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Updated: August 13, 2020

High protein “natural” dog foods are all the rage at the moment but is it worth making the switch? We take a close look at Crave dog food to get a better idea.

Crave Dog Food products

Crave Dog Food’s philosophy is to reconnect with what they describe as the instinctive diet for dogs.

Eschewing the modern recipes, Crave take inspiration from what the natural diet for canine carnivores would have been in the past. This means a focus on natural proteins derived from high-quality meat.

Working in combination with canine nutritional experts Crave offer a selection of dog food that will satisfy your dog’s hunger like no other food.

The company believe that by switching to their products your dog will be leaner, stronger, and bouncing with vitality.

Although many dog foods offer a premium blend of ingredients, Crave believe their approach is innovative. They describe their brand as “specialist” but are seeking to make it available to mainstream customers.

Crave only launched in 2017 but they’re backed by a long-standing pedigree in pet food. Mars Petcare is the parent company, the same business that also owns other dog food brands including Iams and Royal Canin.

But how does this ancestral diet shape up? Here’s a look at the Crave dog food on offer in closer detail.

Crave Range of Dog Food

Crave produce a range of both wet and dry food, all of which are based on the same protein-rich philosophy.

They don’t currently include any puppy food in their range, nor products specifically formulated for senior pooches.

Their dry food includes:

  • Crave with Protein from Salmon and Ocean Fish
  • Crave with Protein from Beef
  • Crave with Protein from Chicken
  • Crave with Protein from Lamb and Venison

Crave Dog Food products

The range of wet food available from Crave includes:

  • Crave Beef Paté with Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Crave Chicken Paté with Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Crave Turkey and Lamb Paté with Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Crave Turkey Paté with Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Crave Beef Paté
  • Crave Chicken and Beef Paté
  • Crave Chicken Paté
  • Crave Turkey Paté

Crave Dog Food products

All of the above products place protein front and center, offering a meaty taste that Crave say will be successful in satisfying your dog’s primeval appetite.

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Healthy Ingredients and Benefits

As described in the mission statement from Crave, protein is the main focus of their recipes. Compared to other brands, the protein content is much higher than you might find elsewhere.

In the past, there had been a school of thought that suggested too much protein was a bad thing, but experts now agree that’s not the case.

Providing the protein is easily digestible and from a quality source, dogs can cope with far more than previously advised.

This is the basis of Crave’s philosophy and a quick glance at their labels reveals a number of different protein sources in the food.

Alongside the meat proteins are plant-based proteins. These include potato protein and pea protein, both of which are vegetable by-products.

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It is common – but not desirable – for plant proteins to be present in dog foods. Many brands use it as a cost-effective way to bump up the total protein content.

Canines find it much easier to absorb and digest meat-based proteins, so even though plant proteins aren’t harmful, they’re not ideal.

Crave Dog Food variant

All of the recipes are grain-free, so if your dog struggles with allergies or digestive upsets, this will be good news. Even if you weren’t aware of any problems, switching out grain may leave your pooch with more energy than before.

Is Crave Dog Food Good Value?

Unlike many of the other pet food brands owned by Mars, Crave is a premium product which doesn’t compromise on the quality of ingredients.

Although there are some concerns (see below) Crave have been emphatic that their brand is all bout delivered high-meat recipes which are packed with protein.

This means that cost is lower on the agenda, and that is clear from the price point. Crave is not the cheapest dog food you’ll find and you might need to dig deep to pay for this cost.

Of course, Crave has much higher protein content than many other brands on the market and this should be taken into account when calculating cost. They also use raw meat as their first ingredient, a more expensive item than alternative options.

However, even when compared against other dog foods with a very similar high-protein profile, Crave comes out more expensive than many.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Crave is seeking to revolutionize the way owners approach feeding their canines by tapping into their ancestral diet. This is an approach that won’t suit every pooch but does have some potential benefits.

Although there is paté available for wet food fans, there are currently no jelly or gravy recipes available. Picky eaters may turn their noses up, particularly if they’re more familiar with a moister type of food.

The lack of variety may be a problem for other dogs who have specific dietary needs. This includes puppies and senior dogs, neither of which are catered for in the range.

Crave also doesn’t differentiate for active or large dogs, and offers a one-size-fits-all approach which will be unpalatable to some.

Crave Dog Food products

The other problem relates to allergies. Although Crave is grain-free, chicken is another common allergen that dogs struggle with.

Out of the eight available wet food products, six contain chicken. One dry food product also contains chicken. This seriously limits the options available for any dog who has a chicken allergy.

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Final Thoughts

Crave have made their mark on the dog food industry by declaring a hot new take on the way that dogs are fed. Harking back to ancestral diets, Crave treats dogs much more akin to the ancient wolf.

This means foods which are densely packed with meat protein, giving your pooch the chance to fully satisfy his appetite.

Such a high-protein formula won’t suit every dog, and in some it could actually be harmful. However, for those who can tolerate it, Crave offers a natural and instinctive way to feed your canine.

Other brands which offer similar approaches include Platinum and Lovejoys, both of which are cheaper but still contain high levels of protein.

Although there are some drawbacks, primarily relating to cost and allergies, it’s still a brand which offers good quality as evidenced in the Crave dog food reviews. If you want a more natural diet for your canine, it might be worth giving it a go.

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