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One of the more lesser-known designer breeds is the Cavapoochon. Today’s guide will tell you all you need to know about this adorable little hybrid.

cavapoochon lying on ground

Height: 9-14 inches
Weight: 4-9 kilos
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Pedigree? (registered with the KC?): No, this breed isn’t registered with the Kennel Club.

Positives and Negatives

Check out the pros and cons of the Cavapoochon below:


  • Minimal exercise needs
  • Hypoallergenic, ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Suitable for apartment living
  • Intelligent and easy to train


  • Expensive due to their rarity
  • Prone to separation anxiety
  • Hybrid, hard to determine the inherited parent traits
  • High grooming maintenance

cavapoochon playing on sand


The Cavapoochon is described as a tri hybrid, a mixture of three different breeds in one. They are climbing in popularity, although they haven’t gained the same notoriety as other designer dogs.

Like with many crossbreeds, it will be difficult to determine which parent traits will be inherited.

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Poodle, and Bichon Frise are the breeds used to create the Cavapoochon. A Cavapoochon full grown will be determined by the type of Poodle used for breeding.

Typically, the Toy or Miniature Poodle is used which explains the varying weight and height guides.

As one of the newcomers on the block, the Cavapoochon is still up and coming. They are rare canines that haven’t received recognition from any breed club.

Due to their rarity, the Cavapoochon price won’t be cheap! They can cost anywhere from £2,000 upwards!

Their teddy-like appearance is what captures the hearts of many! They come in a variety of colors from red, black, white, cream, apricot, and tan. Some coat colors are mixed.

Cavapoochons have adorable brown eyes, cute curly coats, and a lovely little black nose. Just one look will make you want to cuddle them!

Cavapoochons are known to be a healthy breed. Some of the limited numbers of Cavapoochon owners have found their dogs rarely need to visit the vets.

Careful, selective breeding is designed to breed out any health conditions commonly seen in parent breeds.

The Cavapoochon is typically created by crossing the Cavachon with the Toy or Miniature Poodle.

cavapoochon sitting on chair


The year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the Cavapoochon’s creation. Their existence is down to two dog enthusiasts, Steve and Linda Rogers.

They run a farm called Timshell and worked alongside veterinarians and reproductive specialists to create the Cavapoochon in 2001. Their origin is Arizona, United States.

The Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Poodle), Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle), and the Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Bichon Frise) were all created before the Cavapoochon.

Yet Steve and Linda still felt something was missing, so decided to cross three breeds as opposed to just two.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are descendants of the Toy Spaniel, a breed dating back to the 16th century.

The breed was common during the Tudor era and eventually earned its royal title, the King Charles Spaniel. During the 1900s, breeders tried to revive early versions but instead produced the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

cavapoochon with ribbon hair clip

Poodles are found in three sizes, standard, miniature, and toy. Typically the smaller two are used to create the Cavapoochon.

The breed is believed to have originated from Germany and was developed in France. Standard Poodles worked as water retrievers, whereas the smaller versions would sniff and locate truffles.

The Bichon Frise comes from Spain although they owe their development to the French. Descended from water dogs, this breed was a popular lapdog to sailors.

They were eventually distinguished into 4 separate breeds known as the Maltese, Bolognese, Havanese, and the modern Bichon we know today.

Cavapoochons are solely used for human companionship. They have no working background and aren’t recognized by any organizations.

As a new breed, we can only rely on the traits of parents and similar hybrids to try and estimate a comparison. It is impossible to predict which traits a Cavapoochon puppy will inherit.


Cavapoochon Temperament:

Cavapoochons look absolutely adorable thanks to their teddy-like appearance! Linda Rogers described her breed creation as confident, sociable, eager to please, fun, and sweet-natured.

These canines will bond strongly with their owners and won’t cope well by themselves! For this reason, they are prone to separation anxiety.

cavapoochon lying on carpet

Due to their tri-hybrid background, some Cavapoochons will vary in behaviour and traits. Typically, the breed is quiet, and even when they do bark, it isn’t very loud. Whilst the Cavapoochon is highly desirable, dog enthusiasts won’t be able to source this breed easily.

