Mud Daddy Review: The Saviour of Dirty Dogs?

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Updated: February 19, 2021

Mud Daddy aims to solve a problem that many dog owners have when it comes to dogs that just love to get dirty! But is it with forking out on? Find out in our review!

mud daddy portable washing device

If your pooch enjoys frolicking in the park or in the woods, chances are you know all too well how muddy a dog can get in under five minutes.

This becomes an even bigger problem if your four-legged friend actively loves getting dirty. And how about loading a mud-covered dog into the back of your car?

If these issues sound familiar, Mud Daddy might just be the ideal solution.

But what is Mud Daddy, exactly? Is it definitely the right product for you and your dog? Is it worth the money?

Find out the answers to these and other questions in today’s Mud Daddy review!

What is Mud Daddy?

Mud Daddy is essentially a portable shower for dogs. It can also be used to clean other animals – such as horses – as well as to rinse off your boots or car tyres.

The product features a plastic tank and a hose ending with an all-in-one showerhead and brush. Before heading out to the park with your pooch, you can fill up the tank with warm (though not boiling) water and load Mud Daddy into your car.

When your dog has had its fill of exercise, you can use the water you’ve stored in Mud Daddy to rinse his coat. Because the hose has a brush on the end, you can gently brush out your dog’s coat while rinsing.

mud daddy portable washer for dogs

How does it work?

Mud Daddy doesn’t have a motor of any kind. So, how does it create enough pressure to pump the water through the hose?

The dog washer features a clever, simple mechanism for pressurising the water. The product is outfitted with a hand pump which you need to manually work in order to force air into the tank.

Then, when you press the spray lever on the handle of the hose, the pressure you’ve built up inside the tank pushes the water out through the showerhead.

Using Mud Daddy, therefore, involves just 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill the tank with water
  2. Work the pump to build up pressure inside the tank
  3. Press the lever on the handle of the hose to get the water flowing

This solution makes Mud Daddy environmentally friendly since the product doesn’t burn any fuel or use up electrical energy.

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mud daddy washing machine

Features and Variations

Now that we know how Mud Daddy works, let’s take a closer look at the key features of the product.


One of the most important features – and biggest advantages – of the Mud Daddy dog wash is that you can take it with you anywhere.

It doesn’t require a power source or access to running water on-site (provided you’ve filled it up at home). Whether you take your dog for a romp in the park, a walk in the woods, or a swim in the sea, all you need to do is lift Mud Daddy out of your car and get washing.

Although the largest model (12L) is quite bulky, it features wheels and a handle – once it’s out of your car, you can wheel it to where you need it without having to carry all that weight.

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Ease of use

It’s virtually impossible to mess up while using Mud Daddy – literally, anyone capable of operating the hand pump can get the hang of effective portable washing in seconds.

Assembly and maintenance are quick and easy, and the manufacturer provides plenty of troubleshooting information on the official website.

Thanks to the brush, you can get the water into hard-to-reach places, such as your dog’s undercoat or the spaces between his paw pads.

It’s also possible to use a dog-safe disinfectant with Mud Daddy for more thorough out-and-about fur cleaning.

Silent action

Because it doesn’t feature a motor of any kind, Mud Daddy is virtually silent during operation. It’s, therefore, less stressful for dogs and horses that get easily spooked by loud noises.

Thermal insulation

According to the manufacturer, Mud Daddy can keep water warm for up to two and a half hours. Even if you’re out for a long walk, provided you’ve filled the tank with warm water, your dog will have a comfortable rinsing experience.

Environmentally friendly

Thanks to the hand-pump solution, Mud Daddy is environmentally friendly – there’s no fuel to burn or electricity to use. It also uses a lot less water than a hose pipe or jet wash, due to the lower water pressure and limited supply.


You can use Mud Daddy for dogs, horses, and other animals – but that’s just the start of the product’s applications. Boots, tyres, camping equipment – just about anything that gets muddy ­– can also easily be washed.

mud daddy portable washing device

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Sizes and variations explained

The Mud Daddy product range includes three main variations, defined by the capacity of the tank.

