your puppy is in for a real treat and will love every mouthful of the food you give them.

What has your experience with Skinner’s puppy food been like? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section! 

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