Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food Review

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Updated: June 27, 2020

We take a close look at Lily’s Kitchen puppy food and decide if it’s good enough for your prized pup.

Lily's Kitchen Puppy food range

If you’re not familiar with Lily’s Kitchen, you’ll love their back story.

The pet food brand was named after a gorgeous border terrier – Lily – who inspired her owner to come up with a better type of pet food.

When Lily became ill, her owner was shocked at the content of the commercially available pet food.

Determined to do better, she worked with local vets, farmers and nutritionists to come up with a formula which was much higher quality.

The foremost priority was that all of the ingredients which went into Lily’s Kitchen were completely natural.

Using only wholesome ingredients and no unpleasant additives, a new type of dog food was created which was certified as being different.

You’ll notice that there’s a lot of Lily’s Kitchen which seems different, right down to the magnificent packaging.

Using eco-friendly materials only and organic ingredients, there’s a commitment to being kind to the planet – as well as your dog.

Lily's Kitchen Puppy food chicken

Range of Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food Available

Lily’s Kitchen offers a combination of wet and dry food for puppies. This has been designed to complement their range of food for adult and older dogs.

The range of puppy food available from Lily’s Kitchen is:

  • Chicken and Salmon Dry Food for Puppies
  • Chicken Puppy Recipe
  • Turkey and Duck Puppy Recipe
  • Organic Dinner for Puppies

There is also:

  • Chicken and White Fish Slices Treats for Puppies
  • Chomp Away Chicken Bites
  • The Best Ever Mini Beef Burgers
  • Simply Glorious Chicken Jerky
  • Scrumptious Duck and Venison Sausages
  • The Mighty Duck Mini Jerky

All of these snacks and treats are suitable for puppies in moderate amounts. The packs specify the recommended daily quantities for each snack.

When you first look at the Lily’s Kitchen website, it can seem as if there’s a vast amount of choice of puppy food.

However, many of the items listed are just snacks. In addition, there are many different pack sizes available. This can make it appear as if there’s more choice than there actually is.

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Lily's Kitchen Puppy recipe can

What are the Health Benefits?

Lily’s Kitchen have gone to great lengths to ensure that every dog can enjoy their food.

This includes making their formulas hypoallergenic and excluding the ingredients that can cause digestive upset and other symptoms.

For dogs that are particularly sensitive and prone to flare-ups, the Chicken Puppy Recipe is a good choice.

This is because sticking to a single protein rather than mixing more can help to soothe stomachs and reduce unwanted reactions.

All of the recipes used by Lily’s Kitchen have been made with support from expert vets.

There’s no better testimony to their quality than the fact that Lily’s Kitchen food is stocked in vets all over the country!

In other brands you might find special formulas for pets that need a certain type of diet.

Because Lily’s Kitchen only use natural, hypoallergenic ingredients, there’s no need for separate foods.

All of their puppy and adult formulas are suitable for dogs that need low-fat or sensitive diets.

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Lily's Kitchen Puppy recipe

What are the Beneficial Ingredients in Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food?

The simple approach to Lily’s puppy food means that all of the ingredients are beneficial.

The quality of the meat is a prime example as you won’t find any substandard filler. This means no bone meal, no rendered meat and no meat meal, just succulent meat that is freshly prepared.

The formula has been carefully balanced to include both organ meat and muscle meat. This is because offal contains certain nutrients which aren’t present in muscle meat.

By paying attention to these tiny details, Lily’s creates delicious recipes that your pooch will adore. 

Vitamins and minerals are added to the ingredients to make sure your pup is getting a full complement of what’s important.

This is the only thing that’s added to the naturally sourced foods to enhance the nutritional value to the maximum possible.

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Lily's Kitchen Puppy food range

Is Lily’s Kitchen Good Value?

It would be fair to say that Lily’s Kitchen isn’t the cheapest puppy food available, so if it’s a bargain price you’re looking for, this won’t meet your needs.

Lily’s puppy food is more expensive than your average kibble or wet meat, but this is reflected by the quality of what your pooch receives in their bowl.

With ingredients which are organic and sourced locally, where available, there’s a reason that Lily’s costs more. Organic produce can cost up to twenty times as much as regular ingredients, bumping up the total price.

However, Lily’s Kitchen are committed to their principles and want to continue producing food which is tasty, nutritious, fresh and suitable for even the most sensitive tum.

They continue to search for the most competitive pricing options, but won’t sacrifice their standards just to drop the cost.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The quality of food is impressive and almost every Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food review is positive so it’s hard to find much to criticize.

However, with a more expensive price point this food won’t be available to everyone, as the cost could be too high for some.


Lily’s Kitchen is a brand of puppy food which is among the best you’ll find. Only using premium ingredients and focuses on organic, locally sourced food means that you’ll be able to smell and see the difference yourself.

The healthy approach is designed to be accessible to all pups, and the hypoallergenic formula is welcomed by many.

It’s hard to find any negative reviews about Lily’s Kitchen puppy food, which demonstrates just how hard they work to produce the best quality.

Of course, the very best ingredients come with a heftier price tag and this is the only real drawback of Lily’s Kitchen.

If you’re looking for similar foods, you could check out brands such as Wellness Core Puppy Food, Healthy Paws Puppy Complete and Naturediet Puppy.

However, all these brands are in a similar price range because it’s impossible to deliver the high quality for less.

Although Lily’s Kitchen is more of a luxury brand, owners say they can tell the difference with their dog.

More energy, smoother digestive systems and fewer side effects mean that for many, the extra cost is more than worth it.

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