Scrumbles Dog Food Review

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Updated: August 13, 2020

Scrumbles not only offer healthy and tasty meals for your dog but they’re environmentally conscious, too! Find out what else they offer in our Scrumbles dog food review.

Scrumbles Dog Food variant

Scrumbles is a UK based company that creates healthy, earth-focused dog food. The founders of Scrumbles are veterans of the dog food space but felt the need to create Scrumbles to provide relief for those looking for something more.

Scrumbles’ goal is to keep dogs fed well without putting undue stress on the environment or the sensitive tummies of the dogs who enjoy the food.

The Scrumbles Range

When it comes to the Scrumbles range, you might be surprised at how few options there really are. Try not to let that fact deter you, though.

Some brands just don’t need to come up with recipe after recipe to maintain a devoted following. In Scrumbles’ case, that’s exactly what you get: a few awesome recipes served up in a few tried and tested form factors.

Scrumbles dog food comes in dry and wet variants, and there are a few different treats as well. You’ll also see the same meals formulated for specific age ranges, i.e. puppy, dog, senior dog.

The dry food comes in three flavors. You can select Adult and Senior Chicken, Adult, and Senior Salmon, or Puppies and Toys. Each of these options comes in packages ranging from 30g to 7.5kg, and the prices are very affordable.

Scrumbles Dry Food variants

For wet food, there are three flavors to choose from. Daring Dogs: Chicken, Daring Dogs: Salmon, and Daring Dogs: Turkey, make up the range and they all get strong recommendations in all the Scrumbles dog food reviews we have seen.

The wet foods are comprised of more than 70% single-source protein and they do not contain any grains.

Scrumbles Dog Food Wet Food

For treats, Scrumbles has two options. You can get Gnashers, which are intended to provide solid nutritional value while cleaning the teeth as well.

The other option is called Nibbles, which is formulated to create a calming effect on your pooch. Both are available in either single or packs of pouches.

Scrumbles Dog Food Gnashers

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Scrumbles is a Healthy Choice

for those concerned about the health of their pet, Scrumbles is a fantastic choice. Every recipe comes with at least 60% meat which is a good amount to ensure that enough protein is included in the recipe.

In addition to the high meat content, there are also additives providing a complete range of vitamins and minerals.

Feeding Scrumbles to your dog can also seem a little like giving a multivitamin to your pet every day. The team behind the Scrumbles name are firm believers in the fact that our pets need the same attention to their dietary needs as we do.

For that reason, you’ll find a complete range of nutritional additives, including vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin D, copper sulfate, selenium, iron, manganese, and much more. There are also probiotic additives to aid in the digestive process.

The Difference is in the Ingredients

The thing that makes Scrumbles so healthy is that each ingredient is chosen with care. No matter which of the food options you select, you can be sure that it is loaded with only the best ingredients.

There are a few ingredients that can be found across the entire range, like linseed oil, brown rice, oats, and other wholesome foods. Working together, these quality ingredients provide more nutritional value than most other dog foods available on the market today

The recipes, and ingredients used for those recipes, have a singular focus on providing complete nutrition. Along with providing dogs with everything they need Scrumbles also makes sure that every recipe they create is easy on the stomach and easily digestible.

Scrumbles Dog Food ingredients

When it comes to the protein sources of all of the recipes available, Scrumbles uses responsibly sourced animals which have been raised in sustainable ways and treated humanely throughout their lives. All of the chicken used, for example, is free run chicken.

You may also notice that there are only a select few types of protein sources included throughout the Scrumbles lineup. As you may have guessed, there is a reason for that.

According to the Scrumbles team, there are some protein sources that are much less taxing on the environment than others. As all of the recipes contained either chicken, turkey, or salmon as the main ingredients, the carbon footprint created is far smaller than if other types of animals were used.

Is Scrumbles good value?

Scrumbles is certainly a good value. The quality ingredients, meticulous preparation, and delicious recipes all come together to create a truly unparalleled dog food. The prices are great in terms of quality and the number of portions.

That said, Scrumbles is also a great value in many other ways. The company offers education on its site to help dog owners understand how best to feed their pets in the healthiest ways possible. Scrumbles also provides value to breeders in a big way.

When a new litter of puppies arrives, pet owners and breeders alike can join the Breeder’s Club to take advantage of several generous offers. Members of the club get access to exclusive special discounts, free puppy packs, an improved delivery system, and more.

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There really aren’t any drawbacks with Scrumbles. Some may question the lack of variety in terms of the options available, but dogs appear to love the Scrumbles brand so that worry doesn’t seem to be substantiated.

Final Thoughts

Scrumbles is a fantastic dog food company that pet owners can feel good about. The recipes have been fully approved by the dog community and each of the flavors is created in a way that is easy to digest.

\That means dogs have more energy, better health overall, and many other positive benefits. In terms of value, Scrumbles is also a winner. Aiming for high quality at a low price, Scrumbles has hit its mark.

Although we like Scrumbles very much, it isn’t the only impressive dog food maker out there. If you are looking for more similar brands, try Wagg dog food, Applaws dog food, or Yora dog food.

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