Best Dog Groomers Near Me [UK Directory]

Written by: Jamie
Updated: January 4, 2023

Looking for a quality local dog groomer that will put your dog at ease? We’ve put together a complete guide to the very best dog groomers all around the UK.

Dog getting a trim

Good dog groomers can be hard to come by. That’s why we’ve scoured the British Isles to put together this exhaustive guide!

If we’ve missed a favourite dog salon of yours then be sure to let us know and we’ll happily add it to the directory.

Best Dog Grooming Shop in London


Contact: 07572 804 138

Address: 524 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, London SW17 0NY, United Kingdom

The Pawpairs salon provides a complete range of grooming services for both puppies and adult dogs. The full groom option includes a bath, blow-dry, brush, ear clean, coat clip, and nail clip, with prices starting from £40 depending on the size of the dog.

Conveniently, Pawpairs also operates a Pet Taxi service – for a small fee, someone from the team will pick up your dog from home and bring them back after the appointment, so you don’t have to worry about arranging transport.

In addition to grooming, Pawpairs also offers dog day care (with optional collection and drop-off), pet-sitting, dog walking, and puppy training.


Purplebone Dog Shop & Dog Grooming

Contact: 020 7985 0903

Address: 95 Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, London W11 3JZ, United Kingdom

Dog grooming services at Purplebone include everything from the basic wash & dry to more specialist procedures, such as ultrasound teeth cleaning or nail grinding.

There are six grooming packages, including a puppy welcome package, a full groom, and a 2.5-hour premium pamper option. The salon also offers hand stripping, ideal for breeds such as terriers and spaniels.

The price for a full groom (full coat clip, nail clipping, undercoat removal, ear cleaning, and more) £65 to £90, depending on the size of the dog.

Purplebone also features a dog shop, offering premium coat conditioners, toys, snacks, and other products to treat and pamper your four-legged friend.


Pet Universe Cat & Dog Grooming Salon

Contact: 020 8550 0430

Address: 51 Atherton Rd, Ilford IG5 0PQ, United Kingdom

Pet Universe welcomes both pets and show dogs for a series of grooming and pampering services.

Prices are set individually depending on a number of factors, including the breed of the dog and coat condition, among others. On average, the cost of a full grooming service for medium-sized breeds is around £40.

Pet Universe also offers walk-in nail clipping, as well as more specialist services such as coat colouring, teeth cleaning, and medicated baths. For the ultimate spa experience for your dog, you can book an aromatherapy massage or a salt bath.

If your dog has a feline companion, you may be interested to find out that Pet Universe also does cat grooming.


Groom Dog City

Contact: 020 3487 0698

Address: 9 Ravenscroft St, London E2 7SH, United Kingdom

Groom Dog City is a premium grooming salon founded by Stuart Simons, one of Britain’s most well-known and successful pet stylists. Both Stuart and his salon have made several TV appearances, including The Jonathan Ross Show and Britain’s Got More Talent, among others.

Prices at Groom Dog City depend on the breed. On average, a bath & scissor cut treatment for a medium-sized dog (such as a spaniel) costs approximately £100, reaching around £160 for larger dogs (e.g. golden retriever).

The salon also offers hand-stripping for suitable breeds, as well as creative grooming services such as coat colouring.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Birmingham

Dog Grooming By Julia

Contact: 0121 680 6805

Address: 6 Maple Rd, Rubery, Birmingham B45 9EA, United Kingdom

The highly qualified, experienced team at the salon caters to dogs of all sizes and breeds, as well as offering cat grooming services.

Dog grooming prices at Julia’s salon start at £20 for tiny breeds such as chihuahuas, reaching £70 for the largest dogs. Hand-stripping is also available, with per-hour rates (first hour £35, then £25).

The salon also features a shop, selling everything you could need to brighten your dog’s day and groom them at home – including professional shampoos & conditioners, brushes and combs, toys, and more.

In addition, Julia offers a micro-chipping service for all kinds of pets.


Rovers Dog Grooming Parlour

Contact: 07584 495642

Address:  Rover Dr, Birmingham B27 6TA, United Kingdom

Focusing on providing a personal service and a calm, relaxing environment, Rover’s is a great choice particularly for nervous dogs and first-time grooming visits. The salon doesn’t use crates or drying cabinets, so you can be sure the grooming will be a stress-free experience for your dog.

