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Updated: May 5, 2020

Are you looking for a reliable review of Harrington’s dog food? Check out our guide to Harrington’s hypoallergenic and grain-free dog food right here.

Harrington’s Dog Food 1

From a family milling business in the 19th century, Harrington’s moved into dog food in the 1980s, making a successful leap. They now manufacture a range of pet food, including specialist food for pet dogs.

Using ingredients that are free of artificial flavors and coloring, Harrington’s source everything locally as often as they can.

Embodying honest Yorkshire values, Harrington’s pride themselves on offering great value with no wastage, while still prioritizing good quality.

Harrington’s Grain-Free Dog Food Review

In the first section of our guide, we take a close look at the grain-free range from Harrington.

Range of flavors available

Harrington’s have a whole range of food that is grain-free, a godsend for any dog owner who is looking for food that won’t aggravate intolerance or allergies.

Both wet and dry food are included in the range, giving owners the opportunity to give their pet plenty of choice. Flavors available include:

  • Turkey, sweet potato and veg dry food
  • Chicken, sweet potato and veg dry food
  • Salmon, sweet potato and veg dry food
  • Chicken, potato and veg wet food
  • Duck, potato and veg wet food
  • Salmon, potato and veg, wet food
  • Turkey, potato and veg wet food

Bumper and combination packs of the wet food are available.

What are the health benefits?

The grain-free dog food from Harrington’s provides many benefits for dogs of all sizes. With a feeding guide for toy to large dogs, every pooch can enjoy this delicious range.

Dogs who are intolerant or allergic to grain will find this selection of wet and dry food provides real benefits. Symptoms such as dry skin, dry and dull coats, digestive upsets and lethargy can all be improved by cutting grain out of your dog’s diet.

However there are many health benefits to this food, even for dogs who don’t normally have a problem with grain.

These include better transit through the gut, improved joint health, reduced inflammation, fewer urinary tract infections and better general health and wellbeing.

What are the beneficial ingredients?

Harrington’s take their dog food formulas seriously and carry out extensive research to get the balance just right. Each ingredient contains ingredients that have been carefully selected to provide the very best nutrition.

Some of the key ingredients which provide the maximum benefit include:

  • Probiotics for good gut health
  • Turkey protein for lean growth and development
  • Beet pulp to aid transit through the digestive system
  • Green Lipped mussel for joint healthy and protection
  • Linseed for anti-inflammatory response and wellbeing
  • Cranberry to protect the urinary tract

When combined together these ingredients provide powerful health benefits for your dog, while still offering an appetizing taste that they will love.

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Is it good value?

Harrington’s grain-free range doesn’t contain any artificial fillers or ingredients which are nutritionally empty. Despite this, it manages to offer a very affordable option for pet owners who are catering to a dog with a delicate stomach.

The dry food can be fed to puppies from the age of 8 week onwards, so there’s no need to buy expensive puppy food. As the formula is so gentle and based on natural ingredients, it’s suitable for dogs at all stages of their lives.

Compared to brands with a similar profile, Harrington’s is very affordable. With an intelligent design that minimizes wastage, Harrington’s offer excellent value for money on this range of dog food.

Any negatives?

The majority of dogs get on very well with this grain-free food, but a small minority of owners noticed digestive complaints. Many canines who need a grain-free diet find this formula suits them perfectly, but in some it caused increased flatulence.

The Harrington’s grain-free dog food reviews seemed to indicate that this problem only arose in dogs who were known to have a particularly delicate stomach, and not in them all.

There were no other reported negatives with the grain-free range.

Harrington’s Hypoallergenic Dog Food Review

The hypoallergenic range is free from many allergy causing ingredients. Let’s see how it checks out in the second part of our reviews.

Range of flavors available

There’s more to allergies than simply containing grain, and Harrington’s have a range of pet foods which are guaranteed to be free of known allergens.

This makes it easier for pet owners of sensitive dogs to be able to choose flavors at just a glance. Some of the available flavors include:

  • Lamb with brown rice
  • Chicken with sweet potato and veg
  • Turkey and vegetable
  • Salmon and sweet potato

The range of Harrington’s hypoallergenic dog food can be seen at a glance, with packaging which makes it clear.

