15 Awesome Christmas Presents For Dogs

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Updated: November 13, 2020

Struggling to find the perfect dog Christmas presents? Need something original and fun? Then don’t miss our awesome list of amazing doggy related gift ideas!

Pug wearing a Christmas hat

With Christmas around the corner, now’s the time to think about that perfect festive present for your four-legged friend! We’ve compiled this essential Christmas dog gift guide so that you don’t need to waste any more time searching for that ideal present!

Whether you’re looking for edible treats, toys, gift sets, or something more practical and useful, you’re certain to find something interesting below. Number 10 is a particular favourite of ours and one that could make a dog owner very happy on Xmas day!

15. Pooch & Mutt Christmas Dog Treats

Food treats have always been an ideal gift for any dog. They’re great for training or just rewarding your pooch as and when you feel necessary!

This award-winning, small British company hand bakes their natural mini bone dog treats. Made with love and free from wheat and junk, the turkey and vegetable treat holds 150 in a pack. Nutritious and delicious!

The packaging is recyclable and can also be reused and the treats can be given to dogs of any age and breed size. The ingredients are 100% natural making these food treats ideal for sensitive canines. Give your furry friend a festive treat they won’t be able to resist!

14. Dog Paw Print Ornament

A gift you can really keep close to your heart! The Pearhead Paw Print Dog Ornament can be hung from your Christmas tree, or anywhere in your house! In the post, you’ll receive a mold kit for your dog’s paw. It is 100% safe to use and completely mess-free! There’s no mixing or baking involved, just a clay roll out.

Get a lasting Christmas present you can enjoy year on year. A perfect way to always cherish your forever companion! Knead the clay, wet your pet’s paw, press it into the clay, create a ribbon hole, and cut it with the shaping ring. It’s a quick and easy way to create a lasting, sentimental gift.

13. Woof & Brew Bottom Sniffer & Bandana Gift Treat

Get your dog involved with the Christmas festivities involved with a healthy yet tasty imitation beer from Woof & Brew! The company produces their doggy beer in Britain developed with the approval of veterinary experts. It makes a fantastic Christmas present for dogs!

Suitable for all breeds and ages, the Bottom Sniffer beer is something any canine will enjoy! It comes with a cheeky yet cute bandana with the words ‘I’m a Bottom Sniffer’. It will certainly have family and friends in hysterics! Try this alcohol-free, non-carbonated treat for a unique gift.

12. The Dog’s Bed Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam

Whilst this bed is suitable for all breed sizes, larger and older dogs will certainly benefit the most. The orthopedic memory foam is ideal for any dog suffering from hip dysplasia and arthritis. It’s also great for dogs needing a more supportive sleeping base. Choose from a variety of designs and colors to suit your home.

The Oxford fabric is waterproof and washable with an inner liner to protect the bed from any accidents. The mattress provides medical-grade support, tested by experts, to ensure your canine receives the best sleep possible! In our opinion, it’s one of the best dog Christmas gifts a pet could ever receive!

11. KONG Monkey Toy

Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, this monkey toy is soft yet durable. Cute on the outside yet strong on the inside! The knotted rope inside is perfect for chewing and helps prevent the monkey from being ripped to shreds. The KONG brand has been in the industry for over 40 years designing toys to offer mental and physical stimulation.

Whether you’re training your canine, looking to keep them busy, or just need a cute Christmas gift, the Kong Cross Knots Monkey is a fantastic choice. Getting ready for the festivities and your dog’s just desperate for attention? Then hand over this toy and see them light up with joy!

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10. Wisdom Panel 2.0 Dog DNA Test

Have you ever sat there staring at your dog just wondering where they really come from? Well, now you can finally uncover your canine’s history with the simple swab of a cheek! Wisdom Panel has a large database of over 350+ breeds. Once the DNA sample has been sent off, an official ancestry report will be sent revealing the dog’s genetic background.

Learning your dog’s breed insights can help an owner understand their behavior and traits better. It’s a unique Christmas gift that allows you to look deeper into your pet’s past. The detailed report provides a three-generation family tree along with a percentage pie chart. A clear way to view your beloved canine’s past.

Learning your pet’s genetic background isn’t just interesting but helpful too! You can tailor training plans based on the type of breed traits expected. It may also help you understand your pooch’s characteristics better.

9. Professional De-shedding Tool & Brush

Grooming is important to help maintain a happy and healthy pooch. Suitable for breeds of all sizes with both long and short hair, this tool can reduce shedding by up to 95%! A lifesaver during the Spring and Autumn! Used and loved by both professional groomers and veterinarians, the Thunderpaws D-Shedz is durable yet gentle to the skin.

The 4cm stainless steel comb efficiently removes those loose strands before they decide to cover your home! The non-slip rubber handle provides a better grip that’s safer to use close to your pet’s skin.

There are plenty of Xmas gifts for dogs out there, but this is something that will always be used and needed. A perfect way to bond with your pet, whilst maintaining their coat.

