Pedigree Dog Food Review

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Updated: October 5, 2020

You’ve likely heard of Pedigree but their food good enough to feed your dog? We explain all in our in-depth Pedigree dog food review.

Pedigree dog food mixer and small dog variants

The Pedigree dog food brand is one of the best known on the market today and is certainly one of the most recognizable.

Originally, this brand’s marketing efforts were primarily geared towards show dog owners and breeders, and the name has become synonymous with quality.

Since then, however, the brand’s focus has changed, and now Pedigree is committed to supporting dog shelters and other similar organizations. The brand is also dedicated to providing beloved pets with optimal nutrition at an affordable price.

If you’re wondering whether Pedigree is the right choice for your pet, read this Pedigree dog food review to learn more.

Which Foods Are In The Pedigree Range?

There are many different products to choose from in the Pedigree range. This brand manufactures both wet and dry foods, so there are products to suit the tastes of all pets.

There are also foods that are tailored to meet the needs of different dogs. For example, there is Pedigree small dog food which is geared towards toy breeds like chihuahuas as well as foods aimed towards pets that need to lose weight and those who are advancing in years, and this ensures that all dogs whatever their needs can benefit from and enjoy this brand of food.

This brand also produces special foods for puppies to give the youngest dogs the optimal nutrition that they need to thrive and grow. There are also special foods designed to improve oral care and to improve the health of your pet’s coat and skin.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Pedigree Dog Food?

So, is Pedigree dog food good for pets? Dog owners can rest assured that when they choose a Pedigree product they are selecting a brand that has the health and wellness of dogs in mind.

Pedigree’s recipes are all based on research gleaned from The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, so you can be confident that they have been created by vets and pet nutritionists who understand canine’s needs.

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Pedigree dog food pack showing its benefits

Depending on which type of food you choose you can expect it to contain ingredients that have been specially chosen for its health benefits. Pedigree products are designed to improve skin and coat health, dental health, joint health, and immunity.

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Which Beneficial Ingredients Are In This Food?

The Pedigree dog food feeding guide shows that different products from this brand’s line contain different levels of certain ingredients that can help to improve certain areas of a dog’s health.

Pedigree dog food meaty meal in jelly

All of Pedigree’s recipes have been formulated using ingredients especially to meet dogs’ four universal needs – skin and coat, digestion, immunity and oral care – but the levels of these ingredients vary depending on which product you select.

For example, the Skin & Coat products contain more zinc and linoleic acid which help in the maintenance of a healthy coat and skin. Meanwhile, the oral care products contain special kibble to promote chewing for reduced tartar and plaque build-up as well as phosphorus and calcium.

Pedigree dog food meaty meal in jelly variants

The joint care products contain natural sources of chondroitin and glucosamine to help older dogs to move more freely, while the healthy weight control products are low fat and free from corn. Antioxidants like vitamins C and E are also contained in Pedigree’s recipes to boost a dog’s immune system.

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Is Pedigree A Good Value Choice?

If you’re checking out Pedigree dog food reviews you’re probably wondering whether this brand represents good value for money for your pet. The good news is that it is one of the lower-priced well-known and reliable brands on the market today.

Pedigree dog food jelly variant

With both wet and dry foods from this brand coming in at a lower price than many of their rivals, it’s easy to see why so many dog owners choose Pedigree. This is especially the case thanks to the long-established positive reputation of this brand.

Although Pedigree foods don’t contain quite as much protein as some of the other brands on the market today, the cost is also lower so for dog parents on a budget, Pedigree represents a sound and reputable choice.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Choosing Pedigree For My Dog?

Although Pedigree food is a reliable choice that is popular amongst dog owners there are a few drawbacks when choosing products from this brand. The biggest concern is that Pedigree uses corn as a major ingredient in its foods and this is not considered to be an optimal component in any type of dog food.

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Pedigree dog food variants in pack and in can
Also, Pedigree dog foods contain bone meal which can be difficult for some dogs to digest. There are also a lot of plant-based ingredients which, although beneficial for dogs, are not as beneficial as meat-based lean proteins.

Should I Buy Pedigree For My Pet?

So, should you purchase a product from the Pedigree line for your furry friend? If you’re looking for a reliable product with a famous name and a reasonable price tag, the answer is yes.

Pedigree is one of the best-known dog foods on the market today, and with such a strong reputation you can be completely confident that you’ll be choosing a wet or dry food that is designed to promote your pet’s health and overall wellness.

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With such a wide range of products in the brand to suit a range of pets’ needs from oral care to weight loss, there is a product to suit every dog. Also, thanks to the moderate cost of Pedigree’s dog foods, you won’t be breaking the bank when you opt for this brand.

Although Pedigree doesn’t use the highest quality proteins in its foods, you can still be confident that you’ll be supplying your beloved furry friend with a complete and balanced diet when you opt for this brand. You can also give your pet a range of different flavors and textures so that he can enjoy a varied and exciting diet every day.

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