Naturo Dog Food Review

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Updated: August 12, 2020

We dig deep into the ingredients and nutritional value of Naturo dog food. Is it the high-quality dog food you’ve been searching for?

Naturo Dog Food products

Naturo is a family business, and this is at the very heart of their ethos. Run by the Mackle family from their Armagh farm for more than five decades, Naturo is all about high quality and impeccable ingredients.

Every ingredient which goes into their pet food is sourced from local farms wherever possible, and there’s a commitment to using recyclable materials for their packaging.

All of this combines to create a caring and ethical dog food supplier that wants your pooch to feel well-fed, full of energy and bursting with vitality.

They are particularly known for offering premium grain-free food, ideal for dogs that have delicate digestive systems or allergies.

If you’re thinking about switching to the all-natural formulas of Naturo, here’s the lowdown on their products.

Naturo Range of Dog Foods

Naturo has a range of wet and dry dog food, all made with high-quality ingredients.

Some are formulated especially for dogs with a sensitive tum, making delicious food possible even for picky pooches.

The ranges they presently offer are:

Wet Grain-Free Dog Food

Designed specifically to meet the needs of a hypoallergenic diet, Naturo grain free dog food is gentle and all-natural. There’s no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives, and no rice.

Gently cooked and served in tasty chunks covered with enticing gravy or jelly, it’s a long way from many of the bland hypoallergenic recipes you might find elsewhere.

The flavors you’ll find in this range include:

  • Puppy Grain Free Chicken & Potato with Vegetables
  • Adult Mini Dog Chicken with Potato & Vegetables
  • Adult Dog Grain Free Chicken & Potato with Vegetables
  • Adult Dog Grain Free Salmon & Potato with Vegetables
  • Adult Dog Grain & Gluten Free Chicken in a Herb Gravy
  • Adult Dog Grain & Gluten Free Duck in a Herb Gravy
  • Adult Dog Grain & Gluten Free Turkey in a Herb Gravy

Naturo Dog Food variants

Dry Grain-Free Dog Food

If you prefer a dry food for your four-legged friend, Naturo have a range to choose from. Once again, it’s grain-free so ideal for dogs that have allergies or delicate digestive systems.

Naturo dry dog food is available in two yummy flavors:

  • Adult Dog Grain Free Chicken with Potato & Vegetables
  • Adult Dog Grain Free Turkey with Potato & Vegetables

Naturo Dog Food variant

Wet With Rice Dog Food

If your dog is fine with grains, you could take a look at their range of wet food which includes rice. Still packed with protein, it includes 15-21% brown rice for maximum fibre and energy.

These formula are still free of artificial coloring, flavors and preservatives and include healthy vitamins, minerals and oils. Suitable for dogs with allergies, the range includes options for smaller pooches and older canines too.

The flavors available are:

  • Adult Mini Dog Salmon with Rice & Vegetables
  • Adult Mini Dog Lamb with Rice & Vegetables
  • Adult Mini Dog Duck with Rice & Vegetables
  • Senior Dog Turkey with Rice & Vegetables
  • Adult Dog Salmon with Rice & Vegetables
  • Adult Dog Duck with Rice & Vegetable
  • Adult Dog Chicken and Lamb with Rice & Vegetables
  • Adult Dog Lamb with Rice & Vegetables
  • Adult Dog Light Chicken with Rice & Vegetables

Naturo Dog Food variants

Chef’s Selection

This is a very special range of dog food which is grain-free and uses only the very best of natural ingredients. This means no artificial flavoring or colorings and no preservatives.

With added oils, minerals and vitamins, and including many of the most powerful superfoods, the Chef’s Selection is designed to help your hound to optimal health.

The flavors you’ll find in this range include:

  • Chef’s Selection Grain Free Chicken with Coconut, Goji Berries, Kale & Cider Vinegar
  • Chef’s Selection Grain Free Turkey with Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Cranberries & Cider Vinegar
  • Chef’s Selection Grain Free Lamb with Chickpeas Mixed Peppers, Blueberries & Cider Vinegar

Naturo Dog Food chefs selection variants

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Ingredients for Healthy Benefits

Naturo includes a huge array of prime ingredients which are carefully selected from premium providers to deliver maximum health benefits for your dog.

Some of the superfoods and ingredients you’ll find are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Chickpeas
  • Quinoa
  • Goji berries
  • Mixed peppers
  • Cranberries
  • Kale
  • Blueberries
  • Sweet potatoes –
  • Apple cider vinegar – easily absorbed and offers protection against cholesterol and hypertension in dogs
  • Salmon, sunflower and flaxseed oil – essential fatty acids for healthy coat and skin

Alongside these high-quality ingredients, you’ll also find a variety of proteins including lamb. turkey, chicken and salmon. This will leave your dog lean and with strong muscles, as well as incredible energy to enjoy life.

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Does it Offer Good Value for Money?

As a high-quality, natural dog food recipe, Naturo won’t win any awards for being the cheapest on the shelf. Nevertheless, you might be surprised at how affordable it is.

Many dog owners who had tried other brands of hypoallergenic food found that Naturo was significantly cheaper, and was preferred by their dog too.

Compared to brands with a similar profile, it’s almost half the price with a daily cost which is very reasonable.

When you consider the time and effort which goes into sourcing prime, local ingredients, it’s an added bonus that it’s a very competitive price too.

Any Drawbacks?

With an all-natural formula and packed full of goodness, it’s almost impossible to find any negative Naturo dog food reviews.

In most reviews, owners say that switching to this brand has eased digestive upset in their dog with any previous problems magically disappearing.

The only drawback mentioned a few times isn’t to do with the actual food, but the packaging.

The wet food (which is provided in trays) seems to have a tendency to split open, resulting in lost food and mess. A few owners described split trays occurring either in transit or simply while the food was being stored.

It’s hard to blame this squarely on Naturo but it’s clear that you’ll need to take extra care of how you store it.

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It’s unusual to find a pet food which is so universally praised, but with Naturo that’s the case.

Dog owners everywhere seem to agree that it’s an excellent choice for pooches, with both wet food and kibble receiving glowing reviews.

The brand is particularly well suited to dogs who have allergies, or sensitive digestive systems as there are options for both grain-free and gluten-free food. There are also options for smaller pooches as well as a Naturo senior dog food.

Many owners describe the health benefits of making the switch, and the cost is affordable too.

The only grumble was the packaging, but Naturo seem to be combatting that by mailing it with a large amount of recycled thick cardboard as protection.

Similar brands such as Lily’s Trays and Barking Heads offer comparable high-protein recipes, with a grain-free high-protein option from Laughing Dog.

However, all of these brands are substantially more expensive than Naturo so your wallet will take a much bigger hit without any discernible benefit.

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  1. We have an elderly golden retriever called Paddy. He has chronic heart problems and a sensitive digestive system. Recently he has lost his appetite and it’s been hard to encourage him to eat enough. He lost weight and looked very thin. However we tried Naturo and he loved it, especially the chicken and lamb. He has been eating much better and the vet is pleased with him. Thank you very much S. Marsh, Dorset UK

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