15 Amazing Sausage Dog Gifts

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Updated: September 24, 2020

Is there a sausage dog fan in your life that would really appreciate a canine-themed present? Or a special dog that deserves a treat? We recommend 15 amazing dachshund gifts in today’s guide!

Two Dachshund Dog isolated over white background

In no particular order, these are the sausage dog presents that impressed us the most.

We’ll be amazed if you don’t find something suitable!

15. Rain Boots


These adorable rain boots are what every woman needs in the rainy months. Just think, of how cool it would be walking around with little sausage dogs on your feet! A perfect gift for somebody who owns a dog of this breed or someone who just loves the Dachshund.

The wellies are of medium height and show off a perfectly posh sausage dog. Add a splash of color to those grey, miserable days when walking around with these wellies! Stand out from the crowd with this unique design.

14. Mini Needle Felting Kit

Dachshund Mini Needle Felting Kit

Looking at Dachshund accessories for the perfect gift? Then look no further! If you know somebody who has a creative side and loves the sausage dog, then this mini needle felting kit will be a fantastic match.

Produce the Dachshund sculpture yourself with the fluffy British wool provided. On average a beginner will take around 2-4 hours to complete.

It comes with detailed instructions, a beautiful small box, and two German stainless steel needles. Add a foam block to the gift for an easier worksurface.

Check it out here.

13. Apron

Dachshund Sausage Dog apron

Do you know a sausage dog lover whose always in the kitchen? Then this Dachshund apron should already be in your basket! Made from thick organic canvas cotton, this apron screams quality! The gift is handmade and each apron has been individually screen printed ensuring perfection!

With a 5 star rating from over 2,000 reviewers, this gift is already a massive hit! Other sausage dog gifts by this seller include Dachshund cuff links, mugs, and birthday cards.

Buy here.

12. Copper Wire Ornament

Handmade Copper Aluminium Wire Dachshund, Sausage Dog Ornament, Quirky Gift, Gift for Her, Table Decoration, Home Decor, Unique Gift

Out of the sausage dog gifts we’ve listed, this one is definitely the quirkiest! It is handmade using copper aluminum wire and a black pom pom for the nose. Select an original tail or choose a heart-shaped one at no extra cost.

The item is for ornament use only and shouldn’t be used as a toy. Display the piece around your home or use the sculpture as a focal point when holding parties or having friends over. As it’s been made by hand, each product will be one of a kind!

Learn more here.

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11. 1960s Art Print

Sausage Dog in Yellow retro midcentury 1960s Illustration print poster animals scandi

Who doesn’t love a 1960s retro theme? If you know someone that is interested in this art period, then consider this gift. Out of all the Dachshund merchandise we have shown, this one will definitely add a splash of noticeable yellow no matter where it is placed!

The poster comes in sizes A5-A1 and you can choose between black and tan or brown for the pooches coat! Not sure about the color? Then check out the other pink and orange backgrounds!

Further Dachshund products by this seller include a Dachshund hanging out a window and one out on a walk!

Find it here.

10. Picasso ‘The Dog’ Art Print

Pablo Picasso - Sausage Dog Print - Minimalist Picasso Print - Giclee Poster Wall Art Modern & Contemporary - Surrealism - Cubism dachshund

This poster takes a more simplistic approach and comes with a background story! It’s a copy of Pablo Picasso’s most popular animal painting!

Picasso was a proud owner to a Dachshund called Lump, after being introduced to this stray by friend and photographer David Douglas Duncan. Lump became an inspiration for many of his famous pieces.

The item comes in canvas or print along with a variety of different sizes. They’re made to order and arrive within 2-4 days. An amazing gift for those who have a love for art… and sausage dogs!

Buy it here.

9. Face Mask

Dog Face MASK Dachshund Sausage Dog /Hot dog fits teens & women - Polyester cotton. Reusable washable. Experienced Sewer. Birthday gift.

The coronavirus pandemic has made us much more aware of the need to cover our faces and noses when out in public. So, why not do this in style? This face mask is handmade, washable, and features a number of multi-colored sausage dogs.

