Pero Dog Food Review

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Updated: October 5, 2020

How does Pero dog food stack up against the competition? Is it a high-quality food that your pet will love? Find out in our review.

Pero Dog Food variants

If you’re looking for a dog food that isn’t the usual mass-produced brand, Pero Dog Food might be the answer. A family business that’s been running since 1985, Pero was created by a farmer who wanted to create better nutrition for his dog.

Since these modest beginnings, Pero has grown into one of the biggest natural dog food companies on the market, while still retaining its original ethos. Today, Pero is an award-winning brand and it offers eight more formulas that deliver cruelty-free, kind nutrition that canines love.

But is Pero dog food as great as it sounds? Check out our Pero dog food review with the honest and unbiased facts you can trust.

Range of Pero Dog Food

Pero delivers canine nutrition with recipes that are blended to create tasty, wholesome food that your dog will love. Accredited by organizations such as PETA, Pero’s range of dog food has scooped awards including Brand of the Year.

With food suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike, Pero have a solid range of foods that are suitable for differing needs. Their range includes:

  • Super Start Premium Puppy – Chicken and Rice
  • Grain Free and High Meat for Puppies – Herring and Sweet Potato
  • Life Stage Truline Dog – Meat and Fish Variety
  • Life Stage Truline Dog – Fish Variety
  • Super Sensitive and Grain Free – Ocean Fish and Tapioca
  • High Meat and Grain Free – Turkey, Sweet Potato and Cranberry
  • High Meat and Gluten Free – Lamb and Rice
  • High Meat and Gluten Free – Chicken and Rice
  • Low Calorie and Gluten Free – Salmon and Brown Rice
  • High Meat and Gluten Free for Staffordshire Bull Terriers – Chicken
  • Complete Meal for Fussy Eaters – Gold with Pasta
  • Grain free and High Meat – Pork and Sweet Potato with Apple
  • Truline Dog – Meat and Fish Variety
  • Truline Dog – Fish Variety

Pero also provide a selection of treats for dogs, once again conforming to the same high standards. These include:

  • Grain Free Training Treats – Ocean Fish and Tapioca

Pero Dog Food Chicken variant

As is evident from the names, the different dog food products offer nutrition for a range of different types of needs. Whether your dog has a sensitive stomach, is on a calorie-controlled diet, or needs plenty of protein to support an active lifestyle, Pero has it covered.

Puppies get special attention from Pero with no fewer than four different formulas to choose from. These once again support high protein and grain-free needs, allowing your puppy to enjoy the very best food right from the start.

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Health Benefits and Ingredients

The formulas created by Pero are all recommended by vets as providing excellent food for your dog. Every kibble is a complete food so you don’t need to supplement with anything else unless you choose to do so.

The founder, Dewi Parry, developed Pero because his dogs wouldn’t eat any of the mainstream brands. His approach to natural ingredients and quality made this dog food a huge hit with the local community and then further afield.

Pero Dog Food Pork & Sweet Potato with Apple variant

There are no fillers or ingredients which aren’t nutritious; every crunchy mouthful is full of the vitamins and minerals your pooch needs. The precise make-up depends on the formula you choose but could include:

  • L-Carnitine to boost muscle function
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin for healthy joints and good mobility
  • Omega 3 for a shiny coat and excellent cognitive function
  • Vitamin E to protect the immune system

Some formulas are basted in dog-tempting oils and syrups to improve the flavor and taste. This is perfect for picky pooches who turn their noses up at other food brands.

The precise protein levels in each of the formulas can vary, but all represent a very generous portion. This helps your dog to remain energetic and keeps them looking well and full of health.

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Is Pero Dog Food Good Value? 

Pero isn’t the cheapest dog food on the market, but our guess would be that economy isn’t the reason you’re thinking of this brand. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll find plenty of other kibble that offers good, basic nutrition at a fraction of the price.

Pero Dog Food Chicken & Rice variant

However, if you’re keen on finding premium ingredients and a natural approach to dog food manufacture, Pero is more than worth the price. It delivers a high-class natural dog food that provide excellent nutrition at a very fair price.

You will find other comparable brands which are more expensive, as well as other brands which are cheaper. Therefore when comparing Pero to other brands with a similar profile, it’s decent value for money and worth the price.

Any Negatives? 

It’s really difficult to come up with any negatives about Pero because it is a premium food that delivers on all scores. Setting out to be a natural food that improves on other dog food brands, Pero has fulfilled the brief it has set out for itself.

Pero Dog Food Gold with Pasta variant

Checking the Pero dog food reviews, the comments from pet owners are all glowing. Many started buying Pero as it was recommended by their vet but continued after they found that their dog loved it.

The only slight negative is that some formulas are very high in carbohydrates, much more than average. If you’re trying to keep your dog on a diet that doesn’t pack on excess weight you will need to ration their portions very carefully.

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Our Final Thoughts 

It’s no surprise that a dog food brand which is certified by leading animal charities such as PETA has outstanding credentials. While you will pay a little more for this food, the nutritional value is undeniable.

Alternatives in the market include Autarky but there are few – if any! – brands which can live up to the natural credentials of Pero.  This brand is especially good if you are looking for something specific; for example, if you have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, then Pero SBT dog food is designed just for you.

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