As with most salons, the prices at Rover’s depend on the size, breed of the dog, as well as the coat’s condition. Prices for a full groom – which includes a bath, blow dry, nail trim, health check, coat trim, perfume, and a hair accessory if chosen – start from £25. Introductory grooming packages for puppies, meanwhile, start at £15 and include play time and treats.


Sheldon Dog Services Ltd

Contact: 07538699742

Address: 34 E Meadway, Birmingham B33 0AP, United Kingdom

The team of experts at Sheldon offers a comprehensive set of services to suit every dog and their owner.

The grooming salon at Sheldon Dog Services provides a full range of standard treatments. The full groom package includes ear cleaning, nail clipping, bath & blow dry, coat trim (or de-shedding treatment for suitable breeds), and perfume. Prices start from £15 for small dogs with short coats, and from £65 for large dogs with long coats.

In addition to grooming, Sheldon also offers a dog walking service (including social walks), pet sitting, and working dog exercise, as well as obedience training and puppy classes.

Best Dog Grooming Shop in Liverpool

Kellys K9 Kutz

Contact: 0151 928 1133

Address: 58 Bridge Rd, Litherland, Bootle, Liverpool L21 6PH, United Kingdom

A small salon with a personal touch and a friendly atmosphere to keep your dog happy and relaxed, Kelly’s K9 Kutz offers professional baths & grooming for dogs of all breeds and coat types. The owner of the salon, Kelly, has over 12 years’ experience in dog grooming, so you can be certain you’re leaving your canine friend in great hands.

Depending on the breed of your dog, you can book either a coat trim or a de-shedding service for dogs that don’t need to have their coat clipped – such as huskies.

Kelly’s also features a shop with accessories and products to keep your pooch safe, happy, and entertained –  such as leads, harnesses, toys, and treats.


Laura’s Dog Grooming

Contact: 0151 792 5112

Address: 3 Deysbrook Ln, Liverpool L12 8SW, United Kingdom

Laura’s Dog Grooming specialises in grooming nervous dogs, with a holistic, one-to-one approach. If your dog gets especially stressed out around strangers or at grooming salons, you’re encouraged to visit Laura’s a few times prior to the appointment so that your dog can get to know the team and the environment.

The owner of the salon, Laura, has over 11 years’ experience in grooming, as well as a long history of volunteering with rescue dogs.

Full groom prices at Laura’s Dog Grooming start from £22 for extra-small breeds and from £35 for large dogs. Half grooms are half the price, and include a bath, nail clip, and localised trims.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Nottingham

Sue’s Paws

Contact: 07966 584581

Address: 82 Ramsey Dr, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 6QQ, United Kingdom

Sue, the owner of the Sue’s Paws grooming studio, has years of experience in owning and grooming different breeds of dogs. The studio aims to take a patient, individual approach with every dog it grooms, taking the dog’s comfort level and individual needs into account.

Sue’s Paws provides a full assortment of dog grooming services, including de-matting, wash, dry and fur treatments, as well as advice on looking after your dog’s coat and overall health.

Prices at Sue’s Paws are set individually, depending on the needs of the dog. The salon also offers a collection service, taking care of transport for you. Alternatively, it’s possible to book a home grooming visit.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Sheffield

All Dogs Grooming Parlour Sheffield

Contact: 0114 231 2283

Address: 104 Halifax Rd, Sheffield S6 1LH, United Kingdom

The Sheffield-based All Dogz grooming salon offers all standard grooming services for your pooch.

The breed of your dog will determine the price of a full groom, which includes a bath, dry, coat clip, and nail clip. Prices range from around £20 to £60 for the majority of breeds. Regular customers get a monthly re-book discount.

The All Dogz salon also offers a puppy pamper package, where a full groom costs £15 – £20 for all dogs under 6 months of age.

For an additional fee, it’s possible to arrange a pick up & drop off service in the Sheffield area, so you don’t need to worry about transport to and from the grooming appointment.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Bristol

Woof Wash & Groom

Contact: 0117 939 2734

Address: Ambrosia House, 292 Whitehall Rd, Bristol BS5 7BG, United Kingdom

Woof Wash & Groom is a family business catering both to pets and professional show dogs.

The full groom package includes a bath & blow dry, coat clip to breed standard, nail clip, and coat conditioning. Prices range from £33 to £53 depending on the size of your dog, with a £60-90 price range for specialist breeds.

For the ultimate pampering experience for your four-legged friend, you can book them in for the spa package – a full groom with the addition of specialist treatments, such as a head and back massage and a full facial.

