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Updated: May 5, 2020

Check out our reviews of Chappie dry and wet dog food for comprehensive information about the canine nutrition they provide.

Chappie Dog Food 1 Chappie is a brand of dog food which seems to have been around forever, but how much do you know about it?

In 1934, US giant Mars Ltd acquired British company Chappel Brothers, and started to manufacture dog food under the name of Chappie.

The division of the company was later changed to Pedigree Petfoods and Chappie continued to be sold to generation after generation of dog-owners.

Chappie is a brand that many pet owners trust, and it’s often recommended by veterinary surgeons too. If your dog is having problem with allergies, Chappie dog food may be tolerated when others dog foods cause a reaction.

If you’re considering feeding your dog Chappie, keep reading for our Chappie review with all the information you need.

What Range of Foods Do Chappie Offer?

Chappie is perhaps best known for its wet dog food, but the range also includes dry food.

The wet food is available in either Original or Chicken and Rice, both of which are designed to be gentle on the stomach.

The dry kibble is available in either Chicken and Whole Grain Cereal or Beef and Whole Grain Cereal.

What are the Health Benefits of Chappie?

It’s not unusual for dogs to experience allergies and quite often the culprit is the food they’ve eaten.

Digestive upsets and skin complaints are two of the most common reactions, and both can cause real distress in pooches.

Experts believe that protein may be the root cause of the allergic reaction, either due to the volume or type of protein particles consumed.

Upon reaching the digestive tract these proteins trigger unpleasant symptoms which can either be instant or delayed by up to a few days.

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One of the first things your vet might suggest is switching your dog’s food to Chappie. This is because one of the main proteins it contains is fish, unlike other brands that rely more on meat.

Fish is considered to be an excellent protein, and it’s one that very rarely causes any allergies.

Chappie dry dog food is full of vital nutrition too, enriched with vitamins as well as fatty acids.

The ingredients are designed to be easily digested, allowing dogs to gain maximum benefit from every mouthful.

The fish content means that the protein is readily accessible but low in fat. Containing polyunsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber, it provides slow-release energy to keep your dog feeling good all day long.

Chappie Dog Food 2

What are the Beneficial Ingredients?

Both the wet food and the dry kibble have been certified as being a nutritionally complete food. The ingredients are fully compliant with AAFCO/FEDIAF which means it can be purchased with confidence.

In addition, the wet Chappie dog food ingredients are completely natural. Being free of artificial colorings, preservatives, flavoring or any other synthetic ingredients is just one of the reasons why it’s recommended by vets.

Chappie dog food has been developed in tandem with vets and contains all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your dog needs to look and feel great.

The fish protein is an excellent alternative to regular meat protein, and can be easier on the digestive system for dogs who are prone to allergies.

There is also no dairy included, and no eggs or soya, reducing the potential for allergic reactions even further.

For carbohydrates, Chappie uses wholegrains which helps your dog to feel fuller for longer while still providing fiber for healthy digestion.

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Chappie Dog Food 3

Is Chappie Dog Food Good Value?

Chappie was originally made from low value meat and even though the formula has evolved over the years, it has remained a low-cost option. If you’re able to buy it in bulk rather than in single tins, it represents even better value.

Chappie dry dog food is also available, and like the wet food, offers a budget choice for dog-owners that won’t break the bank.

Are There Any Negatives?

The fish protein contained in Chappie is a real bonus, but the manufacturers are unable to guarantee the ingredients will be totally free of carrageenan.

Carrageenan is a food additive which has been used for hundreds of years to thicken and stabilise food. However, some research has suggested that it has links to gastrointestinal inflammation and ulceration.

Another type, degraded carrageenan, is a known carcinogen. Some nutritionists have raised concerns about whether regular carrageenan could break down into degraded carrageenan in the stomach.

Food-grade carrageenan is still permitted to be used in both animal and human food. The only exception is infant formula where it’s been banned as a precaution.

There are many other types of dog food that contain carrageenan, so Chappie is not the only one that can’t guarantee it won’t be included.

Nevertheless, if you have concerns about the effects of carrageenan, Chappie may not be right for your dog.

It’s worth mentioning that Chappie is one of the longest-standing dog food brands and to date, it’s not been linked with any health problems.

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Chappie Dog Food 4

Should I Buy Chappie For My Dog?

Chappie is a unique dog food because it combines excellent value for money with a gentle formula that can help to relieve allergies.

Many people would associate a cheaper brand with lower quality but by opting for different ingredients, Chappie manage to deliver on both.

Chappie dog food reviews reveal many happy owners, with a number having made the switch on advice from their vets.

When dogs are struggling to tolerate other foods, Chappie performs extremely well, relieving symptoms and providing a simple solution.

The natural ingredients in the wet food in particular will appeal to any owner who is looking to keep artificial ingredients and preservatives out of their dog’s diet.

There are other formulas in the market for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies, such as Purina dry dog food or Natural Balance wet food.

However, these don’t offer the same value as Chappie and aren’t as often recommended by vets for healthy dogs.

Whether your dog has an allergy or you’re just looking for a well-balanced, dog food which is kind to canine tummies, Chappie is an excellent choice.

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