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Don’t like this one? Then take a look at the other Dachshund mask featuring a number of sausage dogs wearing raincoats on a red background! Please note, these masks are not medical grade but can be used when going out and about.

Check them out here.

8. Backpack

Want to seriously impress a child with the most mesmerizing gift? Then take a look at this backpack that’s been covered with sausage dogs! Ok, I’m sure a few adults may also be jumping for joy at this!

You can find this item in nine different colors. It’s perfect to take anywhere thanks to its waterproof and sand proof material. Whether its for a boy or girl the variety in colors makes this item suitable for all.

This backpack will be a great durable product to use at school and will definitely have the class talking! The gift doesn’t just have to be for kids, some adults may also benefit from a rucksack for many reasons such as work and sport.

7. Yoga Leggings

Kukubird have created these stylish leggings right here in the UK! They come in a variety of colors and designs using  stretchy material making them perfect for exercising. An excellent gift for somebody who loves Dachshunds and a workout.

The item is one size for all fitting women XS-medium. The fabric isn’t see-through so you won’t have to worry about giving anyone an unexpected flash! After checking out the available Dachshund gifts on Amazon, this product is the most unique!

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6. Socks

Getting someone a gift of socks might not bring the smile to their face you expected. So try the Pomlia women’s sausage dog socks instead. Each pack comes with three pairs, all in different colors. Don’t like the socks that long? Then choose the ankle ones instead.

Something so simple could easily brighten someone’s day! They’re the perfect Dachshund accessories to add to any woman’s feet! Designed to keep feet warm in the winter and prevents sweating in the summer, these socks are ideal for any season.

5. Cuddly Toy

Toys are a great way to melt someone’s heart! Especially when it’s a replica of their favorite dog the Dachshund! This footlong toy comes in black and tan or brown. One is sent at random so you won’t know which one will arrive at the door. The soft fur makes them ideal for cuddles and each paw is filled with a small beanie.

They’re great for both kids and adults. Unless you’re purchasing this gift for your actual sausage dog! If you’re stuck on which Dachshund presents to buy, then get a toy. They are small but represent the thought and love you want to share.

4. Ice Cube Tray

An ice cube tray is a great gift as it is something that will always be used. Now you can turn your water into sausage dog ice by purchasing this Dog Shaped Silicone Ice Mould! Say goodbye to boring square cubes and hello to little pooches floating around in your cup.

Who knew ice could be great fun for both adults and children! This gift is simple and unique. Nobody would expect to receive a set of Dachshund ice moulds! With over 450 reviewers earning 5 stars, this product is already becoming a hit!

3. Mug

Now, who do you know that wouldn’t love a mug? Especially one with the cutest little black and tan Dachshund on the front! No matter who you get this gift for, as long as they love dogs, they will love this! A mug is a great present choice for anyone stuck on what to buy.

This item is completely dishwasher and microwave safe. So you won’t have to worry about the picture fading. The Dachshund has been printed on both sides so you can use this mug with any hand.

2. Duvet Cover

If you want a present you know will be used, then why not get a duvet cover? This reversible sausage dog duvet set is perfect for any Dachshund lover! Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up every night to their favorite dog breed! The item comes in sizes Single right up to Super King.

Out of all the Dachshund stuff we have seen, this gift will definitely be the most used. Get something that will bring a smile to someone’s face. Enjoy the option of two different color schemes, the yellow and white, or the multi colored side.

1. Raincoat

Choosing Dachshund merchandise doesn’t have to be so difficult. The best gift to get for a pooch would be something that looks after them. Which is why this raincoat is perfect for the turning weather!

The adjustable harness comes with reflective straps, in a bright yellow color ensuring any pooch can easily be seen. Smaller breeds can’t withstand harsh weather, so make sure your sausage dog is prepared!

There are different sizes from medium to extra large depending on the Dachshund and it also comes in the color red. The small hole on the back of the coat allows access to a harness. This water-resistant coat will have any Dachshund dry and cozy.

We’d love to know about any sausage dog-themed presents that we’ve missed! Let us know down in the comments section if you know something that we don’t 😉

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