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Updated: March 31, 2020

Learn all about the awesome little Jug Dog in our big breed guide. We answer all the little questions you’ve been wondering about!

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Jug dogs have grown in popularity over the short time they have been around.

What is a Jug Dog? Put simply they are a Jack Russell Pug cross that is very popular with owners across the world.

Height: Up to 36cm for male and female dogs
Weight: Up to 7kg for male and female dogs
Lifespan: Up to 15 years
Pedigree Breed: No, not recognized

Positives and Negatives of the Breed

When it comes to the Jug Dog, you will be pleased to know that they were bred to inherit the best features of the two breeds them originate from, resulting in a lovely little dog that will provide long term companionship for you and your family.


  • Jug dogs are very lively and full of fun
  • They love being part of a family and will thrive in a family home
  • They are easy to groom and love the attention and fuss that comes with it
  • They have a friendly nature and are intelligent
  • You can train them easily


  • They have lots of energy that needs to be expended
  • They are very wary of strangers and can appear aggressive
  • They aren’t great around other dogs if they are nervous
  • They can nip you if they think they are in charge
  • They will destroy things as a way to show their boredom


As a crossbreed, the Juggle Dog is made up of a mix of a Jack Russell and a Pug, and whilst they are pretty new to the dog world, they have developed a huge following of people that love the breed.

To look at, you will easily see the Jack Russell/Pug features that people know and love, and as they seem to take the best of both breeds, this dog is a fantastic choice for any young and energetic families that want to own one.

These lovely dogs make great pets, and even though they are not KC registered, you will be able to find may Jug Dog breeders across the country. If you are a first-time dog owner, then this is a great dog for your first foray into ownership.


The first Jug Dogs were bred in America during the ’60s and have been known to be called a Pug Russell as well as a Jack Pug. Rather than the hybrid label they get, these dogs are bred from pedigree breeds who date back hundreds of years.

They became incredibly popular in the Western world and have kept their popularity as the decades have passed. The main reason that people love owning a Pug x Jack Russell is that they have charming personalities that endear them to both adults and children.


If you are seriously considering a Jack Russell cross Pug, then there are some key questions you need to consider before taking the plunge. We’ve put together the most common for you below:

Are Jug Dogs Good with Strangers?

Jug Dogs are very wary around strangers and will often bark to alert their owners to the perceived danger.

They can be a noisy breed and enjoy barking but will accept a stranger if you show them that there is nothing to be afraid of. Because they do bark when they see a stranger, they can be useful as a guard dog in the home.

Are Jug Dogs Good with Other Dogs?

This is a difficult one as Jug Dogs are typically great around dogs, they have socialized with from a young age but can also be very aggressive towards new dogs that are introduced later in life.

The main reason for this is that they see the dogs they have known since their youth as part of their pack, but new dogs make them nervous so they will display aggression in a bid to protect themselves.

Are Jug Dogs Good with Children?

Jug Dogs make great family pets, and the expectation of that means that most people assume they will be good with children.

Whilst this is generally true, Jug Dogs are best placed with older children who won’t get them wound up. Younger children are at risk of the dog trying to dominate them, and this can lead to problems that are difficult to resolve.

Jug dog laying on the ground

What is the Jug Dog Temperament Like?

As well as being an active dog, this breed is very sociable and enjoy being out and about with their owners.

They have a loyal and caring temperament that makes them a perfect pet, but they also have a feisty side to their personality that is displayed when they are nervous or bored.

If you train your Jug Dog from an early age, then you will be rewarded with a dog that works with you, if not, you will end up with a dog that has learned many bad habits.

If you allow this to happen, then your dog will try to rule the roost and display manipulative behaviors when they want something.

What is the Jug Dog Like with Other Pets?

If you have cats or dogs, then your Jug Dog will be able to be socialized to accept them if you get them from a young age.

Older Jug Dogs will not fare so well as they will see the other animals as direct competition.

Aside from the cats in your home, Jug Dogs love to make chase, and it is difficult to get them under control when a neighborhood cat jumps into your garden.

Ultimately, how good a Jug Dog is with other pets comes down to the way you train and introduce your new pet.

