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Updated: August 14, 2020

Guru is a company that’s focused on dog food made only with high-quality ingredients. But, just how nutritious is their food, and is it any better than what’s already on the market? Find out in our guide.

Guru Dog Food in pack

Based in the UK, the company is devoted to creating foods that dogs enjoy while also keeping a keen eye on making the foods that they create as healthy as possible. The use of quality ingredients and a better approach to processing the food helps Guru dog food reach that goal.

The Guru Range

There are three main flavors included in the Guru dog food lineup. Guru Surf & Turf, Guru Full on Feast, and Guru Tasty Tucker make up the list and there is a dedicated following for each.

Each of the flavors on offer come in a 5 kg bag and a 14 kg bag, and Guru for pet owners to mix-and-match flavors by offering multi-packs featuring different combinations of Guru dog food.

Guru Dog Food variants

There is also a range of treats such as the Nothing to Hide – Venison Sausages, ‘Reel’ Fishskins, and an assortment of chew bones to keep your pup happy.

Health Benefits

Dog owners can expect many health benefits when they give their dogs Guru dog food.

The quality ingredients and processing methods make for a nutritionally rich dog food that supports the immune system, promotes strong bones and muscles, improves the appearance of the coat, and much more.

The cold press process that is used to create the dog food makes it possible to preserve much of the nutritional value that raw foods would have. In fact, according to the Guru dog food team, “It’s the next best thing to fresh food”.

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In contrast to most other dog foods on the market, the process used by Guru is also better for preserving the delicious qualities of the foods that are included in the dog food. The enhanced flavor, smell, and nutritional content are all reasons to choose Guru dog food.

It isn’t hard to see the proof of those health benefits, either. In almost every Guru dog food review that we have seen, pet owners have been able to see improvements in behavior, breath smell, and coat shine in as little as a few short weeks.

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Quality Ingredients

It’s hard to write a comprehensive Guru dog food review without talking about the ingredients that make the food as healthy as it is, so here goes.

Cold pressed Guru dog food is comparable to raw food in many ways – especially in terms of the nutritional content and taste. To be able to feed your pet the same foods that are included in the Guru lineup in raw form, however, you’d need a pretty big freezer.

The protein is the star of the show for obvious reasons and Guru doesn’t disappoint. High-quality beef, fish, and other types of meat is a part of every Guru meal.

You’ll also see ingredients like sweet potatoes, brown rice, carrots, broccoli, apples and pears, cranberries, and much more. There is even a good selection of fresh herbs, including rosemary, parsley, alfalfa, and evening primrose.

Each of the ingredients included provides an essential part of the healthy dog’s diet and they also add to the flavor as well.

Guru Dog Food variant showing the back

There are also ingredients added to increase the levels of nutritional enhancements like omega-3 and the promotion of healthy cell development, such as linseed oil and rapeseed oil.

All in all, the ingredient list used for Guru dog food includes plenty of items that you can feel good about when feeding your beloved pet.

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A Great Value

Guru dog food is a great value – especially for what you are getting in return. The price for Guru dog food is comparable to factory-produced, commercial dog food in terms of number of feedings.

That alone should indicate the great value that you get with this product. Add to the mix all the health benefits and the value gets even better.

One important note about the price of Guru dog food relates to the weight of the product packaging. Looking only at the weight to cost ratio, Guru dog food would seem to be more expensive than the run of mill kibble options on the market. The difference with Guru is that the portions are much smaller than what you would serve with commercial dog food.

With more nutrition and quality food product packed into a small package, dogs get everything they need without taking in a lot of fillers and other questionable ingredients that are commonly found in traditional dog food.

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When looking into switching a pet’s diet, it is always a good idea to consider any potential drawbacks. You’ll be happy to know that there aren’t many to speak of with the Guru dog food lineup.

The biggest thing that most new users need time adjusting to is the smaller portion size. There is something in most of us that says more is better and filling a dog’s bowl to the brim does provide some satisfaction. It just isn’t necessary with Guru dog food, so getting used to controlling meal sizes might take a bit of work for some.

It is hard to call that a drawback, though. The reason for the smaller portions is pegged to the fact that the meals are healthier and more efficient. It also means that controlling a dog’s weight becomes much easier.


In conclusion, Guru dog food is a quality product that pet owners can feel good about when serving their pets. The combined effort to provide a tasty meal that is nutritious and packed with quality ingredients makes this one of the better dog food choices on the market today.

Add that to the fact that this dog food doesn’t cost any more than other traditional dog food products and it is easy to see why switching a product like Guru is a no-brainer.

If for some reason, your dog doesn’t take to any of the three flavor options available, there are a few other viable alternatives that you can consider. Vitalin Dog Food, Scrumbles Dog food, and Canagan Dog Food are all fantastic alternatives.

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