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Learn all about the Eurasier dog breed in our latest guide. We give the lowdown on personality, temperament, exercise, health, grooming and more.

eurasier puppy

The Eurasier dog breed has been around since the 60s and has grown in popularity across the globe. They are a friendly breed who love nothing more than to please their owners.

Height: Males up to 60cm, females up to 56cm
Weight: Males up to 32kg, females up to 26kg
Lifespan: 11-13 years
Pedigree Breed: Yes, fully recognized

Positives and Negatives of the Breed

When it comes to finding the right dog for you, then its important to consider all aspects of their personality and their needs. Check out our pros and cons list on owning Eurasiers.


  • They are a healthy breed and won’t cost much in vets bills due to their strong lineage and few hereditary conditions
  • They love having fun and will spend hours playing with you and your family, with you tiring long before they will
  • They are friendly and want to please at any given opportunity making them a great and loyal family pet
  • They are intelligent and quick to learn, making them a breeze to train
  • If you are a first-time owner, they are a great choice for you and for homes that have children in


  • They need a lot of grooming which can take some time and you will need to get them professionally groomed at least twice a year
  • They have high exercise needs and need a minimum of an hour off the lead every day
  • They need lots of mental stimulation to stop them from getting bored and can destroy your home if they are left to their own devices
  • They shed a lot during the year and more so when the seasons change, leaving their hair all over the house
  • They are highly independent and can be defiant if they don’t like the command you give them


Eurasiers are mid-sized dogs that come from Germany. They are very relaxed dogs and remain calm when other pets may not, making them an ideal choice for a family pet.

The great thing about this breed is that they form strong bonds with their owners and make great companion pets to those that are on their own. When you have one in your life, you will know what it means to have a pet that is devoted to you.

They have not reached the peak of their popularity yet as they have previously been rather unknown, but this is changing as they are introduced to more countries across the world.

This breed is now growing in popularity and gaining a reputation of being a trustworthy breed that is good for first-time owners.


The Eurasier dog is pretty new to the dog world, only first being bred in the 50s by a German family.

Their make up comes from a combination of the Chow Chow, Samoyed, and Wolf Spitz, with the result being the dog we see today but with the name ‘Wolf-Chow’.

In the 70s, the breed earned Kennel Club recognition and grew in popularity across Germany with their new name ‘Eurasiers’.

This dog breed has proven itself as a great choice for pet lovers and workers alike.

eurasier dog


The Eurasier dog personality is one of its main selling points, due to it’s easy-going, fun-loving temperament.

If you are planning on getting one, you can look forward to many happy years with this stunning breed.

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Are They Good with Strangers?

Eurasiers do not like strangers and are very wary around those people that they do not know.

That being said, they are not aggressive, and strangers will not be in any danger. You can expect them to let you know that they are unhappy so that you are aware there is a person near that they do not know.

Are They Good with Other Dogs?

These pups are great with other dogs if they have been successfully socialized from an early age. If they come into contact with a new dog, they will need to be introduced slowly so that they know they are not in any danger.

Are They Safe with Children?

They are great with children and will spend lots of time happily playing together. As with any other dog, it is important to supervise all contact between dogs and children so that neither gets hurt.

Can I Trust Them with Other Pets?

If you introduce your new Eurasier into a home with pets, it is important to do so when they are young puppies.

This will ensure that they are accepted and can forge strong bonds with other animals in the house. They will struggle to accept new pets as they get older, so it’s best to keep new arrivals to a minimum.

eurasier dogs playing in snow

Can They Be Left Alone?

They love nothing more than being part of your family and, as such, cannot be left alone. If they are left alone, they will display negative behaviors and develop separation anxiety that will make them clingier when you are around.

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Many Eurasiers live up to 13 years of age when they have been cared for appropriately and fed a healthy diet.

As with most dogs, you will need to maintain their ear health and ensure they do not get a wax build-up that can turn into an infection.

However, as a breed, they are at risk of specific hereditary diseases that include:

It is wise to sign your pet up to an insurance scheme and take them to all vet checks to ensure they are healthy at all times.

They will need to have their full vaccinations so that they are safe when you take them out and about.

The breed has specific issues with their eyes, and it is important that you get them checked on a regular basis in order to keep them healthy and be aware if a problem is developing.

Many dogs get these eye issues, but early intervention can result in a full recovery.

young Eurasier dog


When it comes to exercise, you can expect your dog to need a fair amount every day to keep them in good health.

Eurasier dogs need a minimum of one hour off the lead every day but prefer to have more than this.

They also need access to a large garden so that they can get out and burn off some energy in-between walks, making them a poor choice for people that live in apartments.

They also need to be mentally stimulated to avoid boredom kicking in and will impress you with their skill and mental agility.

They thrive when given the opportunity to use their mental ability alongside their physical needs and will do well in canine sports where they will get to demonstrate their skills and enjoy praise from lots of people.

Puppies need to be exercised carefully, avoiding overexertion in order to maintain healthy limbs.

The reason for this is because your pet is still growing, and putting extra pressure on their body can result in long term health conditions that are expensive to treat and unpleasant for them to live with.

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Eurasier dog sitting



You will love how intelligent your Eurasier dog is and combining that with their keen desire to please, you will love training them.

They will thrive during training classes and enjoy the opportunity to develop their bond with you, making sure that you know they adore you.

They are easy to spoil because they are so cute and cuddly, and you will need to take a firm stance with them from day one to avoid turning them into a defiant and difficult dog.

Basic commands can be taught as soon as you get them, but they prefer to be trained in short bursts and get lots of positive reinforcement when they achieve something.

Even though they are easy to train, they can be defiant if they do not want to perform a command you have given them.

It is important that this behavior is not allowed, and you must continue to repeat the instruction until they submit. No matter how difficult they become, it is never appropriate to punish them or use physical force if they defy you.


The coat of your new dog will impress you as it is a stunning double coat that keeps them warm in the winter months.

With any think haired dog, there are grooming needs, and this breed is no different. The Eurasier sheds a lot all year round and needs to be groomed frequently.

You will notice that your dog sheds more as the seasons change, and this is a good time to get them professionally groomed so that they are comfortable and so that you can manage the levels of shedding in the home.

Part of your grooming regime will need to include checking their eyes for any changes or concerns; this early checking system can help to stop the hereditary eye condition from developing into something that cannot be resolved.

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Have any experience of owning a Eurasier? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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