10 Best Indestructible Dog Toys

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Updated: April 12, 2021

Dogs love to chew, but if your dog’s toys don’t last five minutes, extra strong dog toys are the answer. Today we recommend 10 of the best indestructible dog toys.

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Most dogs love to chew, but what do you do when your dog makes a habit of destroying all their toys within hours, preferring to rip even the toughest dog toys apart rather than play nice?

If your dog’s chewing is aggressive and none of their toys make it past day one, it might be time to think about putting some extra tough dog toys to the test. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorites from the best dog chew toys on the market, so before you spend any more money on toys for your dog, you can be confident that these extra tough toys will stand up to your dog’s very special attention.

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10. Chuckit Ultra Ball

The Chuckit brand prides itself on making extra tough dog toys for all the ‘four-legged-fetch-fans’ out there. 

The Ultra Ball is made of high-quality, hard-wearing rubber material, and boldly claims to significantly outlast any ordinary tennis ball. It’s easy to see why. 

Taking ‘action’ to another level, this brightly colored rubber ball floats – making it perfect for playing fetch at the beach, it bounces – providing extra excitement for your dog, and it is launcher compatible – meaning you can ‘chuck it’ huge distances for your dog to chase. 

Designed for long-term use, and to promote engagement with your dog through play, this indestructible dog ball will provide years of great value entertainment for you and your dog.

9. Kong Extreme

Not just any old Kong, this is a Kong Extreme – a super-durable version of the Classic, designed specifically for aggressive and power chewers.

Eschewing their usual red color for a super tough black version, this Kong has all the same features as the classic Kong, but made from the very toughest, most durable version of Kong rubber around. 

Offering unpredictable bounces, the promise of tasty treats, and the ability to withstand hours of chewing from the most determined dog toy destroyer, your dog will love everything about this amped up version of the Kong. 

You can even freeze your stuffed Kong for an even greater challenge for your dog.

8. Arm & Hammer Mini Gator Toy

Arm & Hammer really know what they’re doing when it comes to dental products, and this Gator Toy represents their effort to create the definitive, most robust, dental care toy available for your dog. 

Made from hardwearing rubber infused with Arm & Hammer’s trademark baking soda, these toys will entertain your pet for hours, keep their teeth clean, their breath fresh, and stand up to the most aggressive chewers. 

Its fun design incorporates ridges and bumps to stimulate gums, and it can easily be popped in the dishwasher for cleaning.

They come in a few different sizes and designs – check out this large Gorilla too. 

This toy is perfect for smaller dogs, although there are other size options available, who might be in need of a little ‘freshen up’ when it comes to their teeth and breath.

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7. Benebone Wishbone

If you check out the reviews on Amazon, you can see why this US-made, nylon chew toy made its way onto our list.

Nylon is incredibly durable and these wishbone shaped bones, specifically designed to be held easily between doggie paws, come in a range of sizes, and three dog friendly flavors – bacon, chicken, or peanut butter. 

Nylon bones do wear down, but not before your dog has enjoyed hours and hours of aggressive chewing.

When the bones become worn and bristly it helps to clean the dog’s teeth – so if you get one, don’t worry if it roughs up a bit – the texture will help with cleaning.

If you do get some large rough patches, you can trim them with scissors. 

Please note, these bones are likely to be too hard for a puppy or young dog, so please be careful. 

Aside from that, your chew-loving dog will adore this hard, tasty, easy to hold on to, tough chew toy.

6. Ovo Eggs

If you’re looking for the cutest, most durable and tough dog chew toys, we may have found you the winner.

Ovo Eggs Dog Toys are bright, made from natural rubber, and adorable. 

Lanco also makes rubber toys for babies and children, so can be sure these hand painted, weather-proof rubber toys are perfectly safe for your dog. 

Best for smaller dogs, teething puppies, and seniors, they are gentle on your dog’s mouth and teeth, and have a cute squeak hidden inside.

Don’t let that gentleness fool you though – these little Ovo Eggs pack a powerful endurance punch, and are perfect for playing fetch indoors or outdoors, have a great bounce, and a fun squeak. 

We have heard reports that some reviewers found they didn’t stand up to the toughest chewing tests, but from what we’ve seen, these colorful little eggs are one of the best indestructible squeaky dog toys and will be your dog’s favorite in no time.

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5. Nylabone Chew Bone

Another Nylon bone in our list, and another with the moniker ‘extreme’. This Nylabone tough chew toy was specifically created for most powerful chewers.

It can be loaded up with your dog’s favorite soft tasty treats, e.g. peanut butter or wet food, as its unique ridged and bristly design allows you to press food into it, as you watch on as your dog spends hours chewing away, having fun, and brushing their teeth at the same time.  

There are lots of sizes and variations, and some come ‘pre-flavored’ with bacon or beef – just to make them completely irresistible.

Available from most retailers at a very reasonable price, these long-lasting chews are great fun and great value for money.

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4. Kong Extreme Ball

Another Kong entry in the list and as one of the most popular brands creating dog toys for aggressive chewers, I’m sure you’re not surprised.

With the ‘trademark’ Kong opening ready to be filled with treats, this indestructible dog ball adds an extra element to the usual game of fetch.

Made from the same durable Kong material as the Kong Extreme, also in black, this puncture resistant, treated filled, bouncing ball is the stuff of doggy dreams. 

So, if your dog loves to chew and play fetch, this Kong Ball Extreme could be their dream chew toy.

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3. Planet Dog Orbee

Another treat dispensing chew toy with extra durable capabilities, the Planet Dog Orbee is excellent for obsessive chewers. 

Available in small, medium, or large, you can choose the size most suited to your dog, and if treat dispensing is not an important feature for you, there are other models like a whistle ball, a fetch ball with rope, and a light up ball. 

As with the Kong Extreme Ball, this toughest of all the tough dog balls is great for solo play or interactive fetch games, making it a versatile addition to your extra tough dog toy collection.

One Amazon reviewer claimed it’s the only ball he’s given to his Staffy “…that doesn't get destroyed in seconds.” That’s quite the endorsement.

2. Ruffwear Rope & Handle

If your dog loves to play in water or simply loves a good old tug-of-war contest, this floating throw toy with PLUSfoam™ core and attached rope is the right extra strong dog toy for them.

The rope is great for throwing long distances and for handling the toy when wet, and the vibrant color options make it easy for you and your dog to find. 

This Lunker toy is also made from fully recycled material and when you have exhausted it, can be recycled back into new toys.

Remember to regularly check your toy for any wear and tear or loose parts – recycle your toy immediately if you spot anything that could harm your dog. You can find out more about recycling PLUSfoam™ here.

Please note, you should never play roughly with a tug-of-war style rope toy regardless of how strong you think your dog is.

This kind of rough play can cause joint and teeth problems, but gentle pull games are fine provided your dog is healthy.

1. Pet-Fun Pineapple

Made from food grade natural rubber, with anti-microbial technology, this fun pineapple wouldn’t look out of place at a cocktail bar.

It is in fact a fiendishly difficult to crack treat dispensing toy, designed to solve problems such as destructive chewing, anxiety, and tedium. 

Tested in a lab and declared to be “virtually indestructible”, its durability claims are backed by science. 

Made from soft, yet tough, material means this toy is good for younger dogs, smaller dogs, and senior dogs as there is less likelihood of them damaging their mouths on hard chew toys like Nylon bones.

While no dog toy is totally indestructible, we hope you agree there some very impressive products out there that come pretty close. So, if your dog is a determined chewer, why not try out one of the recommendations from our list and see how they get on? 

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