Do Dogs Dream?

pit bull puppy sleeping in basket

Do dogs dream like we do? What do dogs dream about? We’ve got the answers in today’s dog health guide.  When dogs twitch or growl in their sleep, many people assume that they’re dreaming. ...

Why is My Dog’s Nose Dry?

dog sleeping close up

Does your dog's dry nose have you confused and looking for answers? We cover all the bases in today's dog health guide as we give the reasons why this happens and explain if and when you should be ...

Why Does My Dog Keep Sneezing?

spotted dog sneezing hard

Why do dogs keep sneezing and when should you be concerned? We've got the answers in today's dog health guide. If you’ve ever seen your dog – or any dog, really – sneeze, you know it’s ...

Can Dogs Be Autistic?

Can Dogs Be Autistic?

Many dog owners who observe unusual behaviours in their four-legged friends wonder whether the dog might have autism. We associate the disorder with communication issues, and seeing such symptoms in ...

Can Dogs Have Down Syndrome?

Two cute dog dreaming

Noticing unusual behaviour, characteristics, and health problems in your dog can sometimes raise the question, can dogs have Down syndrome? After all, we know dogs suffer from many of the ...

Do Dogs Get Headaches?

dog with headache

It’s likely you suffer from headaches from time to time. No-one enjoys them. As a responsible dog owner, you may wonder then, do dogs get headaches too? Find out more in this helpful post. We ...

Can my Dog Eat Piriton?

can dogs eat piriton

If your dog has allergies, you might be wondering “can my dog eat Piriton?” Here we look at whether Piriton is safe and how you should approach dosage. Does your dog suffer from allergies? If ...

Can Dogs Eat Nuts?

can dogs eat nuts

Can dogs eat walnuts? Can dogs eat peanuts? These are just some of the nut-related doggie questions we’ll be cracking open here. The nutritional benefits of nuts to us humans are well known. ...

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