Forthglade Dog Food Reviewed

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Updated: May 5, 2020

Wondering which dog food is right for your pet? Check out our Forthglade dog food review so you can decide whether it’s the best option for your furry friend.


Forthglade is a company specialising in producing a variety of quality dog foods, from wet to dry food as well as treats.

Their products are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of dogs, including those who require grain free meals because they suffer from allergies and food sensitivities.

This UK-based brand has been around for over 45 years, and it was established in Devon by a group of experts in pet nutrition.

For this reason, you can be confident that this is an impressive range of high quality food that your pet will love, whatever their size, age or nutritional needs.

If you’re wondering whether this could be the right food for you, read this Forthglade dog food review and learn everything you need to know about whether this could be a good choice for your pet.

What’s in the Forthglade Range?

The Forthglade range consists of wet and dry food as well as nutritious high-quality dog treats. The options include:

  • Grain free wet food
  • The complete National Trust wet gourmet range
  • Complete wet food with brown rice
  • Complementary wet food
  • Cold pressed dry food
  • Hand baked treats

All of the food options come in a choice of flavours including turkey, chicken, chicken liver, duck, salmon, sardine, lamb, goose, venison and wild boar as well as combinations of those flavours.

There are also foods designed specifically for feeding to puppies, seniors, those with special diets, and small dogs.

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Does Forthglade Offer Any Health Benefits?

The Forthglade brand is dedicated to only using high-quality ingredients in its recipes.

The sources of protein have been carefully chosen not only for the quality of protein that they offer but also for the additional nutrients that they contain.

For example, chicken liver has been chosen for its high levels of vitamin A, phosphorous, zinc, niacin, copper, and iron while sardines are selected for their high level of omega 3 fatty acids that are very good for your pet’s overall well-being.

Forthglade foods also include high quality fruit and vegetables like apples, apricots, carrots, butternut squash, cranberry, green beans and parsnip.

These contain valuable vitamins and minerals as well as fibre to improve your pet’s digestive function. The Forthglade ranges have plenty of vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s overall well-being.

Antioxidants help to improve the immune system and protect against illnesses, while chondroitin and glucosamine help to keep your dog’s joints healthy – something that is especially good for senior dogs who may suffer from arthritis.

Unlike most other dog foods, Forthglade foods stand out from the crowd because of the beneficial botanicals and herbs that are used in their manufacture.

Chamomile that is known for its calming properties, chicory that helps the immune system and aids digestion, parsley that reduces mouth bacteria, lemon balm with its soothing properties and seaweed that helps to promote a healthy metabolism are just some of the ingredients that Forthglade use in their recipes to aid well-being.

Forthglades also use healthy oils in their recipes. Not only standard oils like vegetable oil but more unusual healthy oils like flaxseed, peppermint and linseed, all of which have their own beneficial properties for your dog’s overall health.

Finally, there are other health-giving ingredients in these quality foods, including prebiotics for good intestinal health and pumpkin seeds that are packed with protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

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Is Forthglade Food Good Value For Money?

With the high quality ingredients used in Forthglade dog foods, it’s clear that these ranges offer excellent nutrition for your pet.

Of course, premium products aren’t cheap, so you can’t expect this brand to be the most affordable.

However, when you take into account the fact that the ingredients used are carefully chosen, locally sourced and packed with health-giving properties, it can be seen that, even though the price tag is higher than some competitor brands, you and your pet will be getting good value in terms of nutritional value and delicious taste.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

There are very few drawbacks to the Forthglade brand, however, the main consideration that you might want to keep in mind is that this manufacturer doesn’t produce much in the way of a dry dog food range.

The focus is certainly on wet foods, and while the quality of the wet food range is excellent, for those dog owners who prefer to give their pet dry food because of the benefits for their teeth that dry foods provide, there may be very limited options within the Forthglade selection.

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Should I Buy Forthglade Dog Foods?

After reading these Forthglade dog food reviews, you’ll know more about this range and be able to determine whether it could be a good choice for your pet.

However, overall, we think that this is a trustworthy and reliable brand with an excellent choice of high-quality foods that have been designed with the needs of your pet’s health and well-being in mind.

The range encompasses a broad spectrum of products, with foods to suit pets with a variety of needs, so whether you have an older pet, a pet with allergies or a puppy, you’ll find a product in their collection that is ideal for your furry friend.

The price of Forthglade foods may not be the cheapest, however you’re getting good value for money in terms of ingredient quality and the knowledge of pet nutrition that has gone into producing these foods.

Not only are Forthglade’s dog foods nutritious, they are also delicious, with many dog owners reporting that their four-legged companions find them extremely tasty.

Finally, then, if you’re looking for a delicious, high-quality wet food that is made from premium ingredients in the UK, you should definitely consider Forthglade as a top choice of brand for your beloved pet.

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  1. My dog ,a mastiff,just loves his forthglades…all of them.
    I used to try and save money by putting in a third kibble to his wet meat but he was always having bouts of dihorea.the vet said we should remove chicken from his diet and see how that goes,he was getting a lot of chicken and rice when his tummy flared…how and ever I decided to remove the kibble from his diet first and on wet forthglade his tummy has been great and his toilets are amazing(dog owners will know what I mean
    The bowl is licked clean now as he used to flick a lot of the kibble to the side to get the meat…guess I should have listened to him all along!!!birthplace
    He knew what was good for him (;

  2. High praise for Forthglade . Before Xmas I sent for 20 cartons of wet dog food and found 8 of them were split and smelly. I contacted the Company and received an email from Tara who was most sympathetic and concerned. She assured me that everything is always done to ensure the safe transit and freshness of the dog food and that a new box would be sent straight away.
    It arrived on 30th Dec and even included 3 packs of lovely dog treats. I was delighted and send my thanks to Tara and all the staff at Forthglade.
    Lucca my whippet says thank you too!

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