At the Woof Wash & Groom salon, you’ll also find a shop stocked with premium food, snacks, toys, coats, and accessories for your pooch.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Leicester

Birstall Dog Grooming

Contact: 07917 653885

Address: 14 Briargate Dr, Birstall, Leicester LE4 3JA, United Kingdom

Birstall Dog Grooming is a Leicester-based grooming salon for all breeds.

Full grooming includes bathing, conditioning, hand stripping, scissoring, clipping, ear pluck and clean, and nail trimming. The prices for small to medium breeds average approximately £30. If your dog is of a larger breed, expect around £50 – £60. Hand-stripping is also an option for suitable breeds.

Birstall Dog Grooming offers half-price puppy grooms, and special rates for breeders and for rescue centres, as well as treatment for extremely matted dogs.

In addition, Birstall runs a day care service for dogs. If you’re running short on time, you can drop off your dog in the morning on appointment day and pick them up in the evening.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Leeds

Blades Dog Grooming

Contact: 0113 253 2525

Address: The Old Drill Hall, Ackroyd St, Morley, Leeds LS27 8PZ, United Kingdom

Blades Dog Grooming in Leeds offers all standard grooming treatments, including hand stripping and styling.

The full grooming experience includes bathing (drying), dead hair, and knots removed, nail clipping, anal glands if needed, and styling. Prices are set individually depending on the breed and condition of your dog.

For dogs that just need a quick wash, Blades Dog Grooming offers a ‘Bath and Blast’ treatment. This includes bathing and blasting, which removes excess water and loose dead hairs, but doesn’t dry the dog completely – so your pooch will go home damp. Prices for this option range from £6 to £15.

In addition, Blades Dog Grooming’s services include walk-in nail clipping for £5 and free consultation and advice with no appointment needed.


Lisa’s Ulti-Mutt Dog Grooming

Contact: 07999 082663

Address: 127 Town St, Middleton, Leeds LS10 3LZ, United Kingdom

Lisa’s Ulti-Mutt Dog Grooming salon offers a calm, stress-free environment that welcomes canine customers of all breeds and sizes.

The salon’s services include everything you could expect from a professional dog groomer: bath & blow dry, coat clip and hand stripping for suitable breeds, nail clipping, and more. Prices depend on the breed and coat condition of your dog, starting at £25 for coat clipping and £10 for a brush, bath & blow dry.

For an additional fee of £5, you can arrange a collection service with Lisa’s salon. Provided you live within the local area, someone will collect your dog from home and take them to the grooming appointment.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Manchester

Yew Tree Dog Grooming

Contact: 07775 920689

Address: 53 Delacourt Rd, Withington, Manchester M14 6BU, United Kingdom

Yew Tree Grooming focuses on providing a truly one-to-one service for dogs of all breeds and conditions. For comfort and hygiene, only one dog can be groomed in the salon at any given time.

The grooming salon also provides a secure, gated garden for your pooch to relax in during breaks.

A full groom includes a bath, blow dry, nail clip, ear clean, coat clip, and health check. The service costs £25 for small to medium dogs and £25-30 for large breeds. You can also book your pooch in for a bath and blow dry only, for £15.

Yew Tree Grooming operates a Pet Taxi service, offering transport to and from the grooming appointment in the Manchester area.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Wales

Dog And Bone Grooming

Contact: 01267 282828

Address: Emlyn Square, Newcastle Emlyn SA38 9BQ, United Kingdom

Located in Newcastle Emlyn, Dog and Bone offers a wide selection of dog grooming services for every breed, providing a personalised service by only having one dog in the salon at a time.

Prices for bathing and grooming are set individually, based on the size, breed, and coat condition of your dog.

It’s also possible to book a mobile grooming appointment with Dog and Bone. The grooming will be carried out in a purpose-equipped van right outside your house.

In addition, Dog and Bone offers grooming classes where you can learn to take care of your pet’s grooming needs at home.


Parklands Dog Grooming

Contact: 07870 679291

Address: 7 Angelica Way, Llanishen, Cardiff CF14 9FJ, United Kingdom

Catering to dogs of all breeds and sizes, Parklands Dog Grooming is located in Llanishen, north Cardiff.

The salon offers a full range of professional grooming services, including bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, coat clipping, hand stripping for suitable breeds, and more.

Grooming costs depend on the breed of your pooch, as well as their coat condition. Prices start at £30 for small, short-haired breeds. There is a free collection and drop-off service in case you need help with transport.

