What is Cold Pressed Dog Food? The Pros & Cons

Written by: Jamie
Updated: September 26, 2020

In today’s guide, we’re going to explain all about cold pressed dog food and decide if it’s worth changing your dog’s diet for.

Dog with its dog food bowl

There are so many choices of brands and dog foods all claiming to be fantastic for your pooch, but how do you know if any of this is true?

It’s important to know the subtle differences between them and be sure of exactly what you’re feeding your pet.

Some breeds are more sensitive than others. You don’t want to buy something that isn’t suitable and could potentially affect your dog’s digestion and health.

Today, we take a close look at cold pressed dog food. Is this just a trend or is this something to be taken seriously?

What is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

Cold-pressed dog food is created at lower temperatures in order to maintain the essential nutrients within the ingredients. By cooking with less heat a more nutrient-rich and healthy dog food can be made that retains more essential oils.

The ingredients are mixed slowly with cold water. The mixture is then pressed to form the small, edible shapes we know as “kibble”.

This process does create some heat but typically only between the 45-80° range, which is considered extremely low in comparison to traditional methods. There is also no steam involved in the process.

Dog and bowl of dry kibble food

Other dog food production methods use high temperatures under a process known as extrusion. Extrusion streamlines the process and makes it easier to make large quantities of food faster. In doing so, it also diminishes the nutritional quality of the ingredients.

Steam and heat are added to the mixture in temperatures of over 120° degrees. Once it has been created into its final shape it is then sprayed with oils, vitamins, and fats.

Traditional dry kibble loses much of its nutritional value due to the high temperatures it is exposed to in its creation.

It is thought that creating dog food using the “cold-pressed” method means that dry kibble can have a nutritional value that’s comparable with a raw dog food diet. The beneficial oils, vitamins, minerals, and fats are present at much higher levels.

This means the dog isn’t getting the actual nutrients you would expect as described on the advertisement. Cold pressed dog food is known to have multiple health benefits which we will explore below.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi lying on floor with bowl full of dog food

What’s All the Fuss About?

Cold pressed dog food is much easier on the digestive system, breaking down and dissolving quicker than standard kibble. This stops your dog’s belly from swelling, thus reducing the risk of health issues such as Bloat/Gastric Dilatation Volvulus.

The food is thought to be tastier to dogs. Of course we will never know ourselves if this is true, but it has been known to be more appealing to dogs with less of an appetite such as senior canines.

It also encourages a dog to drink more water keeping them hydrated. Unlike other dried food which suppress the need for water.

It can be fed to pooches from 4 weeks of age right up to the end of their lives. If you decide to use cold pressed food during the weaning stage simply add water to soften the food.

Raw feeding is thought to be best but isn’t ideal for everyone. You must have a decent amount of freezer space and a healthy bank balance! Cold pressed food mirrors some of the benefits offered by raw feeding. It is also classed as a complete meal.

Recommended: Check out Nutriment raw dog food in our review.

Dog eating food in a bowl

Just because the process is different doesn’t mean the expense has to be! Cold pressed food is around the same price as other dried dog foods and in some cases it has even been cheaper. The nutrients are also denser meaning you can feed your dog up to 30% less than you normally would.

Cold pressed food can also be mixed with a raw diet. If you ever go away with your dog and won’t have access to a freezer, cold pressed food can be a great solution. The food keeps a higher percentage of the oils, nutrients, vitamins and proteins contained within the food.

It Can’t All Be Good Right?

Like with anything up and coming, other brands will come out of the woodworks producing their own make of cold pressed dog food. It is important to make sure you check the ingredients of the food and it’s suitability for all breeds of dog. Remember different brands produce different quality!

As the product holds onto the natural ingredients much better than other dried dog food, the shelf life will be somewhat shorter. It typically lasts around 6 months.

Bulldog eating

Do be aware some brands may receive meat that has been processed by a different company using higher temperatures. This is why it is important to go with a reputable name in the industry over a newer and cheaper version. Companies must be transparent about their ingredients so do some research beforehand.

As the temperature for creating cold pressed food is lower, it increases the chances of germs and bacteria staying alive. It isn’t harmful to your pet, but it is something to be aware of. Dried dog food kills bacteria from the heat used but destroys some of the healthy ingredients in the process.

Recommended Cold Pressed Dog Food

Cobbydog- This brand has been manufacturing dog food for over 40 years now. All of their raw ingredients arrive in soft form before being transported into their cold pressed dog food machine.

cobbydog dog food

They are regulated by DEFRA who ensure all the ingredients are traceable. In depth information is also available on the nutritional content of the food.

Tribal Pet Food- Tribal offers ‘human grade’ meat and fish as a protein source in their food. It’s 100% natural, hypoallergenic and grain free. Products are produced in the UK and the Netherlands, all sustainably sourced. The company is founded by Fatima Maktari, a chemist educated at Oxford University.

Tribal Pet Food

Gentle Dog Food At Gentle their food is free from gluten, preservatives, genetically modified foods, artificial flavorings and colors. Their website states “If we wouldn’t eat it ourselves then it doesn’t go in.” The food has a shelf life of up to 6 months.

Gentle Dog Food variants

Forthglade This Devon based dog food brand was established in 1971. They produce grain free cold pressed dog food and have been voted as a number #1 brand by Dogs Monthly Magazine.  Other ranges include wet food and dog treats.

Forthglade dog food

Have you tried cold-pressed food for your dog? Does your dog enjoy the taste? Is it good value for money? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments section down below!  

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  1. My dog is on a cold pressed food diet. He see to have more energy and his coat is soft and shiny. But I have to put a little wet food in as he won’t eat it otherwise. But would recommend cold pressed food.

    1. Same with my dog, he won’t eat cold pressed without wet food used as a topper. Otherwise I highly recommend cold pressed over extruded kibble.

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