Carnilove Dog Food Review

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Updated: October 5, 2020

How does Carnilove dog food compare to the competition? Find out below in our latest dog food guide.

Carnilove dog food variants

When the team at Carnilove developed this dog food for your pet, they did so with a desire to respect the type of diet that a dog would have been fed when living free in the wild.

Their aim is to use only carefully selected meats and vegetables to give your dog the healthiest start in life.

While Carnilove dog food is designed to mimic the diets of dogs before modern agriculture, the methods that are used to create the food combine the knowledge of the past with the best of the latest technologies so that your pet is always well fed.

The Carnilove Dog Food Range

When it comes to choices, you can choose between the Carnilove wet dog food or dry food for your pet. Both types are made to ensure your dog is as healthy as possible.

Carnilove takes care to only include ingredients that could be found in the wild and offer some of the purest combinations available on the market.

Carnilove Wet Dog Food

The wet food on offer is vast and offers your dog the full flavour range when it comes to mealtimes. You can select from:

  • Duck with Timothy Grass
  • Ostrich with Blackberries
  • Wild Boar with Rosehips
  • Quail with Yellow Carrot
  • Carp with Black Carrot
  • Pheasant with Raspberry leaves

Carnilove dog food variants

These wet cans and pouches are designed to mimic the type of food your dog would enjoy in the wild and is a perfect accompaniment to the dry food range.

Carnilove Dry Dog Food

The Carnilove dry dog food options come in the following flavours:

  • Duck & Pheasant
  • Lamb & Wild Boar
  • Reindeer
  • Salmon
  • Salmon & Turkey
  • Ostrich & Lamb
  • Carp & Trout
  • Chicken & Rabbit

Carnilove dog food variants

There are options for small and large dogs as well as an entire puppy range, meaning that no matter how big or small your dog is, they can get their full dietary needs met by the Carnilove brand.

Health Benefits Of Carnilove Dog Food

Choosing Carnilove is the right option for your pet because it offers so many great health benefits.

Firstly, because it mimics a dog’s natural diet, they are able to develop as nature intended, and this helps them to grow stronger and live a more active life.

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Carnilove dog food variants

In addition, there is no grain or potato included in the food which is commonly used as a cheap filler. Dogs cannot use the level of energy that is stored in these carbs, and so it caused obesity. With Carnilove, your dog does not need to consume these ingredients and is, therefore, more likely to remain in good shape as the years go on.

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Beneficial Ingredients In Carnilove Dog Food

What sets this food apart from the competition is the number of beneficial ingredients that are included. Check out some of the most important ones below:

Brewers Yeast, Yucca and Psyllium – used to help your dog digest food easier than before and acts to fight parasites. The Yucca also works to help your dog pass smaller, less foul-smelling stools.

Chicory Root and Sea Algae – These two ingredients work to improve the intestinal environment so that your dog feels the best and is able to fight off bugs and illnesses better than before.

Wild-Origin Meats – Carnilove market their natural diet based on the range of wild-origin meats that they use. The range of meats is chosen to provide a range of excellent protein that are the natural dietary preferences of dogs.

Carnilove dog food variants

Salmon Oil – Salmon oil is included so that your dog gets the right amount of Omega 3 in their diet. Omega-3 impacts their coat, nervous system and cardiovascular health, so it is a vital component of your pet’s diet.

Crustacean Shells and Cartilage Extract – These two ingredients are used to help your dog maintain excellent mobility even as they get older. They work to support the joints, tendons and ligaments for optimal health.

Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs – These ingredients make up 30% of each bowl of food you give your dog and have an excellent amount of nutrients and fiber to support your dog’s immune and digestive system. They are also rich in antioxidants and full of all the vitamins your dog needs to lead a healthy and happy life.

Is Carnilove Good Value for Money?

When it comes to cost, Carnilove is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. The quality of the ingredients are well worth paying for, and when you stop to consider the level of care that goes into making these products, then you will be able to see the genuine value for money that this food offers.

Carnilove Grain Free, Potato Free Salmon for Adult Dogs variant

What Are the Drawbacks Of Using Carnilove?

While there are no real drawbacks to using Carnilove, it is wise to research the food so that you can make sure your dog is well catered for. Many owners supplement their dog’s diet when they use a more traditional food, but this is not needed with Carnilove.

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The Verdict

It’s clear to see that this Carnilove dog food review has shown a wealth of aspects that make Carnilove an excellent choice for pet owners everywhere. Not only is it a high-quality food, but it allows your dog to eat a diet that is more in line with their heritage rather than being overly processed with additives and ingredients that are unnatural for dogs to eat.

It offers real value for money when you consider the quality and range of ingredients that are used in the production of it and is one of the only pet food brands that use a natural diet so effectively.

You can be certain that when you feed your dog Carnilove, they will be getting everything they need in every bowlful. Our overall verdict is that Carnilove is a winner and well worth introducing to your dog.

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