Perfect Fit Dog Food Review

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Updated: October 5, 2020

Is Perfect Fit dog food any better than what your feeding your dog? Find out in our review. We talk about nutrition and health benefits below.

perfect fit dog food variants

Perfect Fit is a company specializing in pet food for dogs and cats with a reputation for excellent quality and a strong range of products to suit pets of all ages.

The philosophy of this brand is to help pets to nurture a youthful spirit every day thanks to their holistic approach to animal health which incorporates advanced nutrition, mental stimulation and appropriate exercise.

This brand addresses five common pet health needs by combining five benefits together in its Total 5 Formula. Perfect Fit dog food is expertly created by pet nutritionists and vets from Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.

An Overview Of The Perfect Fit Range Of Dog Foods

The Perfect Fit range comprises dry food for dogs of all ages. As well as a standard adult food that offers optimal nutrition for dogs aged 1 year plus, this brand also offers a specialized food for senior dogs aged 7 and over as well as a puppy food for dogs aged under 1 year.

This brand also produces dog foods designed for different sizes of dog. Whether you have a toy-sized or miniature pet such as a Chihuahua or Pug, or whether your furry friend is a Great Dane, you’ll find a suitable food designed for their size and weight.

perfect fit dog food variants

Each product is tailored to the specific needs of the pet in question. For example, the food for senior pets has smaller pieces that are softer and easier to chew so that older animals who have difficulty in chewing won’t struggle to enjoy their meal.

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Which Health Benefits Does This Dog Food Offer?

Many people wonder “is Perfect Fit dog food any good and does it offer health benefits?” The answer to this question is yes, this brand is strongly focused on producing pet foods that ensure optimal nutrition for dogs of all ages.

perfect fit benefits

Perfect Fit dog food contains everything that dogs need for good health and well-being. Thanks to a range of high-quality and beneficial ingredients, this food helps dogs to maintain good mobility with healthy joints, and to enjoy good vitality and healthy muscle mass.

The included ingredients also help to promote other elements of good dog health. Overall, this dog food can improve oral health, promote healthy fur and skin, and boost natural defenses against disease.

Dogs who are fed on Perfect Fit are reportedly healthy and filled with energy. Thanks to the easily digestible ingredients, pets won’t suffer from any unwanted flatulence or stomach issues that could result in diarrhea.

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poster of perfect fit benefits

Of course, perhaps the most important thing about this pet food is that dogs really enjoy eating it. Most owners who feed their dogs this food have reported that their four-legged friend loves the taste of this quality product.

Which Beneficial Ingredients Are In This Dog Food?

There are a number of beneficial ingredients that are included in Perfect Fit dog food to ensure optimal health for pets. These include glucosamine, vitamin B, high-quality protein and iron as well as probiotics which aid digestion, all of which are known to be exceptionally good for dogs of all ages.

perfect fit dog food ingredients

Although there are some excellent ingredients in this pet food, it’s important to note that some of the best features are ingredients that aren’t included. For example, no artificial dyes are added to this dog food for a more natural eating experience.

Is This Dog Food Good Value For Money?

If you’re looking for Perfect Fit dog food reviews one of the things you’re probably wanting to know is whether it’s good value for money. You can rest assured that you’re getting a lot for what you pay when you choose Perfect Fit.

When you take into account the high quality of the ingredients that are used to make these products you can see that this dog food is surprisingly affordable. It is made using top sources of protein and includes many beneficial components that ensure health and wellness benefits for your pet.

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perfect fit dog food variant

Another excellent benefit that this brand offers is the tailoring of the food to the age and size of the pet in question. For example, their food for puppies is made up of smaller pieces than the food aimed at adult dogs so that small dogs are able to easily chew and digest them without getting frustrated at having to break down large chunks of food.

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Are There Any Drawbacks To This Food?

Perfect Fit dog food comes with a host of benefits, but there is one drawback to keep in mind – the only protein source used to make this food is chicken. While chicken is an excellent source of lean protein for dogs, it provides little variety in terms of taste for dogs who are easily bored.

benefits of perfect fit dog food

Also, Perfect Fit only comes in dry food varieties. This means that if your dog only eats wet food or enjoys the variety of a mix of wet and dry foods this brand may not be ideal for you.

Is Perfect Fit Dog Food A Perfect Fit For My Pet?

Now that you’ve read this Perfect Fit dog food review you have the information that you need to decide whether this could be a good choice for your pet. Overall, Perfect Fit is indeed a perfect fit for most dogs, made from high quality ingredients that offer a host of health and wellness benefits.

Although this food only comes in chicken variety, it does come in variations that are designed for dogs of different ages. Thanks to the subtle differences between these products you can be confident that they’re the right choice for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Furthermore, since Perfect Fit dog food is competitively priced and represents great value for money, it’s definitely a go-to choice for anyone who wants to feed their pet a high-quality dry dog food made from excellent lean protein sources.

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