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Updated: August 12, 2020

Is CSJ the performance-oriented dog food you’ve been looking for? We take a close look at this increasingly popular brand.


csj dog food

Created in 1998, CSJ was founded by Ceri Rundle, an international sheep triallist.

Frustrated with not being able to find a decent extruded dog food that met her canine’s needs, she set about formulating her own.

Although there were some premium dog food brands available, Ceri felt they were prohibitively expensive.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, cheaper dog food left her pooch feeling hungry or caused digestive upset.

The mission was clear: create high-quality dog food that wouldn’t break the bank.

Fast-forward several years, and CSJ is now the brand chosen by many dog breeders and handlers, both in the UK and internationally.

Renowned for only using prime ingredients, the precise formulas suit young pups right through to senior hounds, and everything in between.

But does CSJ dog food really offer the superior nutrition it claims? Here’s a closer look at what you’ll get.

Range of CSJ Dog Foods

Although CSJ is only a small company, with founder Ceri still very involved in the hands-on running of the business, there is a phenomenal range of recipes available.

CSJ offer dog food as well as treats and supplements to provide complete nutrition for every dog, young or old, large or small.

CSJ Natural Herbie Rings

Some of the dog food recipes they offer include:

  • CSJ Old Grainer
  • Natural Champ Old Champ
  • Natural Little Champ (puppy)
  • Natural Little Champ (adult)
  • Super Dooper Natural Champ
  • CP 24 Active
  • CP 30 High Energy (Salmon)
  • CP Porky Pooch
  • CP Puppy 27
  • CP Xtra
  • CP 18 Less Active
  • CP 21 Salmon
  • CP7 Plus
  • CSJ Natural Puppy
  • CSJ Rocket Fuel
  • CSJ Complete Tripe
  • CSJ Lamb Lite/Senior
  • CSJ Lamb with Rice – Wheat and Gluten Free
  • CSJ Monster Mix Muesli
  • CSJ Natural Herbie Nuts
  • CSJ Natural Herbie Rings
  • CSJ Natural That’ll Do
  • CSJ Fit and Fast
  • Wholemeal Mixer

This range of dry kibble dog food provides an enormous choice for the discerning owner. There are options for senior dogs, plus special puppy food. You can also pick the “lite” formula if your pooch needs to shed a few pounds.

CSJ Natural Little Champ (puppy) variant

What sets CSJ apart is that it’s specially geared towards competing dogs. Camddwr Canine manage the CSJ Agility Network and organize stockists of this brand of dog food.

Many handlers of top-performing dogs swear by CSJ and wouldn’t dream of feeding their dog anything else.

One of the benefits to working dogs is that it’s possible to pick a formula which is especially high energy. A calorie-dense dog food ensures that your canine will never have to endure distracting hunger pangs while he’s working hard, either in the field or in the ring!

Alongside the wide range of dog foods, CSJ also produce dog treats and supplementary dog foods which are intended to specifically address certain problems such as hormonal imbalance or anxiety.

CSJ Super Dooper Natural Champ

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Health Ingredients and Benefits

CSJ positions itself as a very affordable dog food but is also keen to reach dog owners looking for premium nutrition.

Each of the carefully prepared recipes offers specific health benefits which are tailored to the needs of a certain group of dogs.

A grain-free version is suitable for canines with sensitive digestion or allergies. It can resolve problems with diarrhea and/or constipation and ease bloating and wind.

As there are so many different formulas, there’s not a single recipe. High-carbohydrate food provides more energy to working dogs while large-kibble, low-calorie options are for pooches that need to shed some fat.

CSJ Lamb with Rice

As a general guide though, the food includes such goodies as:

  • High-quality protein to support lean muscle growth and maintenance
  • Protection for the joints from omega-3
  • Antioxidants to boost immune function
  • Fibre to improve fecal quality
  • Whole oats to lower cholesterol
  • Zinc for a shiny and healthy coat

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Does it Represent Good Value?

CSJ dog food prices are one of its standout features as it makes feeding your canine very affordable, without resorting to cheap and nasty ingredients.

Making sure the food was competitively priced was one of Ceri’s main goals from the start, and it remains a very inexpensive choice compared to other brands in the market.

Any Drawbacks?

Champ dog food from CSJ draws very mixed reviews with a clear divide between the experts and dog owners.

Analysis of the ingredients highlights some concerns. Low protein is one criticism; at around 20% it’s at the bottom end of recommended levels.

CSJ Natural Herbie Nuts

Beet pulp is a controversial ingredient too, with some claiming it aids digestion and others suggesting it slows down the transit and can inhibit kidney and liver function.

Although expert CSJ dog food reviews produce significantly low scores, that’s not the same for the dog owners who use it.

Many owners have switched from another brand of dog food and since using CSJ Champ, they describe a canine who is healthier, eats well, and enjoys an improved digestive function.

It’s hard to find a negative CSJ dog food review from owners. This is in stark contrast to expert opinion.

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Unlike other top brands, CSJ divides opinion with many dog handlers and owners fiercely defending the quality while experts question its nutritional value.

What is undisputed is that many dogs love to eat CSJ, including their famous Champ food. Improving their digestive system, eliminating discomfort, and also being low odor are just some of the benefits that owners describe.

Of course, the price is also hugely popular as despite being a small company that offers a personalized service to all owners who get in touch, CSJ is much cheaper than its competitors. This was one of the primary objectives and continues to be a focus for the dog food firm.

There are alternative brands that offer a similar profile and have good reviews, such as Iams and Autarky. Although these are still well-priced, they are around double the cost of CSJ.

If you’re unsure about switching to CSJ, many owners have been offered a sample to try by the company first so it’s worth getting in touch if you’re considering making the switch.

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