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Updated: April 4, 2020

If you are considering an Old Tyme Bulldog as a pet and want access to all the information on the breed, then we have you covered!

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Height: Males reach 44-48cm and females reach 31-44cm
Weight: Males can range from 22-30kg and females range from 20-27kg
Lifespan: 9 – 14 years
Pedigree Breed: No, not recognized

Positives and Negatives of the Breed

All dog breeds come with a range of positives and negatives, and it is up to you to decide which breed suits your lifestyle the best.

These are the main pros and cons of owning an Old Tyme English Bulldog.


  • This breed needs little in terms of grooming, and all you will need to do is give your pet a weekly once over with a brush and a wipe down for them to be kept in the best condition.
  • You will find that your Old Tyme Bulldog is incredibly intelligent and, if trained well, will offer reliance and dependability.
  • These dogs are good with children as long as they avoid becoming too over-excited.
  • They are very trustworthy and will remain loyal to your family pack, making them a full part of the family.


  • You will need to prepare for the cost of this breed as they are typically expensive when purchased as puppies.
  • They are known to drool after they have been fed or taken a drink, which can cause a mess in the home.
  • This breed is well known to have specific health needs, and these will cost you a fair amount at the vets.
  • You will need to expect a high insurance premium for this breed due to known illnesses that they suffer from.


There is so much Old Tyme Bulldog info out there that we’ve made it easy for you to decipher with our handy guide.

This breed is a cousin to the famous British Bulldog and was first bred to bring back a dog with the features and temperament from times gone past.

They are not currently recognized as a pedigree breed, and this is probably due mostly to being a newer breed on the market. The long-term goal of Old Tyme owners is to continue breeding these beautiful and healthy dogs so that they will eventually achieve recognition.

If you are lucky enough to find a responsible breeder, you will be rewarded with a dog that is loyal, kind, and trustworthy enough to become a big part of your family life.


When it comes to the history of the breed, these dogs are still pretty new to the market. The desire to recreate a dog from times gone past was purely to achieve a dog that has a longer muzzle and a smaller head and neck as opposed to the bulldog breeds we know these days.

Many dog owners are turning to this breed as they make a great choice for families who want a low maintenance dog that is good with children.

Even though there is no current recognition of this breed, there are many Old Tyme Bulldog clubs popping up all over as a way to develop the breed standard and to monitor healthy breeding practices.

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The wider history of bulldogs takes us back to the 1500s, where it is claimed that they were born from a cross between a Pug and a Mastiff. However, this notion is not completely proven, and as such, the creation of this breed remains a mystery.

Bulldogs have been used for entertainment and work over the years and initially found themselves as part of the bull and bear-baiting scene, which has left them with a reputation that they still struggle to shift these days.

If you are keen to own an Old Tyme Bulldog, you will need to do your research and find a reputable breeder. This is a very popular, new breed, and you can expect to be placed on a waiting list before being able to get hold of a puppy.


When it comes to personality, there are many questions that potential owners will ask, and we have listed the most common ones below:

Are They Good with Strangers?

Old Tyme Bulldogs are incredibly loyal and will want to protect their owner at the sight of a stranger. However, they are also conflicted by their desire for attention and will typically submit when offered some fuss.

Are Old Tyme Bulldogs Aggressive?

Old Tyme Bulldogs are very intelligent but can also be very stubborn. However, as long as they are trained and cared for well, then you can expect to see no aggression from them.

They are peaceful and have a good character so you can be certain they will behave well if you are willing to give them the training they need.

Are They Good with Children?

This breed is a great choice for families with children as they are gentle and loving. However, it’s always wise to never leave a child alone with a dog, no matter how much you trust them.

Be careful with food and playtime, especially as this is when dogs can forget themselves in a bid to get hold of whatever your child has.

It’s also important to remember that dogs can frighten younger children and babies, so it’s always a good idea to ensure that the dog you get is not bigger than any of the family.

What is the Old Tyme Bulldog Temperament Like?

This breed is not only loyal and trustworthy but calm and brave. They develop incredibly close bonds with their family and are not happy to be left alone, suffering from separation anxiety if left for too long. They are clever and playful, but if trained properly, they will never let you down.

Can They Be Trusted Around Other Dogs?

Old Tyme dogs are fine with other dogs as long as they have been socialized from a young age. This forms part of the basic training that you must give your dog in order for it to grow into a healthy pet. If you fail to socialize your pet, you run the risk of it becoming anti-social and difficult.

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The reality of owning an Old Tyme Bulldog means that you will face some expensive insurance and vet bills due to the fact they are prone to some specific health needs.

The range of potential illnesses are listed below in order of commonality:

In addition to these conditions, male stud dogs are routinely tested for hip and elbow dysplasia, and many breeders will offer hyperuricosuria testing on puppies before homing them with you.

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Whilst the Old Tyme Bulldog is not hugely energetic; it will need regular, daily exercise opportunities.

This helps them to stay in shape but also reduces boredom from being cooped up all day long. It’s important to recognize that this breed will need as much mental exercise as well as physical in order for them to maintain a healthy status.

If you fail to exercise your bulldog enough, then they will develop destructive habits in a bid to show you that they are unhappy. Regular exercise and stimulation should help to stop any poor habits from taking hold.

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Interestingly, the Old Tyme breed is well known for its intelligence but also for taking their time when it comes to learning new things. The reason behind this is that they like to do things when they are ready to and not before.

Because this breed is known for its intelligence, you can look forward to watching them solve problems and obstacles in their way, which is great, as long as you are in control of those obstacles. If left untrained, you will end up with an unhappy and destructive dog.

When you become the proud owner of an Old Tyme puppy, it is imperative that you start training it immediately as if you don’t, you will make the process more difficult when you do choose to.

Training can be done on a one to one as well as in a dog training class, and the more often you take them, the more likely you will be to end up with a dog that is well rounded and happy.


If you are worried about grooming your dog, then the Old Tyme breed is a perfect choice. They require minimal grooming and will look their best with just a weekly brush and wipe. They do shed all year round with spring and autumn being hot spots for shedding.

However, it is important to remember to clean the folds of skin that you find around their head to avoid build-ups of dirt. It’s also important to clean their ears regularly to avoid an infection caused by too much wax.

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  1. Absolutely spot on.
    My beautiful girl Boo is all of the above. Extremely intelligent, loyal, stubborn & loving. She is so gentle with my 6 grandchildren, they all love her so much & she relishes their attention & affection. I have witnessed & been amazed at the puzzles she solves, I have never had a dog as clever as this one.
    She has become such a huge part of our family.She fitted in so well alongside our beautiful labrador, they have become firm friends, almost like sisters.Very little grooming is needed however she has had to have 2 eye operations for cherry eye but she’s worth every penny spent.
    Thank you for your article, it confirmed everything we knew about our amazing Boo.

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