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Are Cavapoochons Good with Strangers?

Yes, this breed adores people and will happily greet any friendly stranger! They love a good stroke and thrive off the attention! Yet it is still important to work on their socialization skills. Due to their small size, they could become fearful.

Are Cavapoochons Good with Children?

Yes, the Cavapoochon is an excellent breed choice for families. Their kind, sweet, and gentle personality is a pleasure to have in the home.

They’re also playful and enjoy interactive games with the children. Play should always be supervised as the small Cavapoochon could accidentally injure themselves.

Are Cavapoochons Ok with Other Dogs?

Yes, this sociable dog gets along well with others. They’re in their element when walking through the park, sourcing attention from passers-by.  They can happily live with other household pets, including cats.


Ideally, 30-60 minutes of exercise will be enough to satisfy the Cavapoochon. Some dogs may require mental stimulation more than others, due to the working background of their parents. Cavapoochons on the smaller scale should stay closer to the 30-minute mark.

Cavapoochon puppies are incredibly delicate when growing. They must be let out multiple times a day, especially when training to housebreak. This designer dog is suitable for city living and can live a happy life in an apartment.

cavapoochon sitting on couch

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Cavapoochons were bred to breed out the common health conditions found in the parent breeds. As a new hybrid, studies related to the Cavapoochon’s health conditions haven’t yet been conducted. Below are the most likely health issues to affect the breed:

  • Patella Luxation- The kneecap dislocates out of place temporarily, before quickly relocating back into position. Due to this, the knee joint is unable to extend fully outwards.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy- A degenerative condition affecting the retinal tissue. It is an inherited disease that progresses slowly, eventually causing blindness.

Intelligence & Training

Cavapoochon facts are fairly limited due to the short existence of the breed. What is known is their high intelligence! These canines are easy to train and learn quickly.

They also love to please people and thrive off their owner’s affection. For this reason, positive reinforcement is deeply important.

Harsh training methods will not work on this sensitive pooch. The breed is never dull, only happy and cheerful, so shouting and yelling will only make them fearful.

Instead, use a calm approach and correct bad behaviours with a firm voice. First-time owners will be suitable for this breed.

cavapoochon lying on floor

Routine is a great way for a dog to pick up regular habits. Training sessions shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes. Affection and food are the two best rewards for the Cavapoochon, although some may prefer a toy.

This breed looks up to its owner for guidance, so take the reigns!

Despite its sociable nature, this canine will still need to be socialized. Otherwise, they may become fearful and anxious, especially smaller versions of the breed.

A good old-fashioned walk in the park is a great way to do this. Cavapoochons will attract attention and strokes wherever they go!

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Thanks to their curly fur and non-shedding features, Cavapoochons have a hypoallergenic trait.

This makes them ideal for allergy sufferers. But it isn’t all good! They will need lots of grooming maintenance to keep their coat in top condition.

Dead fur will need to be removed by brushing as it won’t fall out on its own. A brush every two days should be fine, although this can be increased depending on mats and tangles.

The coat shouldn’t be brushed dry, instead use a spray, this could be water or an anti tangler. A pin or bristle brush is the best tool to use.

Breeds that don’t shed should be bathed every 6-8 weeks. The coat must be brushed before soaking with water.

Wash thoroughly to remove any debris hiding within the coat. Towel drying is fine, although if you would like to blow dry use a low heat setting.

cavapoochon outside the house

Like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, fur will grow inside the ear. This can make the Cavapoochon prone to ear infections.

Clean their ears daily to remove any debris from the ear canal. Bacteria thrive in warm conditions so keep a more frequent watch during the summer.

Nails may file naturally during exercise, but should still be trimmed every two weeks. Dental hygiene is important and common health issues such as gum disease can be prevented with frequent brushing.

Vets recommend this is done daily, so make sure teeth are brushed at least three times a week.

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