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Learn all about the amazing Plummer Terrier in our latest dog breed guide. Find out how easy they are to train and if they’re good with other dogs.

Plummer Terrier standing

Plummer Terriers have long been exalted as an exceptional working dog as well as an amazing pet.

They are the result of crossing four different dog breeds and are still pretty rare but will provide you with years of loyalty if you are lucky to get your hands on one.

Height: Males up to 36cm, females up to 34cm
Weight: Males and females reach up to 7.5kg
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Pedigree Breed: No, not recognized

Positives and Negatives of the Breed

When it comes to owning one of these lovely dogs, it is important that you have all your facts checked so that you know you are the right owner for this breed.

We’ve come up with the main pros and cons of owning a Plumber Terrier so that you can be confident and fully informed about your choice.


  • They are very intelligent dogs that enjoy being trained
  • They are the perfect companion to people that live active lives outside
  • They are a fantastic choice if you want a dog that is good around children
  • They are easy and cheap to groom all year round
  • They love to provide companionship and will thrive in situations where they are really needed


  • They do not like to be left alone at any point in the day and will demonstrate destructive behaviors to let you know how they feel
  • They are natural hunters and will chase anything that is moving when they are
    out and about
  • They love trying to escape and will dig down if they are given the change to
  • They are not a good choice for first-time dog owners as they have specific training needs that require someone knowledgeable about dogs


Plummer Terriers are well known and valued for their hunting skills, making them great working dogs that also double up as brilliant family pets.

This breed loves nothing more than to go to work with you all day and then curl up with the family in the evening.

As one of the newer breeds on the market, they can be hard to find, but it’s well worth taking the time as you will be rewarded with a loyal and intelligent dog.

They were bred by the crossing Jack Russell, Bull Terrier, Beagle, and Fox Terrier, and this mix has resulted in a dog that is active, intelligent, and full of life.


The Plummer Terrier was first created in the 60s to produce a dog that would successfully hunt rabbits and other vermin from farmland.

They are named after Dr. David Plummer, who was instrumental in developing the breed as well as being an expert in dog genetics.

This breed has gone from strength to strength and is a popular choice with landowners and people who love to hunt.

In addition to their working skills, they are now growing in popularity as family pets because of their trustworthy and gentle nature.


Owning a dog with a good and trusted personality is the goal of any owner, and this breed comes with an enviable temperament that makes them the perfect companion pet.

We’ve highlighted some of the key aspects to the Plummer Terrier personality so you can be sure they are the right choice for you.

Are They Good with Strangers?

Plummers are good when it comes to alerting their owners to strangers and will bark to voice their concerns.

Typically, they will not approach or display any aggression and will look to their owner to work out the right way to behave towards them.

Are They Good with Other Dogs?

This breed is fine when it comes to meeting new dogs when they are out and about. The only problems you may face are if you have failed to train and socialize them from a young age.

Failing to do this results in a dog that is timid around new acquaintances, and this can be displayed through negative and anti-social behavior.

Are They Safe Around Children?

If you have children in your life, then you can be certain that your Plummer Terrier will be good with them as long as you have trained and socialized them properly.

They are a gentle breed but can get overexcited, and this means that it is important for an adult to be in the room whenever the dog and children are together.

Will They Live with Other Pets?

This breed loves to be part of a family and will happily co-exist with other pets if they have lived with them since being a puppy.

However, it is important to remember that they were bred to hunt and, as such, may enjoy chasing the family cat or trying to get to any small animals you have in the home.

Can They Entertain Themselves?

Plummer Terriers do not like being left alone, even for a short space of time. They make the best pets for anyone that works outdoors with their dog and will need to know you are close by at nighttime in order for them to settle quietly.

If you do leave them alone, you will find that they display negative behaviors that are hard to unteach, and they also become very noisy in a bid to get your attention.

Do They Have Any Negative Behaviors?

When it comes to negative behaviors, they are well known as a noisy breed that likes to share their thoughts and feelings at regular intervals.

This can be trained out of them as long as you begin training at a young age and have the perseverance required. Because they are so clever, they will pick up on the behaviors around them, and this includes any negative behaviors they see other pets and humans getting away with.

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If you are willing to put in the care and attention that they need, you can expect your Plummer Terrier to live a happy and healthy life for up to 15 years.

As a breed, they are well regarded for their excellent health, which reduces the cost of pet insurance and vet costs that are associated with dog ownership. Some of the illnesses that are common to the breed include:

Any decent breeding program will provide you with all their stud information, and it is important that you view any prospective puppy with its mother.

It is important that you purchase a puppy from a respected breeder and avoid looking for a cheap deal or choosing a puppy that does not come with any information as this may suggest they have come from a puppy farm.

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When it comes to exercise, this breed needs extensive opportunities to get outside throughout the day.

They need the chance o run but also to develop their skills in hunting and agility activities for them to be happy.

Plummer Terrier head

It’s important to train them well so that if they give chase, you can rely on them to come back when called, ensuring the safety of other animals and humans in their path.

You will need to take them out for at least 60 minutes every day, letting them off the lead whenever possible as if they come back bored or still full of energy, then they will make a nuisance of themselves to get your attention.

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If you want a dog that is intelligent and responsive to your instructions, then a Plummer Terrier is a great choice.

However, it’s recommended that they are not homed with first-time owners due to their independent personalities and training requirements.

If you want this breed but don’t plan on working them, then you will be able to develop their skills with canine sports such as fly ball and agility courses where they can show off their speed and skill well.

This breed loves to be busy and so giving them opportunities to be good at something will fulfill their desire to be useful.

Because they are clever dogs, you will find they are highly skilled at manipulation, and it is important that you enroll them in a training class as soon as they are old enough. This will give them focus and purpose and allow you to take the alpha role in their life.


Plumber Terriers are very low maintenance dogs and only require a brush and wipe down twice a week to keep them looking healthy and shiny.

They are prone to shedding in the Spring and Autumn, but this passes quickly and can be controlled by increasing the number of brushes given every week.

They often get eye infections and can be prone to ear infections if not groomed properly. To avoid these, it is important to check their ears for any wax problems and to wipe their eyes with a damp, soft cloth once or twice a week.

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