Platinum Dog Food Review

Written by: Jamie
Updated: October 5, 2020

Does Platinum dog food really deliver on nutrition and quality? Find out in our latest dog food review. We give the lowdown on what’s on offer.

Platinum dog food variants

Platinum is a company that believes your pets should eat as well as you do.

They offer a wide range of both dry and wet dog food that all contain only natural ingredients. Platinum’s helpful nutritional guide aims to give its user-base plenty of guidance in the pet food department, even providing an expense calculator to ensure that Platinum doesn’t stretch your weekly budget too thin.

Platinum firmly believes that not all animal is the same. Instead, each species and breed of dog is individually catered for at Platinum. High-quality meat-based products are Platinum’s real speciality.

An Overview Of Platinum Dog Food

Platinum’s much-lauded “unique approach” (often mentioned in other Platinum dog food reviews) to dog food recipes ensures that no less than 70% of the overall product is fresh meat, making it something really unique in the dog food market.

When it comes to dry food, Platinum offers a good selection for both puppies and adults. Flavors ranging from chicken to beef & potato and lamb & rice are all available from Platinum. The wet food on offer at Platinum is much of the same. The flavors on offer here range from turkey & salmon to beef & chicken and pure fish.

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Platinum dog food variant

For both wet food and dry food, Platinum allows its customers to get advice from a food consultant. This consultant will assess your dog’s needs based on their age, weight and usual dietary habits and will then devise a diet of Platinum dog food that will be most beneficial for your pet.

The Health Benefits Of Platinum’s Food

After feeding your dog with Platinum’s food for around a few weeks you should begin to notice a few things. In general, your dog should seem a little happier overall. This is primarily due to the ingredients used inside the food and the process by which it is made, ensuring that the digestion of the food is quick and easy.

Your dog’s muscle mass should also seem better than before due to the number of high-quality proteins in Platinum’s food. Similarly, your pet should also have a somewhat shiner coat due to the nourishing oils included inside the food.

Platinum dog food variant

Generally speaking, Platinum’s food will help your dog’s metabolism a great deal. Due to the high-quality, high-protein ingredients contained inside the food, your dog’s metabolism should be kicked into the highest gear. Breaking down the carbohydrate content in the food should be easy for your dog.

Both the wet food and dry food should be suitable for all dogs, even ones with allergies or intolerances. The dog’s metabolism should not be put under any strain due to the natural ingredients used.

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What Beneficial Ingredients Are Inside Platinum’s Food?

Platinum’s great range of pet food gives your dog all of the nutritional value they require, and then some. Whilst conventional dry dog foods often manufacture their food using plant-based materials, Platinum uses at least 70% fresh meat produce minimum when making their dog food which ensures that every product is fresh, natural, and tastes good for the dog.

Conventional dog foods are often blended with a lot of water which can cause swelling in the dog’s stomach and can sit there for longer than it should. This can cause a variety of health risks for the animal.

Thankfully, Platinum’s range does not mix its ingredients with water. Instead, Platinum uses its ingredient’s own juices to add moisture content to the food. Overall, Platinum products only have 18% residual moisture contained inside.

As previously mentioned, fresh meat products take up around 70-80% of the food’s ingredients. The other 20-30% is made up of high-quality carbohydrates such as gluten-free rice, potatoes or corn, or vegetable and fruit products that contain natural vitamins and antioxidants.

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Does This Food Have Good Value For Money?

Whilst Platinum’s range of dog foods may be on the more expensive side, the nutritional value gained from these products is undeniable. For reference, a 1.5KG bag of dry dog food usually costs around £13 on Platinum’s website.

This initial investment may be quite high and may be a little intimidating to those on a budget, but the benefits for your dog vastly out way this cost.

Platinum Dog Food variant

The improvements you will see in your dog’s overall behavior, muscle growth, and happiness will be more than worth the amount of money you pay. You’re not only getting food for this price; you are getting a guarantee that your dog will be happy and healthy.

As previously mentioned, Platinum offers a handy nutritional guide and advice from a food consultant professional. These both ensure that whatever Platinum product you end up purchasing will be the one best suited to your dog’s personal needs.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Platinum’s range of pet foods provide a whole host of benefits for both pet and owner. There are, however, a few drawbacks to this pet food provider.

One of which is the somewhat steep cost. Whilst the food may have great value overall, there is no denying that the asking price may be too much for some people.

Platinum Dog Food variant

Another slight drawback is that the puppy food range is a little sparse, offering only chicken-based options.

These slight drawbacks are thankfully not a big enough deal breaker. Platinum’s food is more than worth the cost and the puppy food, whilst being a limited range, is still of excellent quality, using only natural and fresh meat ingredients.

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Does Platinum Offer a Platinum Pet Food Service?

On the whole, Platinum’s range of dog food is a pretty impeccable pet food option. The range of adult dog foods on offer here is great and the all-natural approach is something that should be commended.

Their professional food nutritional help ensures that your pet receives the best food possible. Platinum offers only the most quality, fresh meat products that are sure to make your dog feel happier and healthier within a matter of only a few weeks.

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