8. Pedigree Christmas Dog Stocking

When hanging the stockings out on Christmas Eve, ready for Santa to fill, you may realize one member of the family has been left out… the dog! Involve your pooch in the festive fun by getting them their own tasty Christmas stocking! These tasty, loveable treats will be enjoyed throughout the festive period.

The stocking includes Pedigree’s best-selling treats; Rodeos, Tasty Bites, Jumbones, and Dentastixs popular favorites amongst most breeds in the UK! Know more than just one dog that would enjoy this treat? Perhaps your household is doggy mad! Then grab the pack of 5 stockings to ensure no pooch is left out of Santa’s fun!

7. Christmas Plush Squeaky Dog Toys

This three-pack squeaky toy set features all the family favorites! Made from high-quality soft fabric, these toys are perfect for chewing. An ideal choice for puppies growing their teeth. Santa Claus, the Gingerbread man, and the Reindeer make great Xmas presents for dogs! All canines, whether small or large can enjoy these cute, plush toys.

The material is high quality, made from a soft non-toxic cotton fabric. Whilst everyone is busy preparing for the festive fun, canines can become bored. Give them a squeaky toy to help keep them occupied. These dog Christmas gifts are cartoon styled and are both sweet and funny!

6. Lily’s Kitchen Dog Christmas Gift Box

Lily’s Kitchen is a reputable name in the dog food industry, well known for its healthy, natural pet food. Made with ‘proper’ meat, these treats will be adored by any canine! Ideal for pets aged 4+ months, Lily’s Christmas Gift Box is grain-free and suitable for sensitive dogs of all breed sizes.

Most owners look to food when treating their dog so why not get something they’ll truly enjoy? The Lily’s Kitchen Treat set comes in three limited edition flavors: Beef Mini Beef Burgers, Christmas Turkey Bites, and Duck & Venison Sausages. Irresistible, freshly prepared, natural treats any dog will love!

5. Woof & Brew Dog Treat Gift Hamper

A selection basket filled with Christmas presents for dogs that will have any pooch looking posh! Inside you’ll find a pack of goodies. These include Doggy Truffle Treats, Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer, Lapdog Souchong Tea, Posh Pooch Dog Wine & Freeze Pops. It comes in a beautiful wick hamper that can be reused for any occasion.

Celebrate Christmas in style and have your pooch looking posher than ever! All products are healthy, alcohol-free, grape-free, and tea is made from 100% natural herbs! Produced in Britain by experts and approved by veterinarians, this hamper is safe for both dogs and cats.

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4. PiePet Dog Bowl

These cute dog bowls are uniquely designed and noticeably different due to the stands which they sit on. Stylish, heat-resistant, and rust-resistant, these bowls make great Christmas dog gifts. They’re also eco-friendly, made from pollution-free stoneware that’s dishwasher safe.

The Bamboo stands are non-slip and 9cm in height, preventing the bowl from overturning. The two 850ml bowls come in white or grey and are a fantastic alternative to plastic. The contemporary design is attractive and easy to clean. You won’t have to waste arm strength scrubbing food residue from these bowls!

3. Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Some dogs just can’t help but scoff their food down. This can be particularly dangerous for your pet, especially medium-large breeds that are more prone to developing bloat. The condition could be fatal and can be caused by eating too much too fast. By using the H & S Slow feeder you can reduce the chances of bloat, regurgitation, and overeating.

The anti-skid bottom prevents the bowl from sliding away during meal times. Over two thousand owners have already made the swap. Why not join them and purchase this fantastic slow feeder just in time for Christmas?

2. Earth Rated Dog Poo Bags

Holding a 5-star rating from over 71,500 reviewers, these leak-proof dog poo bags are highly rated by owners across the UK. I mean, it may not be the most exciting Christmas gift, but it is certainly one that will be well used! These lavender-scented bags are a great way to block that foul odor that we all dread!

The bags have a 100% leak-proof guarantee and come with 270 bags on a total of 18 rolls. Thankfully, these bags are easy to use so you won’t struggle trying to open them up.

Gifts don’t have to be exciting! Practical and useful presents have their place too.

1. Dog Treat Pouch Bag

Looking at gifts for a dog walker, owner, or dog trainer? Then the Pet Room Dog Treat Pouch Bag is a great choice. The premium material is made from 600D Oxford cloth that’s tear-resistant and durable, and perfect for regular use.

The pouch can be worn in 3 different ways to ensure comfort, with a strong metal clip for secure attachment. It includes a treat bag, clicker/whistle, and a silicon dog bowl.

At the back of the treat pouch, a silicon lined poo bag dispenser can be found. The bag’s accessories are fantastic for both professional and general use. Not satisfied? Pet Room offers a 100% money-back guarantee or the offer of a replacement item!

Have we missed an amazing Christmas dog gift? We’d love to hear about any successful gifts you can recommend. Let us know down in the comments section!

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