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Updated: May 5, 2020

Are you looking to find out more about Eden dog food? Check out our Eden dog food reviews, giving you all the essential info you need.


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Eden Dog Food is one of the leading holistic brands on the market, manufacturing food for both cats and dogs.

They are renowned for only using the very best ingredients which are 100% natural and free of chemicals.

The slogan of Eden is “supporting animal health through nutrition” and this neatly sums up their ethos.

They believe that food should be healthy and not just filling, and all of their formulas have been developed with both veterinary surgeons and canine nutritionists.

The company began in 2011 and is based in the English Staffordshire countryside.

The idea for the brand arose after the founder, a nutritionist, started researching the quality of the food she was feeding to her own dogs and was shocked at the poor quality.

This discovery led to the development of the full range of dog foods offered by Eden, which is committed to a transparent, natural and healthy approach.

What Range of Foods Do Eden Offer?

The range of foods available from Eden includes both wet, dry and semi-moist food. Along with supplements, treats and chews, they manufacture food in the following flavours:

  • Fish
  • Original
  • Country (game with lamb)
  • Duck and tripe
  • Wild boar and pheasant

Their kibble comes in different sizes so it’s suitable for both small and large dogs. There’s also a formula suitable for active and working dogs, so if your pooch needs to take in more calories, you can load them up with energy without piling on the fat.

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What are the Health Benefits of Eden?

Eden’s entire focus is on creating formulas that are high-quality and crammed full of goodness. Extensive research has gone into every flavour to make sure it is nutritionally balanced and caters to a dog’s needs.

The nutritionists and vets who have developed Eden have formulated food that is close to a dog’s ancestral diet. Their philosophy ensures that there are no ingredients that are known to provoke common allergies or intolerance reactions in dogs.

This means you won’t find any of the following:

  • Cereals and grains
  • Fillers, flavourings or sweeteners
  • Artificial additives

Everything contained in Eden dog food is completely natural, giving your canine the diet that their ancestors would have eaten.

If your dog has struggled with dry skin, digestive upsets or a dull coat, switching to Eden could make a big difference. The ingredients are so high-quality and natural that any intolerances won’t be an issue any more.

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What are the Beneficial Ingredients?

Along with being committed to natural ingredients, Eden adds a bit extra to boost canine wellbeing and health. Formulas include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Prebiotics to support digestion
  • Glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin (to support joint health)
  • Vitamins, minerals and herbs known to support good canine health

The precise balance will depend on the formula chosen but each provides a careful blend of nutrients to support your dog’s health.

Eden have a clear and transparent packaging policy which means that they list everything that’s included so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

You also won’t find anything hidden; if it’s in the dog food, it will be listed. This is ideal for discerning dog owners who like to know exactly what they are feeding their pooch.

With Eden, there are no hidden surprises as the ingredients list includes everything that’s in the food.

High protein levels will leave your dog feeling fuller for longer without buffing them out with nutritionally empty fillers.

The protein and fat content of the ingredients ensure your dog’s health is well-supported, and that their skin and coat are in excellent condition too.

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Is Eden Dog Food Good Value?

The formula wasn’t created with economy in mind, but quality. The higher protein levels mean that Eden isn’t the cheapest option on the market but when you consider the content, it’s extremely good value for money.

Eden recommends feeding your dog a smaller portion than their usual feed. This is because of the calorific and nutritional content of their food.

Therefore, if you follow the feeding guidelines from Eden you’ll find that it works out to be surprisingly affordable, with a number of other premium brands more expensive.

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Are There Any Negatives of Choosing Eden?

It’s hard to find any real negatives of the dog food from Eden. Users leaving Eden dog food reviews are almost universally complimentary.

Even picky dogs seem to get on well with Eden and those who have experienced allergies and intolerances in the past don’t have the same symptoms when they make the switch.

If your dog isn’t used to such a high-quality diet, making the change could be difficult.

The content of Eden is much richer than many other dog foods, especially those in the budget end of the market. It’s therefore important not to suddenly switch as it can cause digestive upset.

A minority of dog owners have reported problems with the richness of Eden food compared to their usual brand. However, canine nutritional experts have suggested a slow integration and change-over could resolve any problems.

The only dogs that Eden may not be suitable for are those with underlying health conditions, such as the heart or particularly the kidneys.

This is because processing the higher levels of protein may place too much stress on organs that are already struggling. For healthy dogs, this isn’t an issue.

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Should I Buy Eden Dog Food For My Canine?

If you’re looking for a dog food that is packed with real, premium ingredients, offering high levels of protein and no artificial fillers, it’s hard to find anything better.

If you want a comparison, Ava and Burns are similar brands, especially for dogs who have allergies. However, Eden outperforms them all on quality of content.

It’s at the premium end of the market but won’t blow your budget, especially if you introduce it gradually and stick to the recommended portion size.

With the emphasis on natural, nutritious ingredients, this is a dog food that every pooch deserves.

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