Parklands is one of the top choices for dog grooming in the area – it belongs to the Three Best Rated pet grooming salons in Cardiff.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Cambridge

Fairy DogMother

Contact: 07477 878537

Address: 18 High St, Fenstanton, Huntingdon PE28 9JZ, United Kingdom

The Fairy DogMother is a grooming salon offering cat and dog grooms suited to breed standards and your personal preference.

A full groom includes a bath, brush, ear cleaning, nail clip, and coat clip. Prices for this service start from £17 for small breeds, £32 for medium ones, and £37 for large dogs. Puppy packages are also available to get your young friend used to the grooming experience.

The Fairy DogMother also offers a professional teeth cleaning service using ultrasound technology, as well as luxury treatments including facial scrubs and mud baths to truly pamper your pooch.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Oxford

Woozelbears Hydrotherapy and Grooming

Contact: 01993 772882

Address: Unit 5, Eagle Industrial Estate, Church Green, Witney OX28 4YR, United Kingdom

Woozelbears is both a professional grooming salon and an animal hydrotherapy company.

In terms of grooming, the salon offers a full range of treatments, including baths, coat clipping and styling, hand-stripping, cording, nail clipping, and more. There are also luxury spa treatments available for your dog, including a facial scrub and a dead sea mud bath.

Hydrotherapy treatments at Woozelbears include an aquatic treadmill, rehabilitation, and sports conditioning, among others. Laser therapy treatments are also available to aid in the healing of aches and injuries.

In addition, the salon features a boutique selling everything you need to keep your pup happy, healthy, and safe, including leads, care products, toys, treats, dog food, and accessories.


Northern Ireland

Wizard of Dogs Cookstown

Contact: 07715 433843

Address: 133/135 Church St, Cookstown BT80 8HX, United Kingdom

With over 10 years’ experience in dog grooming, Wizard of Dogs in Cookstown offers a professional, comprehensive service to all breeds.

A full groom includes a wash & dry, brushing, styling to breed standard (or to your preference), nail clip, and ear clean. There are also mini-groom packages, which include everything for the full groom except for the styling – instead, the groomer will just tidy up the area around the dog’s face and feet. Prices depend on the dog’s breed and coat condition, with a detailed price list available online.

Hand stripping for suitable breeds and spa packages are also available. In addition, Wizard of Dogs offers dog grooming classes, where you can learn to become a professional groomer or simply find out how to look after your dog’s grooming needs at home.



Best Dog Grooming Shop in Edinburgh

Dofos Pet Centre & Dog Grooming

Contact: 0131 557 4666

Address: 337 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8SD, United Kingdom

The Dofos Pet Centre is the oldest grooming salon and pet store in Edinburgh, having been founded in 1953. Alongside the Leith Walk salon, Dofos has two other locations in Edinburgh – on Comiston Rd and Raeburn Place.

A full groom includes a bath (using vegan shampoo), blow dry, brush, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and a coat clip for long-haired breeds, with prices starting at £35 for small breeds and reaching £65 for large dogs. A hand-stripping service is available for suitable breeds.

Each Dofos grooming salon features a large shop, selling accessories, toys, dog food, treats, natural and vegan grooming products, and much more.



Contact: 0131 337 1391

Address: 478 Gorgie Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2RY, United Kingdom

Christine’s is a specialist dog grooming salon with a convenient location near central Edinburgh, catering to all breeds and coat types. Nervous dogs and those with behavioural problems are welcome, with no extra handling charge.

The team at Christine’s benefits from over 50 years of collective experience in dog grooming, providing a personalised service for each dog. The groomer will take the time to get to know your four-legged friend and become familiar with their needs before proceeding with the groom.

Dog grooming prices at Christine’s vary depending on breed and coat condition, usually falling within the £20 – £60 range.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Glasgow

Wizard of PAWS

Contact: 0141 632 4466

Address: 32 Cogan St, Pollokshaws, Glasgow G43 1AP, United Kingdom

Wizard of Paws calls itself “Scotland’s one-stop dog shop”. It features a professional grooming salon, training for puppies and adult dogs, doggy day care, and a well-stocked shop selling treats, toys, accessories, and premium dog food.

A full groom includes a bath & blow dry, brush, ear clean, nail clip, and a coat clip or a hand-strip, depending on your dog’s breed. Prices depend on breed and coat condition, and will be determined individually based on your dog’s needs.