There are also Harrington’s hypoallergenic dog food reviews which run through the exact contents of every variant.

What are the health benefits?

Like human food, dog food can contain many allergens or ingredients which dogs don’t tolerate very well.

You might not be sure if there’s anything that triggers symptoms in your dog, but if you’ve noticed them suffering from smelly flatulence, itchy skin or a lack of energy, you might want to give hypoallergenic food a try.

The health benefits of hypoallergenic food such as Harrington’s can be significant, and may give your dog a new lease of life. Even if their symptoms have been relatively low-key, a switch in food can make a surprising difference.

Aside from grain, the ingredients that this hypoallergenic formula excludes are dairy, eggs or soy, and no artificial preservatives or coloring.

Keeping the formula deliberately simple, with potent ingredients which deliver known health benefits, Harrington’s have created dog food which your pooch will love.

Harrington’s Dog Food 2

What are the beneficial ingredients?

The exact ingredients that you’ll find in the hypoallergenic range of dog food from Harrington’s depend on the flavor that you’ve chosen.

However, some of the typical ingredients you’ll find in a pack include:

  • Citrus extract to promote oral health and hygiene
  • Probiotics to keep a healthy balance of gut flora
  • Pomegranate extract for antioxidants and improved immune system
  • Spirulina to provide amino acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids for health and wellbeing
  • Beet pulp to assist with easy digestion and transit
  • Linseed to reduce inflammation and provide omega-3 fats
  • Green Lipped Mussel to promote and protect good joint health
  • L-carnitine for healthy weight control
  • Kelp for trace minerals
  • Yucca to prevent unwanted odors

All of these ingredients accompany the protein and essential fats which can be found from the lamb, turkey, chicken or salmon.

Is it good value?

Harrington’s is a brand which tends to price in the mid-range area; it’s not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but still a very affordable price.

When you consider the high-quality formula with locally sourced ingredients and no cheap fillers, the overall cost is very reasonable and won’t break the bank.

On the reverse of every pack there is a feeding guide for dogs of all sizes. This helps to inform owners exactly how much they should be feeding their pet.

This not only prevents accidental overfeeding but also ensures that choosing Harrington’s doesn’t cost more than it should.

Any negatives?

Harrington’s range of hypoallergenic dog food is quite difficult to source, even from Harrington’s themselves. It’s still available from some retailers but quite often pet owners are signposted to the alternative grain free formula instead.

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So is Harrington’s Dog Food Any Good?

If your dog doesn’t do well with standard dog foods, you may be looking for something that is more gentle on the stomach. Grain-free and hypoallergenic formulas are two options that you might want to explore.

Even if your dog seems healthy and well, hypoallergenic formulas or avoiding common irritants such as grain could provide a lease of life that you didn’t realize was missing.

The Harrington’s collection of dog food is appetizing enough to tempt any canine, even if they haven’t exhibited digestive problems before.

Specialised food can be expensive but that’s not the case with either of these ranges. Harrington’s are committed to keeping prices low by utilizing economical manufacturing methods that minimize wastage.

This can make grain-free and hypoallergenic dog food much more accessible to owners.

Alternatives to Harrington’s include Taste of the Wild, another top brand which scores well in dog food reviews.

However Taste of the Wild is more expensive by comparison, despite having a similar profile and ingredient list.

It’s not just the top-branded hypoallergenic dog food which is more expensive. Harrington’s comes in as more competitive than supermarket own-brand hypoallergenic formulas too.

If you can find a store offering a discount on bulk items, you’ll get even more of a bargain.

The ability to choose from dry and wet food means dog owners can still enjoy a wide selection. Not all hypoallergenic and grain-free dog food comes with such a diverse choice.

Being able to pick means there’s a much greater chance of your pet liking the flavor, without any fussiness.

Feedback from many dog owners reveals very few problems with any of the Harrington ranges of food.

Although there’s never an absolute guarantee, many owners have found their canines eat Harrington’s well, even if they’ve been picky with other brands.

If you’ve never tried a grain-free or hypoallergenic dog food, Harrington’s could be one to try. Making the switch could prevent your dog from being quite so smelly, and reduce unwanted flatulence.

Harrington’s has been making dog food for many years, and with a commitment to high-quality and premium ingredients, there’s no doubt they will continue for many more.

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