Purina Beta Puppy Food Review

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Updated: June 30, 2020

Is Purina Beta puppy food a well balanced, nutritional staple that your dog will love? Find out in our review as take a close look at the ingredients.

Purina Beta puppy food range

Purina is a trusted brand of dog food that has been around since 1904, proving to be a firm favorite with owners over the years.

In 1993 the Beta brand was added to the family, and Purina Beta was created.

You’ll find tailor-made formulas at Purina Beta which are carefully matched to the needs of different groups of dogs.

Puppies, working dogs, adults, and seniors are all catered for with foods that meet their nutritional needs.

Purina also recommends certain foods for specific dog breeds. Spaniels, terriers, setters, shepherds, and retrievers are all covered with the range of adult Purina dog food.

Purina Beta Puppy Food is of a similar quality to their adult dog food, but with a formula that’s been altered for younger pups.

But should you consider Purina Beta for your puppy’s food? Here’s a look at what you’ll get.

The Range of Purina Beta Puppy Food

Unlike some other brands, Purina Beta Puppy Food is only available as a kibble.

It is a complete food so you don’t need to supplement it with anything else to provide full nutritional value.

It’s made from a combination of meal and cereals primarily, giving your pup a range of nutrients with the kibble alone.

The flavors available for puppies from Purina Beta are:

  • Purina Beta Puppy Chicken
  • Purina Beta Small Breed Puppy Chicken
  • Purina Beta Puppy Turkey and Lamb
  • Purina Beta Large Breed Turkey

Compared to some other brands, there’s not a large selection of flavors and variants.

However, there are different types of food for different breeds of dogs, which makes much more sense.

Adult dog food is often broken down by the size and breed of the dog, so it makes sense that Purina has done the same with their puppy food.

As an additional benefit, some of the puppy food is available for adult dogs. If you have a toy dog or a bitch that is lactating or pregnant, the kibble will give them a bit of extra nutrition.

The Large Breed turkey kibble is suitable for large breed bitches who are pregnant or lactating.

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Purina Beta turkey And Lamb puppy food

What are the Health Benefits of Beta Puppy Food?

The puppy food from Purina Beta is tailored to specifically meet the nutritional needs of younger dogs.

Suitable for dogs up to one year old, Purina Beta provides a full complement of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to create a complete feed.

You don’t need to supplement Beta kibble with any wet food as it has everything your puppy needs to grow and develop.

The formula boosts the immune system and promotes good health naturally, with a commitment to only using the very best ingredients.

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One of the benefits of Purina Beta is that you won’t find any artificial additives or ingredients. Everything is completely natural.

This makes it gentler on the digestive system and easier to absorb. There is also far less chance of an allergic reaction or gastric upset.

Puppies who eat Purina Beta have the very best chance of developing a strong, healthy body with a coat that’s shining and in tip-top condition.

Purina beta large breed puppy food

What are the Beneficial Ingredients?

Purina Beta food supports canine health and wellbeing in many ways. The formula has been carefully tweaked to provide maximum nutrients while still remaining competitive on cost.

Probiotics and other natural ingredients protect your puppy’s developing digestive system, and boost natural body defenses.

Antioxidants are also included in the formula to strengthen and support the immune system.

A full suite of vitamins and minerals helps bones to grow healthy and strong while DHA is essential for the development of a healthy brain and eyes.

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BETA PUPPY Small Breed Chicken puppy food

Does it Offer Good Value for Money?

Purina Beta is extremely competitive on price and compared to some of the other leading brands, it is just a fraction of the price.

With full nutrition and clear ingredient labeling, it’s clear that what’s being offered represents excellent value for money.

You may find some brands are cheaper, but on the whole, Purina Beta is priced at the lower end of the market.

Purina Beta puppy food range

Are there any Negative Beta Puppy Food Reviews?

Purina is a brand which is extremely popular and the Purina Beta is no exception.

There are countless Purina puppy food reviews which rave about the quality, and the positive effects on their dog.

However, although the food is nutritionally complete it’s fairly low in meat. Coming in below 30%, it’s classified as having low-meat content, which is less than ideal especially for growing puppies.

Analysis of Beta Purina confirms that the bags are clearly labeled, and only use natural ingredients, but unlike some others, the formula is not hypoallergenic.

This means that there are ingredients in Beta puppy food which could cause digestive upset and other symptoms for sensitive dogs.

The fact that Beta Puppy is not hypoallergenic is worsened by the absence of an alternative formula for sensitive pups.

This option is available in the adult kibble, but not in the puppy food.


Purina Beta Puppy Food reviews reflect the fact that this is a dog food that most canines would pick.

It persuades even picky eaters, and owners say that their pooch will eat Purina Beta even when other food is refused.

Pro-Plan Puppy Food from Purina is an excellent alternative, which also focuses on delivering good nutrition which is natural and gentle on the stomach.

Pro Plan puppy food is slightly higher in protein, just nudging over 30% but the cost is higher too, at almost double the daily price.

Purina Beta offers a great compromise between quality and cost. Only natural ingredients are used, and everything is clearly labeled, making it easy to identify anything that might cause a problem.

The meat content could be a little higher but the food is nutritionally complete, so your puppy won’t be going without.

In return for a very low daily cost, your puppy will be getting food that’s nutritious, packed with vitamins and minerals, plus other supplements to support their needs.

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