5 Best Dog Grooming Tables UK

Written by: Jamie
Updated: April 12, 2021

Whether it’s a quick trim or a full cut and blow dry, grooming your dog at home requires some equipment. Here’s our pick of the leading dog grooming tables in 2023.

yorkshire terrier on the table

Professional groomers are amazing, but what if your dog hates the whole experience of being groomed, finding it stressful and upsetting?

So, what’s the alternative? 

If you have the skills – or are looking to improve or develop them – the time, and patience to groom your dogs at home, you can save a lot of fuss and money. 

You will, however, need to invest upfront in some good quality equipment to make sure you do the best job for your dog, and don’t injure yourself in the process. 

The first piece of essential kit you need is a solid dog grooming table. 

In today's guide, we recommend the five best dog grooming tables on the market.

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The Top Dog Grooming Tables Compared

These are the three dog tables for grooming that we feel best represent what's on offer. There's one that's amazing value for money, one that's great for bigger dog breeds, and the one that we'd choose over all others.

Amazing Value

Yaheetech Foldable Grooming Table

  • Up to 100kg weight capacity
  • Adjustable arm
  • Non-slip & waterproof table surface

Best For Large Dogs

Purlove Table

  • Up to 150kg weight capacity
  • Adjustable arm and care loop
  • Non-slip mat

Dog Grooming Table Reviews

Take a look in more detail at the five dog grooming tables that we recommend over all others.

We'll start with our favourite.


PawHut Adjustable Grooming Table

This versatile, fully height adjustable folding dog grooming table is a great piece of kit for the at home, or professional, groomer and is our top pick of the five.


With a sturdy metal frame, non-slip working surface, and two slings for holding your dog in place, this dog table has everything you and your dog need to create a professional, comfortable, stress-free groom.

A removable metal tray under the table provides great accessible storage for all your tools, and all the working edges of the table are rounded to prevent accidents and injuries to you and your dog. 

With a maximum load weight of 100 kilograms, or over 200lbs, this sturdy table will safely hold some of the biggest breeds around.


  • Fully adjustable.
  • Strong metal frame and non-slip rubber feet.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Maximum load weight of 100kgs or 200lbs+
  • Legs can be folded away for easy storage.


  • Flatpack, with some assembly required. This table comes in individual parts and will require some home assembly.
  • It's quite heavy once assembled at around 15kgs or 33lbs.

Bottom Line:

It's got everything you need in a dependable table for dog grooming. Fully adjustable, sturdy, and easily packed away, it's the clear winner for us!

Great Value

Yaheetech Foldable Grooming Table

This is our top value pick of the best five dog grooming tables and is the perfect first dog table if you’re just starting out or deciding whether home grooming is for you. 

This table is completely foldable, just like a trestle table, so you don’t need to remove the legs, simply fold them underneath for flat easy storage and transportation.

Made from sleek, strong black tubular iron and edged with aluminum, this dog grooming table looks great as well as being useful.

It features a removable and adjustable ‘clamp-on’ arm for deploying the sling to keep your dog in place. If you don’t need it, you can simply remove it, so it doesn’t get in your way. 

The working surface is covered with PU leather, making the perfect waterproof, anti-slip, and anti-static standing area for your dog.


  • Very little assembly required. Easy to set up and get ready for your first groom.
  • Easy to clean. Just wipe down and fold away.
  • Excellent value. The most competitively priced dog table on our list.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Lightweight. Coming in at around 11kgs, or around 25lbs, this portable dog grooming table is light and easy to move when folded.


  • One loop or sling. This dog table comes with one sling only, which might make it difficult to maneuver and hold your dog steady, especially if it is a larger breed.
  • Height issues. The table comes in quite short, and some reviewers stated they needed a chair to be at the right height to groom. If you prefer to stand, this may not be the dog table for you.
  • No carrying handle. This might make it more difficult than some other tables to move when folded.

