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Updated: August 13, 2020

Is it worth making the switch to Nutriment Raw dog food? Find out in our latest in-depth guide at Woof Bark Growl.

Nutriment Dog Food Variety



Nutriment is a pet food company based in the UK that is dedicated to providing a BARF diet to all its loyal consumers.

Nutriment’s focus on raw food makes it one of the most unique dog food providers in the UK.

The fact that they put so much time and effort into creating an extensive product line designed to provide animals with all the nutrients they need only helps bolster that position.

Nutriment provides healthy raw foods for both dogs and cats, but for the purpose of this Nutriment dog food review, we will only be looking at the dog food range.

Find out how Nutriment Raw dog food reviews below, as we get stuck into the details.

The Nutriment Range

The range of dog foods available at Nutriment is quite impressive. Pet owners have the ability to choose between many different flavors. More than that, though, choices can also be made based on the specific needs of a dog.

The first choice that many make relates to the range. Available ranges are: Support Range, Core Range, Dinner for Dogs Range, Just… Range, and Laverstoke Park Farm Range.

The Support Range is made to aid in particular health areas. With recipes designed to target the liver, kidneys, weight, and immune health, this is the range people turn to when they need that extra bit of help.

Nutriment Dog Food variant

The Core Range is the flagship range. All the great features that the company is known for are included in this range and it is the most varied and popular range on offer at Nutriment.

For those looking to give their pets a treat, the 100% meat meals from the Dinner for Dogs Range are a perfect solution. There are several great recipes available, including chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, and venison.

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Nutriment Dog Food Enhanced variant

In a similar fashion to the Dinner for Dogs Range, the Just… Range features single-ingredient meals that are focused on simplicity. The good thing about this range is that you can pick and choose a variety of different options to make your own DIY kit.

The Laverstoke Park Range is truly special. Also featuring meals that are 100% meat, all the ingredients that make up this line are sourced from Laverstoke Park Farm which is a certified biodynamic and organic farm.

Nutriment Dog Food Laverstoke Park Range variant

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BARF Diet for Dogs

The BARF diet, also known as Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, seems like a groundbreaking new approach to feeding dogs but when you think about it, the process simply tries to take dog feeding back to its roots.

To feed a proper BARF diet to your pet, there are a few things that should be considered. First, it is important to know what types of foods will benefit the health of your pet.

Canines require a large number of vitamins and minerals to maintain their optimal health and all of those can be found in carefully selected foods. The idea behind BARF is that by feeding dogs a diet similar to what they would find in the wild, they are able to benefit from the wide range of nutritional value derived from the foods that they eat.

The concept seems simple enough, but there are a few issues for some people who try to go the raw food route. The logistics, for example, can sometimes prove too complex for some.

BARF meals are delivered on a regular basis as frozen meals. As such, some people have problems with their delivery services not being mindful of the fact that they are delivering frozen food.

As can be imagined, leaving frozen raw dog food out in the sun too long has an adverse effect on the quality of that food. While it is not the fault of the dog food company, it is still something that should be considered while making the decision to start a BARF diet.

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Nutriment Dog Food variant


Another thing that takes some getting used to is that there is a bit more effort involved with the feeding process. Ensuring that the frozen meals are properly thawed out before serving is one example.

That said, the extra work is countered by the fact that the food comes right to your door. So, for many it’s not really more or less work, it’s just different work.

Finally, when it comes to the pros of feeding a BARK diet, the list is certainly long. Biologically speaking, raw food is the safest and healthiest type of food available.

Serving up a wide variety of fresh, raw vegetables and meats on a regular basis not only ensures that your dog gets all the nutrients it needs but also keeps the stomach and digestive tract in optimal health. The result is a happier, healthier dog that has more energy and a much shinier coat.

Health Benefits

One thing that we see all the time in Nutriment dog food reviews, as well as from our own research is that Nutriment raw dog food is built for the health-conscious.

The raw food recipes available at Nutriment far outnumber those provided by the competition and each of those recipes has a particular health focus in mind.

While they all cover the basics, such as strong bones and teeth, healthy skin and coat, improved energy levels and mood, and stronger immune health, most of the recipes have additional ingredients made for specific health needs.

Whether you are looking for a BARF diet that is created for dogs with sensitive digestive systems, allergies, gluten intolerance, kidney, liver, or weight problems, or any other health issues, it is likely that you will find the perfect formulation for your pet at Nutriment.

Another thing that we liked was the Nutriment feeding guide to help dog owners give their pets the perfect portions, every time.


One of the things that keeps Nutriment so healthy is the choice of ingredients used. All of the recipes are made with human-grade ingredients and are carefully selected by in-house nutritionists.

Each of the recipes has between 60-90% fresh meat which is served up with a variety of veggies, herbs, oils, and other dietary supplements.

Nutriment suggests that by providing a varied diet, full of all the great things canines need, optimal health is sure to follow. It is certainly a claim that is hard to argue because in nature dogs would eat a variety of foods as well.

It just seems like a much more natural approach to feeding than many of the other options available today.

To that end, the certified nutritionists that help put the recipes together at Nutriment select each of the ingredients used for what those ingredients provide to the dogs eating the food.

Nutriment Dog Food variants

Whether it is salmon oil for its omega 3, turkey for its high niacin, phosphorus, and vitamin B6 content, broccoli for its folate, potassium, and manganese, or any of the other ingredients used, there are no ingredients chosen whimsically.

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Value for money

In terms of value, we can say that Nutriment is certainly a good value – especially when you consider al the great health benefits that come from eating the food.

While a Nutriment BARF diet may run you a bit more than a commercial dog food diet would, the obvious difference in quality adds to its value.

Final Thoughts

As far as we have seen from our own research, there really aren’t any drawbacks directly related to the company itself.

There is, of course, the issue of getting the frozen food delivered in a timely and dependable way, but that is a problem often solved by speaking with the parcel service.

Other than that, the only other problem you might have is deciding on a flavor as there are just so many to chose from.

Once you decide, however, you can rest assured that you will get a great meal for you dog at an equally great price. Should you decide to explore other healthy options, be sure to check out Burgess dog food, Butternut Box dog food, and Yora dog food.

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