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Updated: October 5, 2020

Is Durham Animal Feed dog food worth the switch? Find out in our review as we get to know their range of foods and what they have to offer.

Durham dog food beef chunks

Durham Animal Feeds was established back in 1969 with a mission to provide outstanding raw food for dogs in the North East of England. However, the popularity of this company soon grew when customers realised the quality of the food that was being supplied.

Today, this 3rd generation, family business has grown exponentially and now provides raw dog food to owners all over the UK. Take a moment to read more about the food on offer and how it will benefit your beloved pet.

The DAF Raw Food Range

The Durham raw dog food range is impressive, and you are sure to find something that your pet enjoys from the following list:

Raw Frozen Food

From different types of meat to broth and bones, the frozen food on offer is varied and vast! You can select from one specific type, such as beef or chicken if your pet is fussy or opt for a selection of foods so that they can enjoy the different taste experiences of poultry, beef, game, and more.

Durham dog food chicken feet range

Each of the meat options comes in chunks, mince, or as complete organs. You can buy in bulk if you have enough storage or opt for a smaller, more varied order that will entice your dog at every mealtime. Plus, if you want to treat your dog to a done or carcass, then there are a range of types to choose from so that your pet never gets bored.

Dry Food

When it comes to finding a quality mixer or a wheat-free dry food, then there is a selection of DAF foods that will fit the bill. With weights starting at 500g and working up to 15kg, there are options to suit every budget.

You can even purchase DAF dried meat to add to your complete food mix to give your dog a protein boost. It boasts 58% protein and can be rehydrated in hot water before giving it to your pet. However, always check for any stray bones before feeding it to your pet.


Every dog deserves a treat every now and again, and the DAF treat range will help you to select from treats that taste great but are still healthy enough for your dog to have. Bones, chews, chunks and rolls all form part of the DAF dog treat range.

DAF also offers a range of supplements to support the health of your dog as an individual. These supplements can be added to their meals so that they are getting the most nutrition from their food as possible.

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Health Benefits of Durham Raw Dog Food

If you are keen to try your dog on a Durham raw food diet, then you will be pleased to know that there are many health benefits to it, including:

  • A reduction in allergy symptoms
  • Clean teeth and fresh breath
  • Silky and shiny coat all year round
  • Improved weight control due to a more productive digestive system
  • Improved skin due to the natural oils in the food
  • Stools that do not smell as unpleasant and tend to be smaller and less frequent
  • Improved immune system meaning fewer trips to the vet
  • Improved liver function because there is increased digestion of natural vitamin K
  • Better digestion meaning fewer gurgles and rumbles after dinner
  • Increased energy and mobility, giving even older dogs a new lease on life

Ultimately, the benefits of a DAF raw dog food diet are boundless and will result in a dog that is happier, healthier and has many years left to enjoy with you. When you start a raw food diet, you can expect to start seeing genuine results in just one week!

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Beneficial Ingredients

Durham animal feeds range mainly consists of frozen meats that can be fed to your dog after being defrosted. Because the meat is such high quality, you can be sure that it will provide your pet with a good source of vitamin B-12, B-6 and iron to help them maintain a healthy and happy life.

Because DAF dog food is such a high-quality product, there are no hidden nasties that may harm your pet, and it needs no additives to make it a balanced meal. Dogs have been eating raw for thousands of years, and this dog food allows them to enjoy a diet that is designed to put them at their best.

Value for Money

One of the main things dog owners look for in dog food is that it is good value for money. The Durham raw dog food range is all delivered frozen so that there is minimal waste because you can take out exactly what you need for each meal.

Durham dog food chicken fillet variant

There is also a good range to select from when you visit the DAF foods site, from budget range and bulk buying to a premium dinner range. This means that your dog can benefit from a top-quality diet without you having to pay more than you can afford.


The only drawback to the DAF raw dog food range is that there are no other options for owners that do not want to follow a raw food diet. The reason for this is that the Durham raw food team believe in raw and cannot advocate a different approach for dog owners. If you are a fan of the raw food plan, then this company is for you!

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It is clear that DAF raw meats offer food that will not only tempt any dog, but that will provide them with a good range of health benefits, keeping them at their best for many years to come. It is a very high-quality product that won’t break the bank and can be stored easily so that you can just take out what you need for each meal.

With a DAF raw food diet, your dog will be happier than ever before; try it today!

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