Bottom Line:

We love this dog table for all the features it has and the great value for money it offers. If you’re trying to decide whether home grooming is for you, we highly recommend this table as a great quality product which won’t beak the bank.

Best for Large Dogs

Purlove Table

If you have large dogs, you might be dubious about whether one of these grooming tables will take the strain.

Well, we’ve got the perfect table for your large four-legged friend in this Purlove grooming table – our pick for larger dogs. 

Designed to last, this dog table has H-style legs made from tubular steel, a reinforced bracket supporting those legs, and rubber feet, all of which offer total stability, longevity, and an impressive maximum weight of up to 150kgs, that’s over 330lbs.

This table has a dog grooming arm supported by two verticals, both of which can be adjusted up or down, or in and out, offering complete control and flexibility as you position your dog for the best and most comfortable groom. 

When grooming larger dogs, or any dog, it is important they feel safe and secure, and the Purlove folding dog grooming table has a unique eco-friendly mat with a pyramid shape, designed to keep your dog, safe, still, and secure.


  • Very little assembly. Comes with very clear detailed instructions on how to assemble and a customer service contact in case you have any trouble.
  • Foldable and portable. Folding into an almost flat position, once closed away, this table can be stored easily.
  • Two loops. With two adjustable loops, you can be confident your dog is safe, secure, and always in the best position for you to do your finest work.
  • Rounded edges. With rounded edges, there is no possibility of you or your dog getting hurt on this dog table.


  • A bit pricey. It is the most expensive dog grooming table in our list.
  • Heavy. At 18.5kgs, or 40lbs, this table is a could be quite heavy to move around. This could just be the trade-off you make to have a large, secure table for larger dogs.

With more weight capacity than its competitors this is a great option for larger dogs. It's strong and sturdy but weighs more as a result.

Grandma Shark Foldable Table

Perfect for grooming your pets at home, this easy to expand and collapse table, like most of the entries on our list, can hold a maximum weight of up to 100kgs, or a little over 200lbs.

With a comfortable PU leather covering on the working surface, your dog will not slip or slide as you work on them.

Made from durable materials, many reviewers report this dog table is very stable and sturdy.


  • Lightweight. Should be fairly easy to move around.
  • Adjustable arm height. Adjustable height on the removable fixed dog grooming arm means you can place it in the perfect position for your dog for maximum comfort and access.
  • Handy wire tray. Tray underneath the table to hold everything you need for easy access during grooming.


  • Fixed height. The table itself is a fixed height at 76cms or around 30 inches. This is quite low and depending on your height and grooming position this may not suit you.
  • One sling. This might affect your dog’s position and stability as you groom.

Pedigroom Grooming Table

The lightweight, stainless-steel construction of this dog grooming table is tough, hygienic, and rust proof.

Again, holding up to 100kgs, or around 200lbs, this dog table is stable and secure enough for most breeds and sizes of dog.

The dog grooming arm housing the stability loops is completely portable, so you can position it anywhere on the table, and at the perfect height, making this the most flexible option in our list.


Lightweight and completely foldable and portable, this dog table would make a great addition to any mobile dog groomer’s kit, as it fits neatly into most cars.

It’s easy to clean, and has a non-slip, anti-scratch, static resistant mat.


  • Two loops. Posterior loop provides extra stability and positioning power when grooming your dog, making it easier for everyone involved.
  • Fully portable arm. For completely flexible positioning anywhere on the table.
  • Fully portable and easy to fold.
  • Great for mobile dog groomers.


  • Pricey. It is at the more costly end of all our recommendations.

bichon fries at a dog grooming salon

Why Groom Your Dogs at Home?

We touched on this earlier, but professional dog grooming can be expensive, particularly if you have more than one or two dogs, large dogs, or dogs that have ‘special’ coats and grooming requirements. 

If you have the time, patience, and motivation to learn the skills required to keep your pooch looking their best at home, this could be the perfect way to save some money and bond with your dog in the process. 

Yes, you will need to make an upfront investment in professional quality kit to begin with.