Wizard of Paws also offers complimentary puppy sessions for dogs under 6 months, featuring an introduction to grooming to get your little one used to the treatments.


Pawcasso Dog and Cat Grooming

Contact: 0141 959 8111

Address: 990 Crow Rd, Anniesland, Glasgow G13 1JN, United Kingdom

Pawcasso is a professional cat and dog grooming salon offering both standard grooming services and medicated treatments for your pet.

A full groom includes all of the treatments you’d expect, such as a bath & dry, nail clip, ear clean, and coat clipping. Hand-stripping is also offered to suitable breeds.

As in most other grooming salons, the prices are set individually and depend on the dog’s size, coat condition, and temperament. The salon is unable to groom very large dogs, such as Newfoundlands or Old English Sheepdogs, due to not having suitably sized facilities.

The salon also features a boutique selling leads, harnesses, combs, and other accessories, as well as designer petwear from Puchi and Pet London.


Snoopdogs Grooming Salon

Contact: 07510 846756

Address: 48 The Murray Square, East Kilbride, Glasgow G75 0BH, United Kingdom

Snoopdogs is a dog grooming salon located in southern Glasgow, offering a full range of grooming treatments for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Grooming prices at Snoopdogs are set individually, taking the breed and coat condition of your dog into account. The salon offers free coat clips for young puppies under 16 weeks, so you can get your new furry friend used to the grooming experience from an early age.

In addition, there’s a regular raffle at Snoopdogs – tickets cost £1, and a draw every 5 weeks reveals the winner of a free dog groom.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Stirling

Pets at Home Stirling

Contact: 0345 600 9567

Address: SPRINGKERSE RETAIL PARK, Munro Rd, Stirling FK7 7TL, United Kingdom

The Stirling branch of Pets at Home – the largest specialist pet care retailer in the UK – features The Groom Room, a professional dog grooming salon with a full range of treatments for your pooch.

A full groom for smooth-haired breeds includes a bath & blowdry, brush, eye and ear cleaning, and nail clip, with prices starting from £27. Prices for long-haired breeds that require a coat clip, hand-strip, or other forms of styling are available upon request, as they’re set individually.

The Groom Room also offers specialist VIP spa treatments for a full pampering experience. These include teeth cleaning gel and breath freshening, a blueberry facial, paw wax, among others. Your dog will get a free bandana with every VIP treatment.


Pampers Dog Grooming

Contact: 07902 014083

Address: 22 Broadleys Rd, Springkerse Industrial Estate, Stirling FK7 7ST, United Kingdom

Run by a mother and daughter team, the Pampers dog grooming salon is a regular recipient of the 5 Star Grooming Gold Standard award from SAI Global.

In addition to standard dog and cat grooming services, Pampers also offers a series of exclusive SPA treatments. These include a wide variety of mud baths with specialist products picked in accordance to your dog’s needs, a blueberry facial, and paw treatments.

Pampers’ services also include HydroSurge bathing – hydromassage treatments intended to relax your dog and help them maintain a healthy skin and coat.

Furthermore, creative grooming is available at Pampers, including coat colouring, nail polish, and creative trims.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Dundee

Pets at Home Dundee

Contact: 0345 600 2412

Address: Kingsway Retail Park, 2, Longtown Rd, Dundee DD4 8JT, United Kingdom

Pets at Home is the UK’s largest specialist pet care retailer, and many of its branches feature The Groom Room – a professional dog grooming salon offering both standard and VIP treatments.

A full groom for smooth-haired breeds includes a bath & blowdry, brush, eye and ear cleaning, and nail clip, with prices starting from £27. Prices for long-haired breeds that require a coat clip, hand-strip, or other forms of styling are available upon request, as they’re set individually.

The Groom Room also offers specialist VIP spa treatments for a full pampering experience. These include teeth cleaning gel and breath freshening, a blueberry facial, paw wax, among others. Your dog will get a free bandana with every VIP treatment.


Absolute Dogs

Contact: 01382 666900

Address: 1 Annfield St, Dundee DD1 5JH, United Kingdom

Absolute Dogs in Dundee offers a series of services for dog owners, including a fully equipped dog grooming salon.

The salon welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes, offering scissor, clip, and hand-strip treatments to suit every coat type. A full groom includes a bath & dry, brush, nail clip, ear and eye clean, and coat styling, with prices set individually.

Thanks to the spacious facilities at Absolute Dogs, your pooch doesn’t have to be caged before or after the groom.

