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Updated: August 14, 2020

Is Gentle dog food one you should consider for your pet? Find out in our review. We find out if Germany makes dog food as good as their cars.

Gentle Dog Food variants

Gentle is a dog food company based in Germany and does a very good job maintaining a down-to-earth approach to feeding your pet.

They pride in the fact that they are able to maintain traditional methods of procuring ingredients and preparing all some dog food.

They are able to do this by staying away from excess mechanized equipment, hiring locally, and buying only the best ingredients available.

When it comes to the Gentle philosophy on how best to feed a dog, the company’s belief is that food should be as close to nature as possible.

The Gentle Range

Along with some dental chew bones, toys treats, and supplements, Gentle also provides for different kinds of health-focused dog food. All of the dog food on offer is cold pressed using a traditional system for processing fresh ingredients.

The four types of food available are Gentle Original, Gentle Small-cap bites, Gentle Fish, and Gentle Goat.

Gentle Original is the first recipe that the company came up with and it is the one that all the others are based on. Made with all-natural ingredients and processed in a way that breaks down very quickly in the dog’s stomach.

This allows for every bit of the nutritional content to be absorbed quickly and efficiently. It also means that Gentle dog food has a very similar effect on dogs as raw food would in fact, according to the Gentle team, this dog food is a perfect addition to a raw food diet for your dog.

Gentle Dog Food Original variant

Gentle Small Bites is essentially the same thing as Gentle Original, but it is crafted to be enjoyed by smaller breeds. Some of the ingredients that make Gentle Original and Gentle Small Bites special are the combination of chicken, brown rice, duck, herring, and much more.

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Gentle Dog Food Small Bites variant

Gentle Fish is their answer to sensitive stomachs. Only one type of fish is used to produce it which also helps the food maintain a delicate touch.

In addition to the white fish, brown rice, potato flakes, dried parsnips, and many other wholesome ingredients come together to make a tasty treat that any canine can enjoy. Gentle Fish is also a complete food, all of the essential vitamins and minerals that a dog needs.

Gentle Dog Food Gentle Fish

Finally, Gentle Goat offers a simple menu featuring goat meat and veggies. Many dogs prefer the taste of goat to other animals, so for them, this is perfect. The main ingredients in Gentle Goat other than the goat itself are keys, parsnip, the root, and potatoes.

There are also many other natural ingredients added to ensure before the range of vitamins and minerals are included.

Gentle Dog Food Gentle Goat variant in pack

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Health Benefits

The health benefits that come from eating a cold-pressed dog food are many. Not only does the food break down much faster in the dog’s system allowing for better absorption and more efficient use of the nutritional content, but the food also maintains a lot of its original qualities.

Cold pressing dog food is a healthier method of production. The ingredients are cooked at a low temperature which helps to preserve healthy minerals, oils, and vitamins.

It’s a more time and money intensive process but it results in a more nutritious food in the end.

Dogs enjoy a shinier coat, better moods, more energy, a bolstered immune system, and much more when eating food that is as close to nature as Gentle’s dog food is.

By eating in a healthier way there are many health issues that are solved in the process. If your dog has a dull coat, restless behavior, lack of appetite, or a bad smell, chances are the animals suffering from a dietary imbalance. Luckily, these types of imbalances can be solved by adding healthy, wholesome foods to the dog’s diet.


The process that goes into making Gentle dog food is only part of what makes it so healthy. All of the recipes that make up the Gentle product line are free from gluten, artificial flavorings and colorings, GMO, and preservatives.

Each of the recipes is created with high meat content, a healthy blend of vegetables and herbs, and a healthy dose of important oils that provide even more nutritional value.

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Gentle Dog Food showing ingredients

One great thing about the Gentle product line is that the shelf life is quite long considering the absence of preservatives and harmful chemicals. Gentle dog food can be stored up to six months safely, according to the Gentle team. That’s great news for anyone who likes to order and bulk to avoid any extraneous trips to the shop.


In terms of value, Gentle dog food is not one of the cheapest options on the market but many would argue that the health benefits outweigh the higher prices.

In fact, nowhere in any of the Gentle dog reviews we have read have we seen anyone complaining about the price. Alternatively, customers seem quite happy about the services provided by the Gentle team.

The process of cold pressing the dog food is one reason for the price being a bit higher than average.


For a company focused primarily on creating a few simple products that are prepared in a healthy way and with high-quality ingredients, it’s difficult to find any drawbacks. One thing that some might not like very much is that shipping is limited to places other than Germany and the UK.

If you live in one of those places, there should be no problem getting your hands on some Gentle cold pressed dog food, but if you are living anywhere else becomes a little bit more complicated to buy the product.

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We like the fact that the ingredients are simple, sourced locally, and prepared with care. We also like the dedication of the Gentle team to create a product that is both good for the animals needed and for the environment in which it is prepared.

While Gentle dog food is not the cheapest healthy dog food on the market, sometimes you get what you pay for. In this case, that’s a good thing. If you would like to compare this dog food with other healthy dog foods on the market, we can also suggest Barking Heads dog food, Guru dog food, and Scrumbles dog food.

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