5 Best Dog Steps & Dog Stairs

Written by: Jamie
Updated: April 16, 2021

Small or senior dogs may need a little help to jump onto human-sized furniture. Check out our guide to the best dog steps & stairs to give them a little lift.

brown dog going down using stairs

If you have a small, miniature or toy breed of dog, or if your pooch is simply getting on a bit in years and suffering with joint or mobility problems, a set of dog steps or pet stairs could be just what they need to help them navigate your house better.

Lifting larger dogs can cause you back problems, so put your pooch down and let our choice of the best pet stairs for dogs take the strain.

We’ve rounded up our five favourite steps and stairs available for your dog whatever their size or age.

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Our Recommended Dog Steps & Stairs

In our opinion, these are the steps for dogs that deserve your attention.

There's our overall favouritethe best for small dogsand a great lightweight version that's easily portable.

We review each in more detail down below.

Best For Small Dogs

PawHut Pet Stairs

  • 10.4 kg weight
  • 4 steps
  • 50 kg weight capacity

Most Lightweight

PawHut Light Steps

  • 2 kg weight
  • 3 steps
  • Foldable
  • 15 kg weight capacity


PetSafe Cozy Up Steps

This set of pet steps for dogs has everything you and your dog need to get them cuddling up to you on the sofa again in no time.

With a compact foldable design, made from lightweight yet durable materials, this set of dog steps holds a maximum load of up to 150 lbs, or 68 kgs, which is about the size of a Mastiff or Newfoundland – that’s a lot of dog!

Perfect for your medium sized elderly dog or small dog of any age, these folding dog steps are easy to pop out ready for use and store away under a bed or behind a chair when not needed.

With rubber, non-slip feet, comfortable fabric treads, and side rails your dog will be perfectly safe using these doggy steps to securely access furniture that was previously out of reach.

Once you have introduced your dog to these steps and helped them get the hang of it a few times, they’ll love being able to independently jump in their favourite spots once more.

With dimensions of 61 cm (L) x 41 cm (W) x 51 cm (H) they aren't the tallest dog bed steps on our list, however they should offer enough height to reach most beds and sofas


  • Great for seniors. Perfect for an older dog who is struggling to climb up to furniture.
  • Great height. Coming in at 51 cm or nearly 16 inches, these steps for dogs are the perfect height for most average settees and beds.
  • Gentle gradient. These steps incline in a gentle curve, keeping your pet safe and secure as the ascend and descend.
  • Easy to store. Can folded and stored under furniture until needed.
  • Side rails. These improve the stability of the steps and help dogs to feel safe and secure.
  • Lightweight. At just 2.3kg they're light for their strength and size.


  • Flexing. Some users report the steps flexing when used, this may put some nervous dogs off using them.
  • Step size. The size of step may be better suited to medium or small sized dogs rather than the larger breeds the weight capacity suggests.

Bottom Line: A great all-rounder, these are the perfect doggy steps for most dogs of all ages, who need a little help around the house.

The perfect blend of strength, convenience, and portability.

Best For Small Dogs

PawHut Pet Stairs

These covered, soft touch pet steps are our perfect pick for small dogs. With four steps instead of three, they offer a gentler climb to the destination.

Holding up to 20 kg or 44 lbs, these pet steps for dogs have a lower maximum load than some of the others in our list, so are really only suitable for cats and very small dogs rather than anything larger.

With dimensions of 63.5 (L) x 43 (W) x 60 (H) cm they don't take up too much floor space and give adequate leverage to reach most beds and sofas.


  • Covered. With their soft plushy covering they are super comfortable on little pets’ feet and even for them to lie on to take a rest halfway up or down.
  • Strong. With no foldable or moving parts, these steps are very sturdy. Made from dense, robust particle board and covered with fabric tough enough to stand paws and claws, this set of steps is built to last.
  • Perfect for older, small, or animals recovering from an injury.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • Static. These steps don’t fold or come apart for easy storage.
  • Self-assembly. You will have to put this together yourself which could get fiddly.
  • Steeper incline than some in our list.
  • Open steps. These sometimes make animals nervous as they can see the floor etc.

Bottom Line: These are specifically designed pet steps for small dogs and could be the perfect lift for your petite pooch.

Most Lightweight

PawHut Light Steps

Made from lightweight durable plastic and with weatherproof, non-slip removable treads, this set of doggy steps or dog ladder can be used indoors and outdoors making this a great option for stepped or uneven gardens that your dog wants to explore.

Weighing in at only 1.5 kg, or just over 3 lbs, these are by far the lightest and easiest to move around of all the dog steps in our list and hold weights of up to 15 kg, or 33 lbs, which is about the weight of a small Border Collie or a Beagle, which is pretty impressive considering they are so light.

Remember to check your dog’s weight before ordering these steps.

With dimensions of 49 (L) cm x 39 (W) cm x 39 (H) cm they are one of the smallest sets of doggy steps on our list of recommendations. However, this does make them incredibly light and very easy to move around.


  • No self-assembly. This set of steps comes fully-assembled.
  • Lightweight. Easy to move and transport.
  • Side rails. Improving safety and feelings of security for your dog as they ascend and descend the steps.
  • Removeable carpet. The comfy carpeted tread improves traction and stability and can be removed for easy washing.


  • Static. These steps for dogs don’t fold or come apart for easy storage.
  • Lower maximum weight capacity.

Bottom Line: One of the few sets of steps which can be used outdoors, these are the perfect lightweight dog stairs for your dog if there are areas of your garden they just can’t access.

