Orijen Puppy Food Review

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Updated: June 27, 2020

When it comes to finding the right puppy food, there are so many different brands to choose between. Today, we review the Orijen puppy food to see if it’s worth considering.

Orijen Puppy Food range

Orijen was founded as a direct opposition to the pet foods that currently saturate the market and want to be a different option for owners across the world.

What makes them different is their commitment to providing a diet that matches your dog’s natural needs; protein-filled and high in meat derived ingredients.

The reason for this opposition is that Orijen believes that the current trend to feed dogs’ natural diets does not mirror what they would opt for in the wild and does not match their physical makeup.

By making a food that offers high meat content, Orijen claims that you will be feeding your puppy as mother nature wanted.

In reality, the Orijen puppy food reviews all seem to agree that this is a high-quality food that works well for puppies, dogs, and other pets.

Orijen dry puppy food

The Orijen Puppy Food Range

While the Orijen puppy offering is not vast in flavors, it does come in a range of packet sizes for you to choose from.

The more you buy, the cheaper each meal costs, and because it is a dry food, it is easy to store until you are ready to use it.

Check out the two varieties you can choose from when feeding your puppy:

Orijen Puppy

Orijen Puppy is made from chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs and is formulated to help the rapid growth each puppy goes through on their journey to becoming a junior dog and then an adult.

Orijen is proud to state that their puppy food is made from 38% pure protein and works alongside your dog’s evolutionary requirements.

They also claim that because it is made from mainly fresh, freeze-dried ingredients that are packed full of nutrients, then this will help your pup grow into a healthy, happy adult.

Plus, it has a very meaty taste that suits all pooch palettes, meaning that every meal will be savored.

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Orijen Puppy Food for large breeds

Orijen Puppy Large

Orijen Puppy Large is also made from chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs but is carefully designed to match the needs of larger bred puppies who have a dense muscle mass.

For every 6 kilo bag of food, Orijen says 5 kilos come from fresh, dehydrated, or raw animal elements so that you can be sure that you are providing quality food at every meal.

When it comes to packet sizes, the Orijen Puppy comes in a 350g, 2kg, 6kg, and 11.4kg bag, and the Orijen Puppy Large comes in 340g, 2.27kg, 6.8kg, and 13kg bags.

In terms of the amount you need to feed your puppy, this is dependent on their weight, and you can expect to follow the feeding guide that comes printed on each bag of food.

Orijen Puppy Food range

Health Benefits Of Using Orijen Food

Orijen claims that because they make food that suits a dog’s evolutionary process, then they are providing the food and nutrients they need with their specific formula.

Orijen is quick to remind us that dogs would typically have lived happily on a purely meat-based diet before, and so they have taken that ethos and made a food that mirrors this.

The health benefits that come from this choice include providing suitable amounts of animal proteins and removing carbohydrates that have a high glycaemic index.

This means that your dog will be getting a diet that matches what their ancestors would have eaten and will help them to grow well and feel sated after every meal.

Dogs that suffer from obesity and diabetes often have a diet that is high in carbohydrates and low in protein, but this is in direct opposition to what they need, and Orijen has redressed this balance with their food offering.

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Beneficial Ingredients in Orijen Food

Each bag of Orijen puppy food comes packed with different types of animal meat that all add up to provide a diverse diet.

The company has worked hard to create a diet that matches their natural diet, and this includes:

  • Animal meat
  • Animal organs
  • Eggs
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Botanicals

Orijen claims that these ingredients are all an animal needs to grow successfully and that they will enjoy this diet more as it mimics what they would naturally have eaten.

Is Orijen Good Value?

As with any pet food, you get what you pay for, and Orijen uses this notion to explain why their food should be more expensive than the competition.

They put forward the argument that their food is the highest quality and does not use any bulking agents, leaving you with pure and good dog food that will support your dog’s nourishment needs.

When you consider the amount of meat and protein products that form each bag, it is no surprise that it costs more than many other brands.

However, if you want to feed your dog a protein-rich, meaty meal every day, then this is a good brand to try.

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What Are The Drawbacks To Buying Orijen Food?

Orijen are extremely focused on their message that they have created a food that suits the evolution of dogs that they seem to have forgotten that lots of dogs have sensitivities and intolerances that need support.

There is no specific offering for these puppies, and the flavor choices are limited.

Also, while it may be understandable, this dog food does come in as a more expensive option, and many owners just do not have the funds to cover this sort of diet in the long term.


Ultimately, Orijen puppy food is genuinely packed full of meat that your pet will probably love, and if you can afford the price tag, then they will thank you for their delicious food in the long run.

However, if you have a dog with allergies or you are on a strict budget, then you may be better swerving this food and replacing it with a quality brand that offers better value for money.

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