PetSafe Solvit Dog Car Seat Review

Written by: Jamie
Updated: August 17, 2020

New regulations mean these days dog car seats are a must-have for dog owners who like to take their dogs for both long and short car journeys. Find out what we think of the Solvit car seat for dogs in today's review.

PetSafe Solvit On Seat Car Booster for Dogs

The PetSafe Solvit car dog seat is a popular choice but there's very little written about it online apart from on the websites that sell it.

Today, we take a close look at it and decide if it warrants the popularity.

This is our Petsafe Solvit dog seat review.

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Solvit Dog Car Seat

The Solvit Dog Car Seat by PetSafe is a pretty dependable dog car seat that is safe, secure and comfortable.

It attaches to your car’s seatbelts and features a harness attachment so you can strap your dog to the car seat.

This Solvit pet safety seat is one of the most popular on the market perhaps for its range of attachment options.

Why Buy a Dog Car Seat Anyway?

Recent changes to the highway code now make it illegal for you to drive without your dog restrained in the car.

Rule 57 of the highway code now says: “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves if you stop quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.”

Failure to adhere to this rule means you fall foul of the law and could be fined 5000 pounds. You could also have your insurance invalidated in the result of an accident.

Dog car seats secure your dog against knocks, bumps and rapid braking. An unsecure dog essentially becomes a projectile if you need to break very suddenly.

They’re not just essential for the safety of your dog but also protect your car against chewing and other damage, which may be particularly problematic if your dog is stressed or anxious during driving. 

Build Quality and Dimensions

The Solvit Dog Car Seat is built from sturdy shock-proof plastic and is lined with soft material.

The lining is easily removed for cleaning purposes and the overall build quality is excellent. It’s a fairly large dog car seat, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs up to around 11kg or so.

It measures 55.8 x 40.64 x 43.18 cm, plenty big enough to fit breeds such as Pugs, Chihuahuas, Whippets, Westies, Dachshunds and other smaller breeds.

It’ll be a squeeze for medium-sized dogs like Terriers, Collies, Shibas, etc, but some smaller ones may be able to fit in if they’re fine with the relatively confined space.

After all, dogs have a very large footprint when they lie down and this would likely take up more than 1 seat’s worth of space.

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Many users report this car seat to be the perfect fit for smaller breeds. If you’re worried about whether or not your dog will fit then observe them when they sit and lie down, relax, etc.

If you think they’d be comfortable in a space no longer than 55cm and no taller or wider than 40cm then you could be ok, so long as they weigh below the recommended 11kg.

The plastic construction is hollow inside and this makes the seat lighter to carry. It’s still designed with safety in mind and the plastic material doesn’t compromise durability.


This dog car seat features a basket that fastens to your car’s seatbelt inputs. The fastening straps are tested to withstand forces of up to 900kg.

Being able to plug straight into the car is great and not all dog car seats offer this. The car seat is finished with super-soft and comfy lining that you can deck out with your dog’s favourite blanket and even add some toys.

Another key safety feature is the belt fastener, a strap attached to the car seat that you can attach to your dog’s harness.

This means that the car seat is strapped to the car and your dog is strapped safely into the seat. This essentially provides two layers of protection for your dog and ensures neither the car seat nor the dog will move suddenly in the event of crashes, bumps and knocks.

Assembly and Installation

At 55cm wide, this dog car seat should be able to fit easily onto most car seats. It can be installed into either front or rear seats, so long as there are seatbelt attachments.

This is a great option as most other dog car seats do not attach to the seatbelt inputs but are instead secured with their own straps. 

This makes the Solvit remarkably easy to install into any car it fits in - just plug it in and you’re good to go!

When you receive the Solvit Car Seat, you will have to do some minor assembly. However, there are no screws and you need only clip the pieces together securely. It’s very easy and doesn’t take many minutes.


  • Durable
  • Integrates with seat belt
  • Strength tested


  • Not suitable for larger breeds
  • Cheaper options exist

Bottom Line:

We love this car dog seat and would recommend it if you have a smaller breed.

It's easy to set-up and the removable liner means it's easy to keep clean too.

Final Words

Don't break the law and make sure you secure your dog in your car from now on. There are lots of other options here in our guide.

The Solvit Dog Car Seat is well made and designed for functionality, convenience and safety.

It’s simple to assemble and install and makes innovative use of your car’s existing seatbelt inputs. 

Simply plug it in, strap your dog in with the harness attachment and you’re good to go!

The basket itself is pretty spacious for smaller breeds or some medium-sized breeds and is easily high enough to give your dog a good sight of you and through the window.

With a dog car seat, you can secure your dog whilst giving them that comfy seat they deserve for any car journey!

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