They're perfect if you need a set of stairs for dogs that needs to be easy to move from one place to another.

PawHut Mobility Assistance Steps

Another set of enclosed, covered steps with the added bonus of a removable Berber Fleece and faux suede cover.

This means not only are they are lovely and comfortable for your pet to use, but the cover is machine washable too.

Packed with hidden extras, you can even open the doggy steps and store your dog’s toys, blankets, and other favourite items inside.

Another lower maximum weight capacity of 15 kgs or 33 lbs, this set of steps is perfect for smaller dogs who have difficulty reaching their favourite places due to age, joint problems, or simply being too short.

Coming in at 50 cm high, that’s nearly 20 inches, this unit is a great height for reaching even extra tall beds and sofas.


  • Hidden storage. Who doesn’t need more storage, right? Pop your dog’s toys and other stuff safely away in the steps of this versatile unit.
  • Fully-folding. For easy storage and transportation.
  • Versatile. Suitable for small dogs and cats.
  • Very soft. Perfect for pets with joint issues or arthritis.
  • Weighted. Adding items into the storage steps increases the weight and stability of the steps – genius.
  • Non-slip.


  • Brown. Only available in this brown color which may or may not blend with your décor.
  • Unstable. Some reviewers reported the unit being unstable as the steps are not joined together, just placed next to each other to form the stairs.

Bottom Line: These steps have so much going for them, from the hidden storage to the soft covering and the machine washable outer.

Pet Gear Easy Step II

This two-step unit offers the deepest and widest steps of all our list entries, making them great for nervous dogs or larger dogs who might need more landing area to feel secure. 

These steps also have comfortable carpet treads, which can be removed for washing and the lovely, on-trend, neutral gray color means they will blend easily into most homes.

As there are only two steps, each step is cleverly inclined to reach the required 40cms, or 15inches, height of most sofas or beds.

Your pet won’t even notice the height and we think the larger steps more than make up for this.


  • Easy assembly. No tools are needed to easily fit the pieces together.
  • Large steps. Small dogs will be able to get their whole body on each step and larger dogs will feel more safe and secure.
  • Excellent maximum weight. Holding dogs of up to 75lbs, or 34kgs, that’s equivalent to a large Golden Retriever.
  • Inclined steps. The clever incline of each step means this ingenious unit only needs two steps rather than the more usual three or four to reach the desired height.
  • Great value.
  • Non-slip feet.
  • Perfect for low couches and beds.


  • Might be a little low for some furniture.
  • Some reviewers report issues with sturdiness and reliability over time.

Bottom Line: We love the clever two-step design, slight inclination of the steps, and large step surface area offered by this set of dog stairs, and we know you and your dog will too.

dog on bed

Dog Steps and Stairs Buyers’ Guide

Once you decide to purchase a set of dog stairs or doggy steps, there are a few things you need to consider.

We’ve brought together some of the most important of these, in this buying guide.

Size and Height of the Steps

This consideration is multi-faceted. You will need to think about the height of the furniture your pet is trying to access.

The standard seat height of a sofa or bed is around 45cms, or 18inches. Beds can be higher. 

If your chosen pet stairs are lower than that, your dog will need to take an extra little jump or step to get onto the furniture.

In some cases, this may defeat the object of getting the stairs in the first place. So, measure your furniture seat height and your bed, so you can match it to the appropriate height of pet stairs.  

You also need to consider the incline – how far away from the target do the steps need to sit?

How much general floor space will the steps will take up in relation to your furniture and room?

You don’t want to trip over steps wedged into a ‘too-tight’ space next to your bed when you get up in the night.

Your dog also won’t feel confident or comfortable using them if they feel too squashed.

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white dog beside stairs

Size and Weight of your Dog

As we’ve seen, the maximum weight capacity of the dog stairs does vary, so make sure you know the weight of your dog before you order.

A bad experience with ‘caving’ steps could put your dog off for life, so make sure you get a suitably stable set, appropriate for your dog’s weight

Also think about the size of the individual steps, their width and depth, in relation to your dog.

A larger dog will feel more comfortable using a set of stairs with wider and deeper individual treads. 

Larger steps mean small dogs can rest both sets of feet on one step improving their confidence when using them.

small dog using pink stairs

Adaptability of your Dog

Dogs are pretty clever – most of the time. Lots are also pretty stubborn. 

You know your dog best and can assess how likely they are to take on the new challenge of using something different, like a set of pet stairs, especially if your dog is old – what’s that saying about old dogs and new tricks? 

Lots of dogs, once shown what to do, take to these steps brilliantly within a day or two.

Some get it in their heads, for whatever reason, not to take part under any circumstances.

Try to show your dog what to do and not pressure them into use the doggy steps too soon – treats usually help.

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dog on couch

Durability and Use

One of the sets of steps in our list is specifically designed to be used outdoors and a few have removeable and washable parts. 

Think carefully about what you need to use the steps for, how often they will be used, and how likely your particular pooch is to use them for chewing practice.

If using the steps on a hard or wooden floor, make sure they have rubber, or non-slip feet. 

All the steps in our list are made from durable materials, but only one can be used outdoors, so choose the steps that are fit for purpose and suit your needs best.


As with all the equipment your pet uses, these steps for dogs will need cleaning from time to time.

Look out for easily wipeable plastic construction, and removable washable fabric – there is a great range of options to choose from in our list, which fit the bill perfectly.

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