Mud Daddy 5L

The 5-litre model is the smallest tank capacity offered by Mud Daddy. 5 litres equals just over one gallon (8.8 pints), and it’s enough water to thoroughly rinse off a mid-sized dog – or two small ones.

It’s also a good option for larger dogs that don’t tend to get very dirty – if they just need to have their paws cleaned, 5 litres of water will be more than sufficient.

The 5L product includes a 1.5m (5ft) hose, ending in an all-in-one brush and showerhead. Measuring only 30 x 15 x 18cm (12 x 6 x 7in), it’s highly portable and lightweight. Colour-wise, it comes in green, orange, and pink.

Mud Daddy 8L

A good choice for washing large dogs that tend to get very muddy, this model can hold 8 litres of water (1.8 gallons, or 14 pints if you prefer).

Like the 5L option, it has a combined brush and showerhead, but it features a longer hose – which measures 2 metres (6ft 7in). The extra water capacity comes with a larger size, approximately 40 x 27 x 21 cm (or 16 x 10 x 8in).

Dog owners who have several mud-happy pooches or one large dog that loves rolling around in the dirt will appreciate 8-litre tank.

The extra water can also be useful if you want to rinse off your own boots, car tyres, and other stuff before heading back home. The 8L model comes in blue and red.

muddy husky

Mud Daddy 12L

The 12-litre tank (2.6 gallons or 21 pints) makes this the largest Mud Daddy model, ideal for heavy-duty cleaning. This large Mud Daddy dog wash will easily suffice to thoroughly rinse several big dogs. It’s also a good option for cleaning horses.

The hose is the same as on the 8L version, measuring 2 metres (6ft 7in) in length, and the 12L comes only in purple.

Because this model of Mud Daddy gets pretty heavy when full (due to the water weight), it’s outfitted with a convenient set of wheels and a large handle.

While this solution adds portability to the product, it also makes this model much bulkier: it measures 32 x 25 x 90cm (approx. 12 x 10 x 35in).

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While Mud Daddy UK is a best-seller in dog grooming appliances, it does have some potential limitations to take into account. Key considerations include:

  • Size of the larger units – the 12L model in particular is quite bulky and heavy when filled. This is due to unavoidable necessity rather than a fault in the product itself: 12 litres of water are going to require some heavy lifting, no matter what container you use. If you’re going for one of the larger models, ensure you have enough space in your car boot and that you’re comfortable lifting the weight out of the car. The largest model has wheels to help manage the weight.
  • Manual operation of the pump – although generally, an excellent solution for making a self-sufficient, portable dog wash, operating the manual pump could prove strenuous to older people or those with physical problems affecting the arms and general strength.
    According to Mud Daddy reviews from existing customers, no one has had trouble with operating the pump – it’s just something to keep in mind if you have mobility problems or relevant physical conditions.
  • Pressure – you won’t get the same water pressure with Mud Daddy as you would with a hose pipe or jet wash. The brush makes up for the lower pressure to some extent, but this still won’t be as effective as a standard shower. Mud Daddy is more suitable for a quick pre-wash – rinsing the mud off your dog before they get in the car, for instance – than a full groom.

Value for Money

So, are Mud Daddy products worth your money? They’ve been criticised in some quarters for not being cheap but is the solution to your problems worth forking out for?

The product is generally well-made, using sturdy materials suitable for heavy-duty usage. The mechanisms required for Mud Daddy to work are exceedingly simple – provided it’s used as intended, there’s not a lot that can actually break.

Assuming that you adhere to the user manual and safety instructions, there’s no reason why Mud Daddy couldn’t serve you for several years. The fact that it requires minimal maintenance and can be refilled multiple times makes it a worthy investment.

Altogether, the value for money is pretty good with Mud Daddy – especially given that the manufacturer sells spare parts. If something does break, it’s easy to buy and install a replacement.

The company has also published an extensive range of troubleshooting and maintenance videos to help you solve potential issues at home, at no extra cost.


If your dog regularly gets dirty during walks or while out and about in the garden, Mud Daddy can go a long way towards keeping your pooch – as well as home and car – clean.

Mud Daddy is an excellent, all-in-one solution for quickly and conveniently rinsing dirt off your dog’s coat and a definite must-have for dogs that love getting muddy!

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