Grooming scissors, a good quality dryer, maybe a bath - remember, you will need to wash your dogs at home, so you might want investigate a specialist dog bath or portable external shower, as bending over your home bath really is not good for your back.

And you will definitely need a dog grooming table. 

Once you have all the know-how and equipment you need, you can start saving back the money over the years by grooming your dogs at home.

Grooming-Related Anxiety

Some dogs love the prospect of a pampering session at the salon, and there are many amazing, kind, and gentle groomers out there. 

However, some dogs get anxious at the groomers. Whether they’re just nervous dogs, or whether they had a bad experience at a groomer in the past, many dogs get very stressed at the prospect of a regular wash a blow dry. 

Grooming your dogs at home, could be the perfect solution.

The familiar surroundings, and your comfortable touch and scent could be all your dog needs to feel safer and happier.

dog waiting to cut hair at the dog grooming

Keeping your Dogs Comfortable

You might have a breed of dog that needs extra attention when it comes to their groom, nails, brushing, or clip. In fact, even dogs who have regular trips to the groomer will need some attention in between visits. 

Improving your general brushing, nail clipping, and teeth cleaning skills means you can keep your dogs in tip-top condition between visits to the professionals.

You may even be able to cut down on the number of visits required over the year and save yourself some money that way too.

Dog Grooming Table Buyers’ Guide

So, now you’ve decided to take the plunge and either become your dog’s sole groomer or just provide some maintenance between cuts, you will need an excellent quality, safe, and sturdy dog grooming table, here’s what to look out for…


This is one of the most important things when it comes to your comfort, and your dog’s safety, when looking at a dog table. 

No matter what activity you’re engaged in, doing it standing at an incorrectly positioned table can be torture for your back.

So, check whether the table can be adjusted to suit you, especially if you are very tall or short. 

dog at grooming salon

If the table has a fixed height, check that it works with your height, and the position in which you like to groom – some prefer to stand, some are okay with sitting.

Make sure you know which is best for you before you buy a fixed height table. 

If the table is at an uncomfortable height, you can cause yourself an injury, or rush the trim on your dog – neither of which is desirable. Please don’t compromise on this – you might regret it long-term.

Recommended Reading: Don't miss our guide to the best portable dog showers next.


Stability, strength, and durability are also very important. 

All our recommendations are made from strong, durable materials, have rubber feet and an anti-slip, waterproof mat on the working surface.

Look out for stainless steel options, as these will not rust, and rounded edges for safety.

dog lying on grooming table

Size and Weight of your Dog

Check the size of the table is generous enough to accommodate the whole length and width of your dog in a resting position, with some to spare.

Your dog will probably stand or sit for grooming, but you want them to feel secure, without their paws falling off the edges, if they do lie down mid-groom. 

All the entries in our list hold a maximum load of at least 100kgs or 220lbs, and we have included one holding up to 150kgs, or 330lbs for large dogs.

Make sure your chosen table can comfortably accommodate the full weight of your dog.

Weight of the Table

If portability is important, always check the weight of the table, how well it folds, and whether it has a carry handle for easy maneuvering.

This is also important when it comes to collapsing and expanding the table, and when storing. If you are doing this alone, think about having to deal with a heavy, difficult to collapse table every time you groom.

corgi stands on a grooming table near the coat after trimming

Special Features

There are some features which make certain grooming table for dogs stand out. Our top features to look out for include: 

  • Multiple loops for holding your dog steady. One loop is essential and might be enough for smaller, or calmer dogs, but a second posterior loop will help with larger dogs, or dogs that fuss or move around on the table. 
  • A tray. It may not seem like a big deal, but sometimes when you’re grooming, you’ll feel like you need three hands. A convenient, accessible tray under the table keeps everything within reach. 
  • Adjustable dog grooming arm or top cross bar. Being able to adjust the height and position of the arm and crossbar means you can position your dog comfortably in the loops. 
  • All dog tables must have a non-slip mat but look for anti-static options which repel hair making it easier to clean.
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