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When it comes to Jug Dog health problems, there are some hereditary conditions that you will need to be aware of before agreeing to home one of these dogs.

The good news is that as long as you care for your dog properly, through appropriate feeding, grooming, and exercising, then you can expect them to live for up to 15 years.

The main hereditary health conditions that these dogs are exposed to include:

Being aware that many Jug Dogs have breathing difficulties will help you keep your dog safely cared for. These breathing problems can often be exacerbated from extreme temperatures and overexercising.

If your Jug Dog suffers from breathing issues, then it is worth making sure they always have fresh water available to help them keep their breathing under control.

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When it comes to exercising your Jack Russell Pug, you will find that they have lots of energy that they need to work off in order to remain healthy and happy.

If you fail to provide them with enough opportunities to work off their excess energy, then you can expect them to become destructive and unhappy.

In addition to physical exercise, Jug Dogs need lots of mental exercises. They are a very intelligent breed that is prone to boredom if not offered regular stimulation.

Giving them opportunities to solve problems that result in a reward are the best type of activities for these dogs and they will look to you to provide this a few times a day at the very least.

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jug dog 1

Because Jug Dogs are so intelligent, they are a dream to train and thrive in situations where they can show off their ability, getting praise lavished on them as a reward.

However, you must be aware that because they are so intelligent, they also want to be the Alpha of the pack and will try everything to get you to submit. This behavior is easily resolved with a consistent and firm approach.

It’s never too early to start training your Jug Dog, and there are lots of puppy classes that will help you with this.

The great thing about choosing a puppy class is that your dog will be exposed to many other dogs and learn how to communicate with them in a healthy, happy way.


Jug Dogs are low maintenance and will only need a couple of brushes throughout the week to keep their skin and coat in the best condition.

This breed is prone to shedding frequently, but this only becomes problematic when the seasons change.

At this point it is advisable to brush them every other day to be certain that you have removed all the dead hair, the great thing about this is that your Jug Dog will love the extra fuss and will willingly let you care for them.

As with all dogs, it is important to keep an eye on your dog’s ears because wax build-ups lead to infections that can make them very unwell. Jug Dogs are also prone to eye issues, and you will notice them weeping when they are bad.

To deal with this, you need to take a damp cloth and wipe them regularly so that there is no opportunity for germs to build up and make them sore.

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Do you own or have ever owned a jug dog? We’d love to hear what your experience was like. Be sure to let us know down in the comments section.

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  1. I got Boo when she was 6 weeks old. She was with me for 13 years, and just recently passed.
    Having been an animal lover all my life, I’ve been around dogs since I was a child. Now in my 60’s I can honestly say that Boo was the most intelligent and loving dog I’ve ever been lucky enough to have in my life. She was full of personality, was always within eyeshot, was wonderful with my children and grandchildren, and never left my side.
    I would highly recommend the “Jug” breed to anyone looking for a constant companion. Your life will be blessed for it.

  2. I’ve only had Daisy since august when she was 9 months old, however she was poorly socialised so walking her can be a nightmare at times. However she has improved a lot with strangers on her walks I’ve seen times when she hasn’t barked at a person once but when it comes to other dogs she still shows a lot of aggression (although she doesn’t bark at them for as long now) it’s so important that puppies are socialised from an early age as ineffective socialisation can lead to issues which are very difficult to reverse. Having said this though when she is in the house she is a completely different dog, and when introduced to people in an indoor setting she is amazing! All she wants from people is cuddles and lots of attention

  3. My Jugs name is OJ. Got him when he was 4 months old. I absolutely adore his temperament and devotion not to mention how loving and how he loves to cuddle. He gets along with any other door dog we meet weather it be outside of the home or we bring other dogs into the home. He also adores children as long as they aren’t to loud otherwise he just becomes skittish. OJ is a high jumper and has hyper (spurt) which I think is from the Jack Rustle and then the lazy and cant have enough to eat side from the Pug. I think Jugs are perfect fit for any family or individua’s who’s live is not super active because they really only need ( the minimum) of 30 to 40 minutes of exercise per day. I Highly recommend the Jug breed.

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