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Updated: June 27, 2020

The puppy food market is a crowded place these days. So where does IAMS puppy food fit in? We review one of the biggest names in the business.

iams puppy food range

Named after its founder. Paul F. Iams, IAMS is a brand that dog owners have trusted for many years.

After its original founding in 1946, Paul Iams set out to research dog nutrition to understand how he could create a food to give canines a long, healthy and happy life.

Taking time to learn about the needs of different breeds, Paul Iams sought help from canine nutritionists and breeders to find out about the role of protein and fat in a dog’s diet.

This research led to Paul’s belief that dogs should be fed a diet designed specifically for carnivores, just like their wild diet would have been.

A few short years later, IAMS released their first food for small breeds which they believed was close to the best a dog could possibly get.

Since then, IAMS has forged a reputation for being a brand recommended by vets, providing dogs of all sizes with a healthy diet.

They hold multiple patents worldwide and their research has been adopted as the industry standard. IAMS changed dog food for everyone.

But is IAMS still one of the best puppy foods on the market? Here’s a closer look at what your puppy will get.

Iams chicken puppy food

Range of Foods Available

IAMS is perhaps best known for its high-quality kibble and its here that they offer the most choice for pet-owners:

  • IAMS for Vitality Small and Medium Breed Puppy Food
  • IAMS for Vitality Large Breed Puppy Food
  • Smart Puppy
  • Smart Puppy Small and Toy Breed
  • Smart Puppy Large Breed

IAMS also offer wet food for puppies:

  • Puppy with Chicken and Rice Pate

Unlike other brands, there’s not the same wide selection of flavors. This is because IAMS don’t believe this is what a dog needs. Their formulas are all made with high levels of fat and protein designed to appeal to every pooch.

Wet food should be combined half and half with dry food to get the best balance in your pup’s bowl.

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Iams large breed puppy food

Health Benefits of IAMS

IAMS puppy food isn’t just high nutrition and appealing, it’s also designed to meet the developmental needs of your puppy.

IAMS say that feeding your puppy with their food will make your little pup easier to train and smarter!

The Iams puppy food isn’t a generic formula, but instead, created to meet the particularly high nutritional demands of young dogs.

All of their food is formulated for the relevant stage of the dog’s life, such as adult and senior kibble.

Their puppy food is high in protein and high in fat, and also contains other components which are specific to younger dogs.

This supports their development while growing, and minimizes health problems such as itchy skin.

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Iams small breed puppy food

What are the Beneficial Ingredients?

Along with the vitamins and minerals that promote the best puppy health, IAMS food includes omega fatty acids. These are beneficial in many ways but in particular promote a soft, silky coat and healthy skin.

Unique to the puppy formula is DHA, this is a component which is found in mother’s milk. This makes IAMS food extra beneficial for growing puppies, supporting their development in the most natural way.

Is IAMS Good Value for Money?

IAMS is a high-protein, high-fat formula that’s been carefully blended and designed for the needs of puppies.

It’s recommended by vets because of the high-quality ingredients and the scientific approach to meeting nutritional needs of canines.

Given the many benefits of IAMS, and the fact that it’s a pioneer in the field, you might expect it to be one of the most expensive on the market.

Surprisingly, it’s one of the most affordable premium puppy dog foods, and is very competitively priced.

While you will still find other foods which are cheaper, compared to rival puppy foods which contain the same level of protein and nutrients, IAMS offers extremely good value for money.

This is possibly one of the reasons why it’s such a huge success, combining outstanding nutrition with an affordable price.

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iams puppy food range

Are there any Negatives?

There’s not much to find fault with here, as IAMS performs consistently well for all types of dogs.

Almost every IAMS puppy food review is positive, with owners reporting beneficial changes to their dog’s health after making the switch.

The only minor grumble that was mentioned in some of the IAMS puppy food reviews was to do with the lack of choice over flavors. This was particularly the case with picky pups.

Although in general, even picky eaters ate IAMS well, owners say they would prefer to be able to pick the flavor that their pup likes the most.

With generic formulas that aren’t broken down into specifics such as turkey, fish or lamb, it’s not possible to pick one that your dog responds to the best.

This lack of choice over flavor becomes a particular problem when IAMS change their formula. All dog food manufacturers tweak the formula occasionally, and not all changes are well received by the dog.

Not being able to pick the exact flavor can make changes even less palatable for picky pups.


IAMS was one of the first brands of dog food to create a scientific approach to feeding your pet.

They’ve been trusted for more than half a century to deliver top-notch protein for pups, and they continue to do the same today.

The high-quality approach to manufacturing dog food means that IAMS suits all types of dogs, including those with sensitive stomachs and picky eaters.

You won’t pay a fortune for the privilege either, as it’s a brand that’s very competitively priced.

If you’re looking for alternatives to IAMS, Eukenuba is a popular pick too. It’s more expensive than IAMS but has a similar commitment to quality.

Interestingly, they’re both made by the same parent company – Spectrum Brands.

IAMS may not offer the same wide selection of flavors that you’ll find elsewhere but don’t let that detract you from giving it a try.

Most dogs like the meaty taste and it’s full of nutrients that will support all of your growing pup’s needs.

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  1. Hi there,i just started my pup luis on iams i mix this with meat from a chicken drumstik and he absolutely gobbles this up licking his empty bowl for ages after,i think i will stik wif this brand from now on.he is a french bulldog

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