Alongside dog grooming, Absolute Dogs also offers a dog taxi service (including collection and drop-off for grooming appointments), doggy day care, home boarding, and self-service dog washes.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Perth

Pretty Paws

Contact: 01738 443165

Address: 95 Glover St, Perthshire, Perth PH2 0JP, United Kingdom

The Pretty Paws dog grooming salon in Perth is one of the three top-rated pet grooming businesses in the area, according to

Founded in 2009, the salon offers a full range of dog grooming treatments, including bathing and blow drying, nail clipping, coat clipping and styling, and ear cleaning. Hand-stripping is available for suitable breeds, such as Scottish Terriers and Irish Wolfhounds. Additional treatments offered by Pretty Paws also include teeth cleaning.

Prices are set individually depending on the breed and coat condition of your dog, as well as their other grooming needs.


Perth Pet Care

Contact: 01738 623299

Address: Arran Rd, Unit 5 Advance Factory, Perth PH1 3DZ, United Kingdom

Perth Pet Care is a doggy day care centre that also features a professional grooming salon named Wagging Tails Grooming.

The salon offers a full range of grooming treatments for dogs of all breeds and coat types, featuring both coat clipping and hand-stripping, as well as professional de-shedding treatments. Prices depend on the breed and coat condition of your dog, with discounts for regular customers.

Introductory grooming sessions for puppies are available free of charge, provided your puppy is under 20 weeks and has had a full set of vaccinations.

Specialist SPA services are also on offer, including a blueberry facial and paw treatments.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Inverness

Taylors Tails Dog Grooming

Contact: 07990 573147

Address: Hillcrest, Tore, Muir of Ord IV6 7RZ, United Kingdom

Taylor’s Tails is a salon with a wide selection of dog grooming services on offer, welcoming canine customers of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

Taylor’s Tails treatments include all standard grooming procedures – such as baths, coat clipping, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and de-matting – as well as basic teeth cleaning.

Prices for a full groom depend on the breed of your dog, averaging £25-30 for small breeds, £30-40 for medium dogs, and £40-60 for large ones. The exact grooming cost depends on the coat condition and temperament of your dog.

The salon is owned and ran by Rebekah Taylor – an accredited professional dog stylist and holder of numerous qualifications in canine care, including certificates in dog handling and first aid.


The Dog Room

Contact: 07809 904058

Address: 9 Culloden Rd, Balloch, Inverness IV2 7HQ, United Kingdom

The DogRoom in Inverness is a grooming salon with a personal touch and a full range of treatments. All breeds and sizes are welcome for a bath, blow dry, coat grooming, nail clip, and more.

Prices vary depending on the size and coat condition of your dog. You can get in touch with the salon for an individual quote to give you an idea of the cost.

In addition to grooming, the DogRoom also offers a “Doggy Home from Home” service. The team – with full insurance and suitable facilities – will look after your pooch while you’re away.


Best Dog Grooming Shop in Dunfermline

Cloud K9

Contact: 01383 515427

Address: 265 High St, Cowdenbeath KY4 9QH, United Kingdom

The Cloud K9 dog grooming salon in Cowdenbeath offers both standard and specialist SPA treatments for dogs, providing a premium pampering experience for your four-legged friend.

A standard groom package at Cloud K9 includes a health check, ear clean, nail clip, hydro-bath, dry, coat clip, perfume, and a free bandana. Prices range from £35 to £60 depending on the size of your dog and the condition of their coat.

There is large selection of additional premium treatments, including teeth cleaning, blueberry facial, mud baths, aromatherapy massages, and much more. These can be booked in the form of packages and cost an additional £4 – £17 on top of the standard groom price.


Ruff Cuts

Contact: 01383 601270

Address: 16 Leslie Rd, Rosyth, Dunfermline KY11 2LB, United Kingdom

Ruff Cuts is a Rosyth-based salon focused on providing a relaxing, stress-free grooming experience for your pooch.

Prices for a full groom start from £20 for toy breeds, all the way up to £40 for large dogs. This includes a bath using natural shampoos and conditioners, blow dry, nail clip, ear clean, and coat styling. Both standard coat clipping and hand-stripping are available, depending on your dog’s needs.

In addition, Ruff Cuts offers a de-matting service and a ‘pawdicure’ treatment to soften their pads and remove bacteria from their paws. Other extras, such as blueberry facials and teeth cleaning, are also available for an added fee of £5.

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