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Updated: August 13, 2020

Hi Life dog food offers not only an extensive menu that you can choose from, but their food is also made from high-quality ingredients. 

Hi Life Dog Food variants

Hi Life dog food company is a well-established fog food brand that has been around for more than 30 years.

Based in Leicestershire, the folks behind the Hi Life name are a dedicated group of friendly individuals who take it upon themselves to provide animals with the very best that they can.

Whole foods that are 100% natural and responsibly sourced make up the creative recipes that you’ll find in the many line-ups of food that are available.

In our Hi Life dog food review, we decide if it’s a food worth making the switch for.

Product Lineup

The range of foods offered at Hi Life dog food is extensive and should fit just about every dog’s tastes and nutritional requirements.

You can choose from dry dog food, wet dog food, dog treats, and dog chews, and each of the available options comes in various flavors and styles as well.

In fact, Hi Life has gone as far as providing several ranges to better suit the wide customer base that the company has. The ranges are as follows:

Hi Life It’s Only Natural – all ingredients included in this part of the lineup are 100% natural. There are several different protein sources, namely Chicken, Turkey, Tuna, Cod, and much more.

Hi Life it’s only natural also uses ingredients that are GMO-free, as well as being free of additives, preservatives, and artificial colors. In addition, each dish is grain free.

Hi Life Feed Me – this part of the lineup is devoted to the picky eaters out there. The foods that make up Hi Life Feed Me are soft and provide a richer flavor than most other dog foods on the market.

Flavors available are Turkey and Chicken, Tasty Beef, and Lamb and Chicken. Each of the products also has a sausage-laden counterpart which is denoted with the tag “Something Special”.

Hi Life Dog Food Feed Me variant

Hi Life Banquet – as the name suggests, HiLife Banquet is a product you’d turn to when you want to give your dog a luxurious feast.

All the foods in this part of the lineup come in packets and they are all wet foods. Hi Life Banquet uses human-grade ingredients and the recipes are well varied and rich.

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Hi Life Dog Food Banquet variants

Hi Life Special Care Dental Chews – The dental chews offered by H iLife are as functional as they are pleasant. Giving your dog a dental chew daily will help keep it’s teeth and gums clean for a long time.

What’s interesting about these chews is that you can either get them in original flavor or Spearmint. Of course, the latter is perfect for anyone used to getting kisses from their dog.

Hi Life Dog Food Dental Chews variants

Hi Life Chews Day – Not all the chews on offer are focused on dental health. Some come in the form of training treats, seasonal chews, pig ears, and more. When it comes to treats and chews, Hi Life has got you covered.

HI Life Dog Food Chews Day variant

Hi Life Pets Pantry–  a part of the range offered by Hi Life that sticks to the basics. With a focus on soft meaty chunks, Pets Pantry is available in Turkey, Chicken, and Beef. It also comes in either dry or wet food.

For even more choice, the wet food comes with either gravy or jelly. Pets Pantry is also similar to very popular Hi Life Spoil Me dog food, although available for Spoil Me is somewhat limited.

Hi Life Dog Food Pet Pantry variant

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Made for Healthy Dogs

Hi Life dog food is great for the everyday dog. While the ingredients are all high quality and wholesome, the dog food is not actually advertised as a ‘health food’ for dogs.

According to the company, recipes are designed for a few different types of dogs, including those that are young, those in their prime, and those in their golden years.

Each of the foods available has formulations that suit the normal dietary requirements specific to the median needs of animals in the specific age group and size.

The only thing that you won’t find advertised at Hi Life dog food is that their foods are suitable for dogs that have special dietary needs. While the selections available might very well suit various special diets, the company shies away from making any recommendations for your pet.

In general, Hi Life dog food can be considered clean, of high quality, and healthy. However, it is a good idea to discuss the health needs of your pet with you vet.

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The ingredients used in the recipes at Hi Life dog food are 100% natural. There are no harmful additives or preservatives and the company prides itself on its ability to source all of the ingredients used responsibly.

Most of the recipes call for more than 60% meat and the rest is a mix of gravies, jellies, veggies, and other wholesome additions to complete the nutritional balance of the foods.

Brown rice is common amongst many of the recipes as it provides dogs with a whole grain that is easier to digest and is easier on the stomach.

Each of the different categories has its own mix of ingredients so if there is something specific that you are looking for in you food that you buy for your pup, be sure to check the ingredients on the product pages of the Hi Life website.

Hi Life Dog Food variants in can


One thing that you will see a lot in Hi Life dog food reviews is how great value Hi Life products are, and we agree.

Hi Life dog food comes in many different form factors and each are priced very competitively both in terms of the nutritional content that you receive and the weight that you receive.

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Final Thoughts

Hi Life is a company that has been serving a dedicated following for many years. More than 30, in fact!

They know what dogs like, and they also know that the owners of those dogs want to provide a quality diet to their pets. The level of quality that you get is always top rate and there is plenty to choose from which makes it pretty fun shopping for your pet.

Hi Life provides a great value and there are no negatives to speak of. If for some reason Hi Life doesn’t suit your tastes, however, there are a few other brands that you could try as well. Butternut dog food, Gentle dog food, and Yora dog food are each fantastic in their own right.

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  1. Since starting our Rhodesian Ridgeback, George on Feed Me, we seem to have solved most of his pickiness and we are grateful his poo is the right texture (i.e. can pick it up off the floor).

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